About RecoveryTools™

Get Products & Services to Retrieve Your Lost Data Back

RecoveryTools is a brand that offers a set of products in three major domains i.e., Data Recovery, Cloud Backup and Email Migration. We believe in simplifying lives of millions of machine users and IT admins. Innovative ideas of today’s youth and their needs both are considered by our software developers. From commercial to non-commercial, high to low scale, or including local to the server data recovery; we are indulged in providing data recovery solutions in all arenas. Well out of several software providers, we are rapidly emerging among enterprise level end users.

Vision And Mission

The mission is always to render our clients foolproof solutions for tackling several types of files. We understand the situation of an end user when he/she faces data file corruption. Therefore, we are providing solutions in such a simplified way that handling the situation does not give any stress to users.

RecoveryTools have the vision of representing itself as one of the reliable and best solution providers. Not only in data recovery arena but, we also provide solutions for data and email migration. The solutions of migration are provided in such a way that throughout the process data integrity is maintained.

What Makes Us Unique?

Along with providing data recovery products, RecoveryTools is also offering services in the same domain. There is a team of data recovery experts within our organization who put their best efforts in extracting the lost data back. Our expertise also gives some general advice to their clients for tackling data in an effective manner.

user satisfaction

User Satisfaction

We provide 100% satisfaction for our customers as our all products available with free demo edition so users can taste the tools before purchase. We provide 30 days money back guarantee if any software fails to completed their desired task.

up to date

Up to Date Products

We update our products time to time to provide latest and advance features for users as our all products are latest Win 10 supportable. Our developers always try to add best features in software with simple graphical users interface (GUI).

 24 hours support

24 Hours Technical Support

Our technical experts are available 24 hours of the day to solve our users queries related to our products and services as well as users can drop an email to get the best answer for their issues within 2 working days.