How to Export/Move Zimbra Emails to Yahoo Small Businesses via Zimbra to Yahoo Migration Tool?

Karen Chard | January 31st, 2019 | How To

In this article we get to know about how to Import Zimbra to Yahoo Mail client without requiring any technical knowledge. Free Download Zimbra to Yahoo Migration tool which provides a direct option to its users to upload Zimbra TGZ Mailbox to Yahoo Mail & Zimbra to Yahoo Small Business mail accounts quickly & instantly.

Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, address book & calendar as well collaboration solution which is available for both public & private. It is a redesigned browser-based interface built for Cloud or Desktop as Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today. It enables the users to connect with end users along with the information & activity with their personal cloud. User can view inbox by message or by conversion as well drag & drop messages into folders. It also provides instant filtering, distribution lists, feeds & notifications for all.

While as Zimbra Desktop is a powerful email client for organizations as well personal users. But as we all know that in present time Cloud-based email services are on priority by the organizations as it can avail them to access them online at anytime & anywhere. Yahoo Mail is a Web-based email service organized in a hierarchy.

How Do I Switch from Zimbra to Yahoo Mail?

In the above video tutorial, we get to know about how can a user work with Zimbra to Yahoo Migration tool in easiest manner. I was facing a lot of trouble while doing transfer of emails from Zimbra to Yahoo mailbox as lack of technical knowledge.

A few days ago, I started using Zimbra Desktop as my primary email account. With the time I get to know about its not so easy for the me to use Zimbra. I am guessing the reason that Zimbra Desktop has a problem with some emails indexing right. The saving grace of Z-Desktop is that I can pull down a full Y! Mail easily. But Now I have again decided to switch from Zimbra to Yahoo Mail again. Kindly suggest me a way to import Zimbra Mail to Yahoo Mail quickly & instantly.”

  • Elvis Maximus, Romania

The major problem for me while trying to import Zimbra to Yahoo Mail was the lack of technical knowledge. But then I discussed it with my seniors who guided me to use a professional toolkit. Then I decided to search it on Google & hence I found Zimbra Export software which provides a direct option to migrate Zimbra Mailbox to Yahoo Mail account. It is a completely secured method by helping me to upload Zimbra to Yahoo Mail account including email, contacts, calendars easily. You can easily grab this toolkit completely free of cost from here:

Free Download Zimbra to Yahoo Mailbox Migration Tool:


The working of this utility is very easy due to its simplified user interface. The free trial version of this utility helps me to export first 25 emails from each folder of Zimbra TGZ file to Yahoo Mailbox account. I purchased the Enterprise license which provides me a direct option to batch export Zimbra Mail to Yahoo Mail account. To better understand the working of this toolkit just follow these simple steps to do so:

  1. Install & Run Zimbra to Yahoo Migration Tool & click on Add Files/Add Folders option to load Zimbra TGZ files in the application panel.
  2. Browse for the source Zimbra TGZ file using dual ways either choose TGZ file or select the folder having Zimbra Mailbox files.
  3. The software will instantly start fetching of the mailbox items in the application panel. Users can select the folders to export with proper folder hierarchy as well users can also preview the emails along with attachments directly in the application panel. Once you choose the required folders click on Convert button to continue.
  4. The software will display a list of 20+ Select Saving options. Pick up Yahoo option from here to perform the migration.zimbra to yahoo
  5. Users can also export Zimbra Address Book to Yahoo! Contacts as displayed in the application panel.zimbra mail to yahoo
  6. The software will ask the users to Enter the Yahoo Email Id & Password of resultant account.zimbra to yahoo small business mail
  7. Provide the login credentials by entering the User Id & Password of Yahoo Email account.zimbra tgz to yahoo
  8. Click on Next button to initialize the Zimbra to Yahoo Mail migration process & then analyze it directly in the application panel.zimbra mailbox to yahoo
  9. After the conversion process finished successfully click on OK button to confirm & exit from here.
  10. The software will generate a SavingLog report which lists all the important information of the Zimbra to Yahoo migration process like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Selected Source File Path, Items Converted History, Yahoo Folder, & final Status of the process.

As it can be easily understandable from above that this software is a very powerful & easy for me. With the help of this I can easily import Zimbra TGZ to Yahoo Mail account directly on Windows OS devices. One can easily transfer Zimbra emails to Yahoo Mail as well Zimbra Address Book to Yahoo Contacts accounts directly.

Zimbra TGZ to Yahoo Migration Tool – Major Features & Benefits:

This application provides me a perfect option to migrate Zimbra TGZ mailbox items to Yahoo account. It helps me with advanced state-of-the-art features with a fully automatic manner. It enables the users to load Zimbra TGZ files with the help of dual ways by click on Add Files or Add Folders option. It easily maintains the on-disk folder hierarchy during uploading of Zimbra Mailbox to Yahoo account quickly & instantly. Some Major features of this utility are listed below:

  • Easy to use with simplified user interface makes this software a preferred choice among the non-technical users.
  • The toolkit provides direct option to upload Zimbra to Yahoo Mail account quickly & instantly.
  • The software only needs account login credentials of destination Yahoo Account i.e. User Id & Password.
  • The software performs all of its working in an automotive way.
  • One can import multiple Zimbra TGZ Mailbox files to Yahoo Mail Server in batch.
  • The utility preserves the on-disk System Folder Hierarchy of the user mailbox items.
  • One can load Zimbra Mailbox folders in the application panel by dual ways i.e. Add Files or Add Folders
  • The toolkit secures the integrity of the emails with all Metadata Properties remains intact.
  • The software never requires extraction of the TGZ file items in local storage as it can directly perform its working on TGZ files directly.
  • No Zimbra Desktop installations required for the working of this utility as it is completely standalone to do so.
  • The software easily runs on all latest Windows OSe. Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit.

The Verge: In the above article we discussed about a procedure to convert Zimbra to Yahoo Mailbox accounts. It will help the users to easily import Zimbra TGZ Emails, Contacts, Calendars to Yahoo accounts quickly & instantly. The step-by-step working of the software as well the benefits it provides are also discussed above. I hope this article also proved to be beneficial for you to deal with the Zimbra to Yahoo Migration issue.