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#1 Thunderbird Converter Software to Export Thunderbird Emails, Contacts, Calendars

  • Auto Locate Thunderbird Database from Default Configured Thunderbird Profiles
  • Thunderbird Mail Migration for both Thunderbird Profiles (POP & IMAP)
  • Convert Thunderbird Address Book & Contacts to CSV & vCard Format
  • Thunderbird Export Calendars with all Events, Tasks and Reminders
  • Preserve Thunderbird Email Attributes During Conversion: To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date etc.
  • Thunderbird Export Local Folders Including Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Deleted, Junk etc.
  • Save Single Massages Output Files with Desired File Naming Conventions (Subject, Date, From)
  • Export Thunderbird Emails with Included Attachments both Embedded Attachments & Normal Attachments
  • Trial of Thunderbird Migration Tool Will Export First 25 Emails Free of Cost
  • Successfully Migrate Thunderbird MOZMSGS & WDSEML Folders
  • Dual Modes for Thunderbird Migration: Convert Emails, Convert Contacts and Calendars
  • Does Not Makes Any Data Loss During Mozilla Thunderbird Email Migration
  • Run Thunderbird File Converter on Both Mac & Windows OS
  • Export Thunderbird Emails from Orphaned & Corrupted Database Files Without Requiring Thunderbird Email Client Installation

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Migrate Thunderbird Emails TO



Get the power to migrate or transfer Thunderbird emails by using the Thunderbird Email Converter. Stylish Thunderbird Converter Pro enables to maintain all emails email properties – Attachments, Images, Formatting, header Information, etc.

Although Mozilla Thunderbird is an open and freely available email client application. There are many users who want to get rid of it. The reason is very simple, they need to be updated from time to time. Thunderbird is a pure desktop email client, while most users move to the cloud.

Fortunately, RecoveryTools Thunderbird Migrator software allows users to move Thunderbird data from local to the cloud effortlessly. In addition, Thunderbird Converter also allows users to export Thunderbird emails to a variety of useful email and user-readable file formats.

Migrate Selective Thunderbird Mailboxes

Many users are looking for a solution to export selected items from Thunderbird mailbox folder. Fortunately, RecoveryTools Thunderbird Converter allows users to do this. View a list of all Thunderbird mailbox folders in Control Panel, e.g. B. Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash, Spam, Spam, etc. Here you can select any mailbox. Once the user selects items there, the tool will automatically select all subfolders and emails it contains.

Provides 20+ Export Settings

A user can easily export Thunderbird to 20+ file formats & email clients formats using this tool. The Thunderbird Email Converter software have multiple Export Settings in its panel i.e., MSG, EML, EMLX, TXT, PST, MBOX, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, Windows Live Mail, ICS, VCARD, CSV, PDF, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Maildir, Thunderbird, Entourage (RGE), Outlook for Mac (OLM), Office 365,, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail & IMAP.
A user have choice to select any of the desired file format from the list. It includes a range of file saving options like email formats, user readable formats, email clients, webmail services or IMAP.

Multiple File Naming Convention Settings

Thunderbird Converter provides users with many advanced file naming options. This toolkit allows users to save output files in desired name format. This naming parameter is only available if the user selects a single message file format, such as MSG, EML, EMLX, TXT, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, or PDF. You can use one of these naming conventions based on different fields. Some of them are listed below:

  • Subject + Date (dd-mm-yy)
  • From + Subject + Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Date (dd-mm-yyyy) + From + Subject
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) + From + Subject
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm)
  • From + Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm)
  • Auto Increment

What Data Does Thunderbird File Converter Exports?


Email Messages

Convert Thunderbird emails with all details and original content. Export Thunderbird database emails with all components, including email headers, formatting, message content, signature, hyperlinks, attachments, embedded items, etc.


The tool accurately exports Thunderbird mailboxes with all files associated with local storage. Supports all attachment types, including:

  • Files - DOC, CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS, PPT etc.
  • Pictures - JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, GIF, etc.
  • Business cards - vCard/VCF
  • Calendars - ICS
Email Message Headers

Thunderbird File Conversion Tool supports email export including accurate email headers: -

  • Email Addresses of Sender's/Receiver's including Cc, Bcc fields.
  • Email Subject
  • Email Sending/Receiving Time & Date.
Email Folders

RecoveryTools Thunderbird Migrator Tool can successfully export Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox folders to various file formats and cloud applications. Keep the original folder hierarchy of Thunderbird mailbox folders with subfolders.


Calendars & Appointments

Thunderbird Migrator offers a separate option for exporting calendar data from Thunderbird. Supports export and registration of recurring/scheduled business meetings and appointments including all details such as start and end date, category, subject, location, etc.



Thunderbird Converter tool have a separate mode to migrate Thunderbird Contacts & Address Book data.

The software stores the full contact information of the OST -

  • Nick Name
  • Birth Date
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Business Number
  • Home Address
  • Home Number
  • Business Address
  • Email address

Quick Export Thunderbird Emails

Thunderbird Email Converter Tool is a completely standalone application software that allows it to work. There are no plug-ins or third-party applications, and a support tool is required to install the system. If you change your Thunderbird data to another account, you can use this app to transfer / combine two or more Thunderbird profiles into one. The Thunderbird Converter Wizard software works to limit file size without an algorithm and converts Thunderbird emails in batch mode.

