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Zimbra Migrator Wizard

Best Zimbra converter tool which allows users to export Zimbra TGZ files into 20+ file formats with its preview & search features.

  • Batch Migrate Zimbra TGZ Files to Various Email Servers and File Formats
  • Preview Zimbra TGZ Folders and Contents within Zimbra Converter Interface
  • Zimbra Migrator Allows On-Premise and Hosted Zimbra Cloud Mailboxes
  • Maintains: Folder Structure, Email Header, File Header, Mailbox Integrity
  • Convert Zimbra Mailbox with No Dependency on Zimbra Desktop and Other Plugins
  • In-Place Archive Export Option for Both Office 365 and Exchange Server
  • Allows Multiple Advance Filter Options for Selective Zimbra Mail Migration
  • Download Zimbra Migrator Tool and Launch It on Windows 11 and All Below Versions

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Do you Want Data Migrate Into Zimbra or From Zimbra?

Do not stress! We offer an amazing Cloud Migration Service to move your data To or From your Zimbra account while keeping all your information safe. Our experienced experts make sure the transfer happens smoothly and without any problems.



Migrate Large Data Easily

Zimbra migrator is the perfect software for migrating Zimbra mailbox to other platforms and the tool can migrate large data seamlessly without any data loss.

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Comes with User-friendly Interface

Zimbra server migration tool let you select and preview TGZ folders, which helps you to migrate desired folders to the destination. The simple and user-friendly interface makes the Zimbra mailbox migration software popular among all type of users.

RecoveryTools Zimbra Migrator Tool

Understand Top Reasons to Use zMigrator on Your Windows OS System

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Moving to Another Platform

If you are changing the Zimbra platform to any other collaboration platform, zMigrator comes as handy tool to migrate all the date from Zimbra to the new platform. Simply download Zimbra migrator and migrate complete mailbox.

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Save Emails in Document Formats

Looking for a solution to bulk print Zimbra emails? This Zimbra migration tool is capable of bulk converting Zimbra emails, and the attachments get embedded within the converted files.

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Backup Zimbra Mailbox Locally

When data accumulate on Zimbra account, the performance may get effected. Using zMigrator you can easily backup all your important data from Zimbra to your system locally.

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Investigate Zimbra Mailbox for Legal Purpose

In case of industrial espionage or for any other cases where email is an evidence, you can use this Zimbra account migration tool to print those emails in court accepted format.

Zimbra Migration Wizard - Features

Understand Why Zimbra Migrator is The Best Tool to Migrate Complete Mailbox

Zimbra Migrator

Multiple Migration Options for Zimbra

zMigrator is the best software that provides 25+ migration / backup options. All the options available are as follows:

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Zimbra Mailbox Migration

Zimbra converter tool is rated as the best migration software that allows to migrate on Office 365 and Exchange Server. You can batch migrate Zimbra TGZ mailboxes to the server and the program has inbuilt intelligence to migrate TGZ files to respective Office 365 / Exchange Server user accounts. Using an Administrator account having proper rights, you can batch migrate TGZ mailboxes. This feature makes user’s life easy as they need to use only one administrator credentials to migrate multiple mailboxes.

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Convert Items of Zimbra Briefcase Folder

Zimbra TGZ converter wizard allows to convert files, documents, and all information stored in the Zimbra briefcase. The program considers Briefcase items as email while migrating and append the document in form of an attachment. You can try demo version of Zimbra migrator for free and check all these features.

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Zimbra Converter Demo Version for Testing

We provide demo version for our users to test the Zimbra migration tool and accuracy kept by the program. The free demo version can be used as a free Zimbra TGZ Viewer with advances search option. The demo version has limit on migration 25 emails per folder. There is no limit on using the tool as a Zimbra TGZ Viewer.

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Export Zimbra Calendars & Events

Zimbra converter comes with various conversion and migration options and has one dedicated file format for Zimbra calendars which is ICS. The file format ICS is supported across email clients and devices. This will help you create a back up for your important calendar entries and events.

