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VHD Recovery Tool – Recover Virtual Disk Data VHD Recovery Software to Recover Virtual Hard Disk, VHD, AVHD, VHDX, AVHDX

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  • Recover Lost or Deleted file & Folder from VHD, VHDX, AVHD, AVHDX or Virtual Disk.
  • Software allows users to Recover data from any Windows VHD to Physical Drive location.
  • Recover Data from Formatted and lost Partition from VHDX, VHD, AVHD Virtual Drives.
  • Recover File & Folder from large or big sized VHD files and Tested on 10TB VHD File.
  • Recover Specific types of Files from Corrupted VHD with Raw Data VHD/VHDX Recovery.
  • Export Lost, Missing and Deleted data from VHD Partition to Physical Disk Location.
  • Support All versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows 10.

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Why VHD Recovery Tool?

With the help of Virtual Hard Drives, a user can boot up several Operating Systems in single machine without need of creating any partition. But always a fear of loss of VHD data due to Virus attacks or power failure and hence team RecoveryTools comes up with this VHD Recovery Software to ease the restoration process. This VHDX Repair Tool provides an easy environment for the users to recover deleted VHD file items instantly.

Data Files Recovery from VHD, VHDX or Virtual Drives

VHD files is used to store files and folder data on virtual platform means you can store on physical hard drive but store content or data on virtual file format. VHD Recovery software developed to recover data from VHD or Virtual file format files. The software can provide free Preview of All VHD File Data in Software Panel and also able to open corrupted, damaged, unopened VHD files data into program interface platform freely. The software is Complete Virtual Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows that can provide a way to restore Virtual machine hard drive data to local hard drive file format easily. The software provide a list of Unique Features in This VHD Recovery Tool to recover every bit of data from any VHD, ACHD, AVHDX, VHDX files without facing any problem.

Virtual Hard Disk VHD Recovery software can retrieve data from crashed, corrupted, damaged, un-mounted, and inaccessible VHD files created by Microsoft Hyper-V technology. This VHD Recovery software recover data from accidently formatted, corrupt, damaged and unopened, lost and missing partitions, corrupted partition, Permanently Deleted files and formatted partitions in VHD Virtual Hard Disk. Advance VHDX Recovery software comes with four VHD recovery modes to restore data without facing any problems and solve many problems with these recovery options such as Deleted VHD Recovery, Format VHD Recovery, Partition VHD Recovery and Raw VHD Recovery etc.

Features & Benefits


Recovers VHD, AVHD, VHDX, AVHDX Deleted Files & Folders

Sometimes, one can accidentally deleted his/her important files or folders from Virtual Hard Drive, then with the assistance of this VHDX Recovery Tool. The utility is even capable to restore data after it has been wiped out from Recycle Bin or permanently from virtual machine drive without any need of much efforts


Recovers .vhd or .vhdx Data from Formatted Partitions

Recover all data from the formatted partitions of the virtual machine data VHD or VHDX drives. VHD Recovery Software supports MBR & GPT tyro Virtual Hard Drives to convalesce data from formatted partitions. Get live status of retrieval data in the application panel during the process.


Retrieve Virtual Hard Drive Data from Deleted, Lost or Missing Partitions

Facing problem due to accidentally deleted VHD or VHDX partition system or lost the Virtual Machine Partition and unable to get access to its data then, VHD Recovery Tool capable to find and restore data from missing Virtual Drive partition without any need of knowing the technicalities and challenges during recovery process.


Recover all Data from VHD Raw and Inaccessible Partitions

Virtual hard Drives may get corrupted due to GPT or MBR file systems, in case any of the file system or partition is displayed as a raw file system, then mount that VHD file with VHD Recovery utility and recover complete data.


Recover Data from Fixed, Linked, Dynamic and Differencing Virtual Machines

Let know the best thing about this tool as it allows to recover data from linked, fixed, dynamic or differencing virtual drives. Get access to all data and recover it from all types of virtual database files like .vhd, .avhd, .vhdx, .avhdx etc.


Recover Data of All Formats Created in VHD or VHDX Files

VHD Recovery application is such designed that it supports recovery of all .vhd or .vhdx formats created with MS Virtual Server (Hyper-V), Oracle Virtual Box, Citrix XenServer and other tools to create VHD or VHDX formats.


Allows Preview and Recover Data with BSOD Error Messages

The tool allows one to get preview of all the items stored in Virtual Drive data file. The utility is self capable to provide preview & recover data of the virtual machines that are failed to load and provides black screen or BSOD Error message.


Inbuilt Option to Search Items Stored in VHD File

One of the enhanced feature of this VHD Recovery Utility is that it provides service of searching and finding the desired items from large number of files. You can apply filters to find and locate the exact file or other item in the software panel.


Recover and Save Only Selective VHD Files

If the size of VHD is large and the user does not have any need to save all the files after recovery, then this VHD Recovery tool may prove the best. The software allows the users to save and recover only selective files instead of whole drive data.


Various VHD Data Recovery Mode to Save all Important Files

The tool provides various options to choose before performing recovery so that it makes easier to understand the data anatomy. The tool provides Deleted, Formatted, Partition and Raw Data Recovery mode to perform the recovery process.


Recover Hidden Partitions Data of VHDX File

The uniqueness of this toll is proved by this feature as no other software provides option to save and recover data from hidden partitions of a VHD file. The tool also displayed all the contents stored in that hidden partition and option to save file.


Oceanic Recovery – Tested Successfully Upto 40000 GB Data

This iconic tool is tested upon 40TB of Virtual Hard Drives with successful outcome. The tool is completely illimitable about the file size recovery. In other words to avoid the failure, the tool is ready to serve you in the best way.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition of VHD Recovery Tool allows you to View all Recoverable Data From Corrupted VHD, VHDX, AVHD, AVHDX or Virtual Drive but unable to save data.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of VHD Recovery Application.  

  • Program Name: VHD Recovery Software
  • Version:
  • System Requirement: 1 Ghz Processor, 512 MB RAM, Minimum 100 MB Space
  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc

Screenshots of VHD Recovery Software

Launch VHD Recovery Software

Step 1 : Run VHD Recovery Application that will provide Four File Recovery Modes.

Show all Data from VHDX

Step 2 : Get Preview of items and select all or selective files to save.

Process Start

Step 3 : Check Status of VHD Recovery Process and other additional options.

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58 Ratings
Susan Michael
Recover data from unsable Virtual Drive files with VHDX Recovery tool.
Blackwell Scape
Best Software for Recover data from corrptted and managed VHD files esaliy.
Alice Robert
Software can recover and restore data from any Operating system VHD files including Mac OS X VHD files.

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