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How to Migrate Zimbra to Google Workspace or G Suite Account?

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Overview: Are you searching for a solution to migrate Zimbra to Google Workspace account? Or want to know how to export Zimbra emails to G Suite account ? If so, then read this post. In this article get to know about how can a user import Zimbra to G Suite account instantly & quickly. So, read this post to know more.

Zimbra is a free & open-source email client toolkit that can also give you online & offline access to all your mailbox items & email accounts. Zimbra is a cross-platform available for Windows, Mac OS, & Linux. It works with many types of email systems to easily synchronize it with emails, contacts, & calendars data between users’ mailbox in the cloud or local data storage in your computer disk.

G Suite is a brand of cloud computing, productivity & collaboration tools & is developed by Google. G Suite is an integrated place of all your Gmail, Docs, Drive, Contacts, or Calendars for your Businesses. It helps the users to do their best work. Together in one package which can work seamlessly from all types of devices such as Computer, Phone or Tablets. It includes various aspects and facilitates the users in multiple domains:

“We have a server running Ubuntu 10.10 that hosts our Zimbra email server. I would like to move away from using Zimbra. And I think the best option for the company. I work for would be a hosted email solution like G Suite. But I don’t have any experience migrating from one email server to another. And I have a few questions. Our email domain is @poweron.com. And I would prefer if we could keep this email domain for hosting our email, but obviously. This will mean that the old server cannot still exist at that domain name.”

Reasons to Migrate Zimbra Content to Google Workspace

  • Connect: G Suite enables the users to easily connect with their colleagues no matter how much far they are with the help of Gmail, Calendar, Google Plus, Hangout, or Video Conferencing.
  • Create: Whether you are working in an organization or you are studying in a college, we sometimes needed to create some projects. This can be done with the help of various G Suite applications like Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, App Maker, Keep
  • Access: G Suite enables the users to easily access your data anytime at anywhere very quickly & instantly. This can be done with some G Suite Apps like Drive, or Google Cloud Search.
  • Control: One can easily manage users, devices & data securely very quickly & easily. One can manage user, device, & security settings, using Admin With Archive tool one can easily Archive, Search, or Export Information.

As we can easily see from above that G Suite has enormous advantages over Zimbra Mail. Hence a number of users wish to migrate Zimbra to Google Workspace profile.

Import Zimbra to G Suite Account – Using Direct Solution

As we can easily analyze from above. That a large number of users are trying to migrate Zimbra to Google Workspace account. This can be done with the help of RecoveryTools zMigrator software which will provide a direct option to import Zimbra Mail to G Suite account. It is a complete onboarding task flow for migrating Zimbra content to G Suite. The toolkit also supports the capability to share the migration project across a workgroup.

Free Download Zimbra Mail to G Suite Migration Toolkit:


Note: Free Download Zimbra to Google Workspace Migration software which enables the users to import emails from Zimbra TGZ to G Suite account. The trial version of the toolkit allows the users to convert first 25 emails from Zimbra Mailbox to G Suite. There are various differences between Zimbra vs G Suite in terms of data susceptibility, integrity as well platform dependencies.

How to Import Zimbra to G Suite Account ?

  1. Install & Run Zimbra to Google Workspace Converter Tool & click on Add Files/Add Folders option to load Zimbra TGZ files in the application panel.
  2. Browse for the source Zimbra TGZ file using dual ways either choose TGZ file or select the folder having Zimbra Mailbox files.
  3. The software will instantly start fetching the mailbox items in the application panel. Users can select the folders to export with proper folder hierarchy as well users can also preview the emails along with attachments directly in the application panel. Once you choose the required folders click on the Convert button to continue.
  4. The software will display a list of 20+ Select Saving options. Pick up the G Suite option from here to perform the migration.zimbra to g suite
  5. The software will ask the users to Enter the Gmail Email Id & Password of the resultant account.Zimbra to g suite migration
  6. Provide the login credentials by entering the User Id & Password of the G Suite Email account.Zimbra vs g suite
  7. Click on the Next button to initialize the Zimbra to G Suite migration process & then analyze it directly in the application panel.
  8. After the conversion process finished successfully click on OK button to confirm & exit from here.
  9. The software will generate a Saving Log report which lists all the important information of the Zimbra to Google Workspace Conversion process like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Selected Source File Path, Items Converted History, Gmail Folder, & final Status of the process.

Why Automated Solution to Migrate Zimbra to Google Workspace?

The utility provides users some of the major advantages to the users as it comes up with state-of-the-art features. It will help the users in managing the data fidelity, adaptability & easy migration of mailbox items from Zimbra to G Suite account. Some major & amazing features of this utility are listed below:

  • The utility is very easy to use & its user interface is very simplified. It will help the users to easily perform the whole migration for all types of users including technical as well non-technical
  • The software is designed with advanced algorithms as well as most intuitive enough for most novice users without having any technical knowledge.
  • The utility provides a direct option to import Zimbra Mail to G Suite accounts. The user only needed to provide the account login credentials of the resultant G Suite account like User Id & Password.
  • The utility will create a folder in the G Suite account where all your Zimbra mailbox to G Suite account. All the Zimbra mailbox items to Gmail account with proper folder hierarchy.
  • The utility enables the users to batch export multiple Zimbra Mail to G Suite account GroupWise.
  • The software will maintain the on-disk System Folder Hierarchy during the Zimbra to G Suite migration.
  • The utility will support no file size limitation for the migration of Zimbra Mailbox to G Suite account.
  • Users can also allow the users to easily import Zimbra emails along with all inserted attachments.
  • Easily move emails, contacts, & calendars from Zimbra Mail to G Suite account quickly & instantly.

The Verge

In the above video tutorial, we get to know about how can a user successfully migrate Zimbra to Google Workspace account quickly & instantly. This can be done with the help of a powerful Zimbra to G Suite migration tool as its working & features are also explained above. The free demo version of the software will only allow the users to export the first 25 emails. Activate the software by purchasing the appropriate license from our official page & then enjoy the limitless migration.

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