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Export Zimbra Address Book & Contacts

Zimbra migrator wizard directly migrates contacts in required format or application like, PST, Office 365 and Exchange Server along with other data and places in the default destination contacts location. To support all other platforms, the Zimbra converter has generic contacts file format options to export and user can use the exported contacts in various platforms. The software also supports the migration of Contact Groups and Distribution list. This makes the tool versatile in use.

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Convert TGZ Exported from Any Operating System

Zimbra migrator runs on Windows OS and Windows Server and supports TGZ files exported from Zimbra installed on any Operating System and there is no dependency on Zimbra installation to migrate the TGZ files. The program supports both TGZ and extracted TGZ folders. The program also provide option to select the temporary path for TGZ extraction. If you are looking to migrate Zimbra Cloud accounts, you can use our Email Backup Wizard program.

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In-Place Archive Export Options

If you are migrating Zimbra to other mail server like: Office 365 or Exchange Server. Then you can directly migrate Zimbra mailboxes to In-Place Archive folders of the server. The software also supports migration of email default folders to destination default folders. It allows to migrate source Inbox to destination Inbox, source Sent folder to destination Sent folder etc.

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Market Leader with Speed and Accuracy

RecoveryTool Zimbra migrator is developed with useful features and given priority on performance of the tool. Zimbra conversion to offline files works faster and testing on an i5 machine with 8GB RAM, the Zimbra Mail Server program converted 1 GB data within 10 minutes approximately. Zimbra to any cloud server migration speed depends on the internet speed. While browsing the TGZ files the program enumerates all the folders and the folder enumeration time depends on the size and number of folders of the mailbox.

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Advance Filters to Migrate Filtered Emails

Zimbra converter tool come with Advanced Filter option to migrate filtered emails and folders from Zimbra mailbox to the destination. The software let you select wide range of criteria like date range, from, to, subject etc. If you are migrating multiple user accounts, you can use ‘Exclude Folders’ option to exclude similar folders from all mailboxes. User can import/export the advance filter options for future migrations.

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Premium Category and Priority Support

RecoveryTools Zimbra TGZ Converter software program is one of our premium category software programs. We believe in customer satisfaction and we provide priority support to our users. We have dedicated technicians to resolve any technical issue you face while running the software program.

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Different Software Licenses

We put continuous effort to make the program better and up to date, we thank all our users for their feedback and suggestions. The Zimbra migration tool has three license variations according to the usage. Differences in licenses are based on available migration and backup options and activations. You can check the details on the buy page of the software.

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Request Software Customization

If you find this Zimbra account migration tool lacking any of the features which you require, you can get in touch with us. Our developer will try to accommodate all the possible features into the Zimbra migrator and provide you the updated setup. Customization of the program may cost extra according to the uniqueness of the feature you require. You can contact us for more information.

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View and Search TGZ Folders and Emails

If you are using system with no Zimbra client installed and you have TGZ files, you can use this software to search and view TGZ folders and emails.

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Migrate Data with Accuracy

zMigrator is built carefully taking consideration of the Zimbra files and folders. Being a collaboration tool, Zimbra has its own features and specialties. Our Zimbra converter taken all those features in account and accommodated all possible Zimbra mailbox migration with accuracy. This makes zMigrator the best from other available tools.

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Use For Both Personal & Enterprise Use

This is a premium category Zimbra migrator wizard with all required features for a Zimbra user. The software handles huge data and licenses are available for both Personal and Enterprise use. This heavy-duty software is rates as number one by technical experts for direct batch migration from Zimbra to Office 365 and Zimbra to Exchange Server.

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Migrate Zimbra into Multiple Email Applications

Apart from it, a user can also migrate Zimbra to Zimbra, migrate Zimbra to iRedMail, migrate Zimbra to New Server, migrate Zimbra to IMAP Server, migrate Zimbra to Gmail, migrate Zimbra to Rediffmail, migrate Zimbra to G Suite, migrate Zimbra to Yahoo Mail, migrate Zimbra to Exchange Server, migrate Zimbra to Outlook.com, migrate Zimbra to Roundcube, migrate Zimbra to Google Apps, using Zimbra Backup solution. Zimbra migrator also provides options to export Zimbra contacts to CSV, export Zimbra Contacts to vCard, and export Zimbra Contacts to Outlook Contacts, etcs.

