RecoveryTools Zimbra Mail Server Backup Tool

#1 Utility to Backup Zimbra Mailbox from Hosted Zimbra Cloud to Email Formats

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  • Backup Multiple Zimbra Mailbox from Zimbra Mail Server at a Single Process.
  • Migrate Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes to 25+ Email File Formats at Once.
  • Maintain the Zimbra Mailbox Folder Hierarchy Structure with all Properties.
  • Zimbra Cloud Backup to Download Zimbra Mailbox without Dependency.
  • Options to Selective Backup Zimbra Mailbox with Multiple Advanced Filters.
  • Zimbra Mail Server Backup Provides 100% Secure and Easy to Use Interface.
  • Option to Backup Zimbra Hosted Mailbox or Zimbra On-Premise Mailbox.
  • Arrange Zimbra Cloud Backup Files Data with Multiple File Naming Options.
  • In-Place Archive Export Option for Office 365 and Exchange Server Formats.
  • Support All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Including Server Variants.

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RecoveryTools Zimbra Mail Server Backup tool will enable its users to successfully backup of Zimbra mailbox from Zimbra Cloud. This program will improve the overall security of all your data. This toolkit is designed in such a way that users will have access to their mailboxes during the whole backup process.

Backup Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes

All-in-one Zimbra Mail Server Backup tool to migrate or archive On-Premise | Local Zimbra Server Mailboxes files to multiple email formats, document formats, webmail & online accounts, email client formats. The software supports both Zimbra Extracted datafile or non-extracted Zimbra mailbox files without any issues.

Backup Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes

One Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailbox Backup tool to easily resolve all ZCS (Zimbra Collaboration Suite) queries. This is the only utility to perform both Zimbra Cloud Mail Server Mailbox backup process or the Zimbra On-Premises Backup process. You can easily backup Zimbra multiple user mailboxes to multiple email formats.

Backup Multiple Zimbra Mail Server Accounts

The program is responsible for instantly backing up the entire mailbox items of multiple Zimbra Webmail accounts. Whenever a user selects the option to backup Zimbra Cloud account from a list of source email clients, it will ask users to enter the login credentials of the Zimbra Cloud account. The software will instantly connect to the account and list all the mailbox folders in its left pane.

Backup Zimbra Mailbox Without Data Loss

When backing up Zimbra Mailbox data from Zimbra cloud, the import past is backup data without any glitches. RecoveryTools Zimbra Mail Server Backup ensures quality and data accuracy. The utility retains all emails with attachments, email properties, email internet harder information, and folder hierarchy intact. One can easily backup bulk Zimbra Cloud Hosted user account mailboxes at once.


Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is an enterprise-level mail server application which a rich AJAX-based user interface. It is open-source mail server having advanced sharing capabilities, community edition, and hassle-free deployment. Zimbra Mail Server can be used for creating domains, customize through Zimlets, manage mail server activities, user distribution lists, etc. enabling businesses to stay connected to their communications 24x7x365.

Zimbra Cloud Backup Tool, which is a part of the Zimbra Migration Tool is a very useful application to download and take backup Zimbra Mailbox to various email clients. This utility comes up with various attractive features that make it a preferred choice for the users. One can easily create backup Zimbra Hosted Cloud Mailbox emails in multiple file formats. The utility allows its users to transfer emails with all the inserted attachments, hyperlinks, and other objects with accuracy. Some major features come up with this utility are:


Backup Zimbra Hosted Mailbox to 15+ Formats

The #1 software to download Zimbra cloud hosted user mailbox emails to multiple email formats. The program supports large numbers of saving options including email formats or email client formats such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV, NSF, TGZ, ZIP, OLM files. After complete the backup process, you can easily use these formats to multiple platforms.

Quick Backup Zimbra Mail Server Account to Desktop Client

The software allows the users to export Zimbra Cloud account to various Desktop based email clients such as Import Zimbra Cloud to Zimbra Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Outlook for Mac, eM Client, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, etc. It will export Zimbra Webmail mailbox items to these email clients supported files like Zimbra TGZ, Lotus Notes NSF, PST, MBOX, etc.

