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How to Migrate Zimbra Emails to Apple Mail? Guide!

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 13th, 2022
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In this article, we will explain the entire guide to migrate Zimbra to Apple Mail. This is one of the most searched queries that is high on peak nowadays. In fact, we had also received most of the queries from the same from our respective clients. If you are also one of those users, then no need to worry, just continue walking with this blog and get the entire solution.

Zimbra is one of the well-known Email Servers that is used by most small-scale and medium-scale businesses. It provides better security features with 100% functionality and stores the entire mailbox items properly including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and other data items. Moreover, it exports the mailbox items in the form of .tgz file format.

On the other side, if we talk about the reasons to migrate to Apple Mail, then one of the main reasons is when users are moving from Windows to Mac. And, another reason for switching is that Apple Mail stores its mailbox in the form of MBOX file format which is one of the portable formats that is supported by different Email platforms

Let us discuss one of the automated approaches for Zimbra to Apple Mail Migration.

User Query

“Hi, I am Katherine. For the last 2 years, I am using the Zimbra account to manage my entire data and mailboxes. But now, I am thinking to move to Apple Mail because of some different features. Even, I had also found solutions on the Internet but didn’t acquire better results. Is there any other way that can be to migrate my entire data from Zimbra Email Server to the Mac Mail account?”

Automated Solution to Migrate Zimbra to Apple Mail

There is no direct manual solution for this available on the Internet, that’s why we have come up with one of the perfect utilities to carry out the conversion of data. We will use, the Zimbra Migration tool, developed by RecoveryTools team experts to solve the queries of multiple users. Using this software, we will directly export the entire data to EMLX to import them easily into the Mac Mail account.

Furthermore, if users choose to migrate emails from Zimbra to Apple Mail then it will also contain attachments while exporting. It is one of the professional software that has been developed by most professionals over the Internet to do the migration of data. This utility also supports multiple formats and easily exports the data such as Zimbra to Outlook PST, Zimbra to PDF, convert Zimbra to RTF, Zimbra to DOC, export Zimbra contacts to vCard, and import Zimbra to Thunderbird, import Zimbra to Windows Live Mail, etc.

Export TGZ Files From Zimbra Email Server Manually

Using this solution, we will directly export Zimbra mailboxes to move directly to the Apple Mail account. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run Zimbra >> go to Preferences.

open zimbra to export tgz

  • Click on Import / Export >> choose options from advanced settings.

import zimbra to migrate into apple mail

  • Then, click on Save files and OK.

include additional data

  • Go to location. Extract the TGZ folder.

export tgz to migrate zimbra into apple mail

Step-By-Step Guide to Migrate Zimbra Emails to Apple Mail

  • Run the mentioned utility in your current system and click on Add File.

run zimbra to apple mail migration tool

  • Browse the TGZ files from the desired folders and upload them to the system directly.

upload zimbra files to migrate into apple mail

  • You can be able to see the preview of all the emails with attachments and other data items on the software screen. Select the required number of files from there that you want to migrate.

select the needed zimbra emails

  • Then, choose EMLX as the File Saving option from the complete list of formats.

choose emlx as the file saving option

  • After that, enter the destination location and select the file naming option from multiple conventions.

migration of zimbra to mac mail

  • Wait for a couple of minutes, and you can be able to see the resultant exported message on the software screen.

migrate zimbra to apple mail

After performing these steps, you can be able to view the SavingLog Report generated by the software. Go to the final path, and you can be able to see the resultant EMLX files to easily import into Apple Mail.

We basically export the data into EMLX so that the user can easily import it one by one.

Features of the Migration Tool

  1.  Import Bulk TGZ Files in Apple Mail
    You can easily migrate the entire data from Zimbra to Apple Mail without facing any kind of size limitations. Although, while the migration of bulk data, there will not be any kind of data loss. And hence the hierarchy and its original structure are maintained throughout the process.
  2. Filter Search Option to Search Zimbra Email
    This utility provides an option for the users to locate a particular email from the bulk of data present on the Internet. Using different filter options such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and other Email Headers, it is possible to locate the data. Date Range Filter will carry out the emails of a particular duration.
  3. Save Embedded Attachments with Emails
    After browsing and uploading the entire data on the screen, users will be able to view the entire emails properly with attachments in different view modes. Moreover, users can easily migrate emails to Mac Mail with attachments that can be both normal or embedded. It is one of the most interesting features of this utility.
  4. Retains the Original Structure of Zimbra Data
    The mentioned utility works properly and has the ability to maintain the entire data structure. Even, while uploading the data on the panel, the hierarchy was maintained throughout the process including all the folders and sub-folders.

Final Results

In the end, we just want to say that we had explained the entire process to migrate Zimbra to Apple Mail. The above-mentioned solution is easy to use and will provide convenient results according to the needs and requirements of the users. Moreover, there are multiple other solutions present but we recommend you to continue with this to get 100% desired results. And, by doing bulk migration, can easily save most of your time and efforts.

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