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Oprates with Multiple Web Browser

Apart from various file formats, the Zimbra converter wizard has also listed various email server migration options from Zimbra. The program keeps each data and folders in place so that the users do not have to do any import/export. Zimbra TGZ converter runs on both Windows computers and servers. The software can be operated very easily like browse Zimbra TGZ files, select folders to migrate, select destination file or email server and migrate.

Zimbra Converter Software – Video

Watch Complete Video to Know The Zimbra Account Migration Process

The RecoveryTools Zimbra converter is the well-known tool that most technical experts recommend. There are multiple factors that make this software the best among other. In addition to that, it is specially tailored to cater the needs of both a technical and non-technical users.

Steps to Perform Zimbra Migration:

  • Step-1: Download Zimbra Migrator Tool and Launch on Your System
  • Step-2: Select Desired User Mailbox or Folders to Migrate Zimbra Mailbox
  • Step-3: Choose The Required File Saving Option from The List
  • Step-4: Click on Next Button to Start Zimbra Migration Process
Zimbra Migrator Tool - Specifications

Know Minimum System Requirement for Launching Zimbra Converter Wizard

Software Download

File Size: 42.7 MB

Version: 9.1

Trial Limitations

Free demo version of Zimbra migrator will allow you to export 25 items from every folder.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB


Pentium IV Processo

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc.

Electronic Delivery

RecoveryTools Zimbra converter software will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the software and the activation key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know What Users Ask About Zimbra Migrator Tool

Follow The Steps For Zimbra Migration Process:

  • Step 1: Download Zimbra Migrator & choose TGZ files / folders.
  • Step 2: Select desired user mailbox or folders to migrate Zimbra mailbox.
  • Step 3: Choose the required file saving option from the list.
  • Step 4: Click on next button to start Zimbra Migration process.

No, Zimbra migrator will directly migrate all your Zimbra mailboxes and no manual importing is required. You can also batch migrate multiple mailboxes to multiple Office 365 accounts in one go.

Yes, user can install free Zimbra migrator wizard demo version. But it will migrate 25 items per folder to the destination. The demo version is the limited copy of the Enterprise license and the demo version will show case all the features of this tool.

You can click on Purchase button and select the suitable license and make the payment. After the payment confirmation, you will receive the payment receipt instantly and the Zimbra migrator full version license details within 30 minutes in your registered email address. You can follow the instruction given in the email to activate the software.

No, you need to pay only one-time to get the full version license and the license is valid for lifetime with FREE upgrades and customer support for 1 year. After one year, you can continue using the existing version for lifetime and if you wish to upgrade to the latest version, you can pay 50% of the license cost.

We would recommend multiple machines rather than multiple instances. If you are performing batch migration, you can use multiple machines to perform the migration to save time. You can contact us to check the maximum number of machines you can use with a license. We provide customized license for large number of installations.

Zimbra Migration Tool - Licence Comparison

Feature Comparison of Zimbra Converter Tool - Free and Full Version

  • Add Zimbra File / Folder
  • Option to Preview Emails with Attachments
  • Date filter Option
  • Multiple Advanced Settings
  • Migrate Zimbra Mailbox
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What Do Clients Say?

RecoveryTools Zimbra Migrator Verified Purchase Reviews

"This Zimbra migration tool is an awesome sofwtware. It met all our migration needs with complete items. The software can support all Windows machines as well as Windows Server."

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Karen Hawkins

"Zimbra converter software exactly worked in a way what organization has marketed. I gave a chance to few other Zimbra migrator but none of them reached to my satisfactory level. Meanwhile, I operated your software, which was actually the one for which I was looking for."

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Myra Carrol

"Great experience with this Zimbra migrator tool! I liked the simplicity of Zimbra TGZ converter software having negligible amount of technicalities within it. Now it does not seems to be a complex procedure for transferring data from Zimbra platform to any other email platform."

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Kristy Hoffman

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