Backup Zimbra Mailbox to Cloud Accounts

RecoveryTools Zimbra Mail Server Backup tool allows its users to archive Zimbra cloud hosted mailboxes to another email hosted account or email server directly. The software provides options to backup Zimbra Cloud mailbox to Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, G Suite, IBM Verse, Amazon WorkMail, IceWarp, IMAP Server.

Maintains the Internal System Folder Hierarchy of Mailbox

The program will retain the entire internal system folder hierarchy completely original and secure format. The reason for this is quite simple. It becomes easier for a user to access & manage the Zimbra Cloud emails with a proper folder hierarchy. All the emails of Inbox from Zimbra Cloud are transferred to the Inbox folder or hence increases the efficiency of the software.

Extract Zimbra Server Attachments & Email Addresses

RecoveryTools Zimbra Hosted Cloud Mailbox Backup tool allows its users to save Zimbra Cloud emails to useful document formats such as PDF, DOC, RTF, etc. But the software also provides separate options to Backup Zimbra Cloud Mailbox email attachments or email addresses to desired formats. Using these options, you can easily search the required data from the entire Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes.

Backup Selective ZCS Mailbox by Advanced Filters

The Zimbra Cloud Backup tool is extended to provide advanced filter options to take the backup of selective items. One can easily filter or sort emails on the basis of Date Range, To, From, or Subject fields. First, enable Advanced settings to Selective backup option & then mark the fields and enter values in the labels to download data on the basis of these entries. You can also use selective backup filters for email folders.

Arrange Single Storage Option with Naming Options

The program allows its users to download Zimbra Cloud emails to various useful single email formats such as MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, DOC, etc. It will create a separate email format for each Zimbra Cloud email. To easily manage the resultant files after the backup Zimbra Mailbox data, the utility provides 10+ File Naming formats. Using these options, you can easily arrange emails by name, subject, email address, etc.

Support All Microsoft Windows Platform

Zimbra Mail Server Backup tool supports all editions of Microsoft Windows operating systems including server variants. One can easily use this application on Windows 10 (x64 or x86), Windows 8.1 (x64 or x86), Windows 8 (x64 or x86), Windows 7 (x64 or x86), Windows XP (x64 or x86), Windows Server 2019 (x64 or x86), Windows Server 2016 (x64 or x86), Windows Server 2012 (x64 or x86), etc.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only backup 25 items from every Zimbra cloud hosted mailbox email folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools Zimbra Mail Server Backup Tool.

Zimbra Cloud Mailbox Backup Tool Video Tutorial to Know How to Backup Zimbra Mail Server Mailbox Emails ?
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the step-by-step process to backup Zimbra Mailbox from Cloud: -

  • Run the Zimbra Mail Server Backup on Windows.
  • Enter your Zimbra Cloud Server account credentials.
  • Choose the required email folder to backup Zimbra emails.
  • Select desired saving options and set location path.
  • Click on the next to backup Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes.

Yes, the software supports all editions of Windows Server including x64 bits of editions.

Yes, our software comes up with advanced filter which will enable the users to do cutover backup of data on the basis of Date Range. Users can backup data only within a specific range.

Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX format to store its database. But if you have the installation of this application, then the software directly imports Zimbra Cloud mailbox to Thunderbird. Otherwise, you can backup Zimbra Mailbox to MBOX format.

Yes, our toolkit is one of the best & secured Zimbra Cloud Backup solution available in present time. Our toolkit will never share or store any of your data or login credentials in our database. It will delete all *.temp, Log files as well caches after conversion process finished successfully.

I am Admin option is available in both Office 365 as well Exchange Server saving options. It will enable the users to Login using Administrator account to backup data into multiple users’ mailboxes. The software will ask the users to Map mailboxes as well Office 365 or Exchange Impersonation rights when user will enable this option. It is best for the Administrators not for the users having normal Office 365 account.

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