Convert Thunderbird Contacts With all Details

Thunderbird Address Book Converter is capable to migrate contacts & other items without any problem. There is no doubt it is one of the best application to export Thunderbird Address Book to CSV & vCard file format including all the details like "First Name","Middle Name","Last Name",Suffix,Company,Department,"Messaging ID","Job Title","Business Street","Business City","Business State","Business Postal Code","Business Country/Region","Home Street","Home City","Home State","Home Postal Code","Home Country/Region".

Migrate Thunderbird Calendars & Events

Thunderbird Calendars Converter software will provide a separate option to migrate Thunderbird Contacts & Calendars. In present environment, when Events & Reminders has become a crucial part of business management. With this Thunderbird Calendars Converter software, you can easily migrate Events & Calendars without any problem. Easily convert Thunderbird Calendars to ICS or iCalendar format in a most simplified way.

Transfer Thunderbird Folders (MOZMSGS & WDSEML)

The Thunderbird migration tool can export Thunderbird emails, contacts, calendars, and other items. The Thunderbirds Conversion Wizard makes it easy for users to view .mozmsg and .wdseml messages created by Thunderbirds. WDSEML is generally a limited copy of the data stored in MOZMSGS. This is great software that manages all the important elements and components when converting Mozilla Thunderbird.


Thunderbird Converter free works as a multi-converter program to export Thunderbird emails to other popular email applications. The stylish Thunderbird File Converter allows you to manage all email attributes - attachments, images, formatting, header information, and more. It is recognized as one of the best tools for exporting emails from the Thunderbird email client to one of the desired migration or backup formats.

Thunderbird is a simple and easy-to-use email client that is open source for everyone. A large email community, personal user, or small business uses Thunderbird to manage their email service. Thunderbird can manage multiple email accounts in one instance, newsgroup and feed accounts, and supports multiple account identities.

Some of the features Thunderbird offers are quick search, saved search folders, message filtering, message grouping, tag management, spam filtering, and more. As they evolve, Thunderbird enables a variety of Internet protocols, such as POP, IMAP, LDAP, MIME. With Thunderbird, all mailbox items can be saved in the MBOX file format, in which the file contains many emails with all the content and information.


Batch Export of Thunderbird Mailbox Items

Thunderbird Email Converter software is an advanced approach to exporting Thunderbird emails to various email clients and file formats. You can easily import Thunderbird mailbox items like email, contacts, calendar, address books, attachments, etc.

Export Thunderbird Contacts & Address Book

The software proves to be helpful for users with questions such as exporting Thunderbird email address and exporting Thunderbird contacts. Fortunately, the Thunderbird File Converter software allows users to export the Thunderbird address book and all the contact details like name, address, email address, phone, mobile phone, etc.

Keep the Original System Folder Hierarchy

If a user has an option to convert Thunderbird email to Entourage, SeaMonkey, Eudora Mail, The Bat! or another email client. During the transmission of emails, all details and related information of the Thunderbird mailbox are saved in the original. The internal system folder hierarchy of the emails remains 100% original and intact even during the Thunderbird file conversion.

Load Configured Thunderbird Mailbox Items

Thunderbird Converter software is designed with advanced algorithms that allow the user to load Thunderbird mailbox data into the application window in two ways. The user only needs to load Thunderbird mailbox files from the standard profile or from the local Thunderbird storage path based on the INBOX file or the folder with multiple INBOX or Emails files of different Thunderbird profiles.

No Thunderbird Installation Required

The Thunderbird Mailbox Migration Toolkit is completely stand-alone to do its job. No third party plug-in or application is required to do this. Users can export Thunderbird to Windows and Thunderbird to Windows to change the interoperability of the application.

Seamless Thunderbird Mailbox Migration

This utility was developed with such advanced technology that a user can transfer unlimited emails from Thunderbird accounts to the desktop and webmail service. There is no file size limit imposed on users when converting Thunderbird email accounts.

Take the Thunderbird Converter Free Trial

Users can check the functionality of the Thunderbird Converter software before ordering their license. The free trial version of the Thunderbird Exporter tool exports emails from the Thunderbird email client. In the trial version, however, only the first 25 emails from the mailbox folder can be converted.

Export Thunderbird Emails with Attachments

The Thunderbird migration tool allows the user to export emails with any attached attachments. Each email can contain different types of attachment files such as images, text files, Word documents, zip archives, etc. With this Thunderbird converter software, users can convert all pasted attachments along with the emails while migrating to email clients.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Thunderbird Migration Tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these Easy steps to Learn about Thunderbird Email Migration:

  • Step 1: Install & Run Thunderbird Converter as Administrator.
  • Step 2: Select Required Thunderbird Mailboxes from Configured Path.
  • Step 3: Choose all the Required Thunderbird Folders from Panel.
  • Step 4: Select the Desired Select Saving Option from 20+ list.
  • Step 5: Complete Setup Process & Analyze Thunderbird Migration Process.

Yes, you can convert all of your Thunderbird email accounts data to PST file. And then you can open converted PST file in Outlook to access your emails.

One can access the Thunderbird files from the message store location:

  • Open Thunderbird -- from menu bar choose Tools Menu -- Account Settings -- Local Folder.
  • It will display the Thunderbird Profile storage location. It will be
  • C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\[ID].default\ Mail\Local Folders

No, Thunderbird application installation is not required to perform conversion. If its installed then software will automatically locate the Thunderbird email data and easily converts same.

Yes, software will help you convert all Thunderbird profiles and respective email accounts data.

Yes, it will convert everything including emails, contacts and calendars.

Yes, Thunderbird Email Migration tool is compatible with both Windows & Mac OS Devices.

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