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Since 2011, RecoveryTools has been one of the world's leading solution providers for data recovery services and solutions. The company has been certified by both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Because of its in-house research and development team, advanced infrastructure, and proprietary data recovery service procedures, RecoveryTools has become an industry leader in providing 100% tested solutions to over 10 million satisfied customers worldwide.


Email Migration

RecoveryTools has developed a complete range of email migration tools. All our products provide 100% accurate result guaranteed including all meta items. Users can get complete control while migrating email data from one server / client to another.


Repair Data Files

Computer users can’t access any data if database file got corrupted. Users can ask RecoveryTools to get a preferable solution for repairing corrupt data files. After deep scanning of damaged files using our products, they can reuse the specific data files.


Data Recovery

RecoveryTools is a well trustworthy brand in recovering and restoring deleted data. These services and utilities are being most famous nowadays because of big boom in digitalization. Users can easily recover permanently deleted files from all data storage devices.

Awards and Certifications

Our Main Motto is to Bring the Best Results to Users and These are Some Awards that Allow us to Do More.



We Are Expert in Data Analysis

RecoveryTools is serving computer users for past several years. After years of research and complete R&D, we have developed world-class software solutions. All of our products provide full value of money as RecoveryTools developers have added some extraordinary features in all tools.

Developers at RecoveryTools use the world's leading technology to design software solutions from commercial to non-commercial, high to low scale, or local to server data recovery. We care about building a quality product and trusted relationships with our customers.

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We invest in data-related R&D to a great extent.