Data Recovery Software – Salvage PCs Data Data Recovery Tool to System Crash, Formatted, Corrupted Hard Drive Recovery

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  • Restore & Recover data from PCs, Removable, Internal And External Storage Media.
  • Support GUID Partition Table (GPT) & Master Boot Record (MBR) Partition Table Disk.
  • Salvage Lost Files, Accidently Deleted, Formatted Partition, Empty Recycle Bin data.
  • Mac and Windows File system Recovery & support NTFS, FAT32, exFat, HFS+, EXT4.
  • Option to create Disk Image of any Partition of Hard Drive with Disk Image file Recovery.
  • Retrive Data From Lost, Missing Partition Table, Formatted Partitionor Disk File System.
  • Raw Data Recovery Option to restore specific type file format data from corrupt Drive.
  • System Crash Recovery to recover data from Booting error in Windows or Mac OS.
  • Recover Widely Used Files Extensions or Formats From 10TB or more Hard Drive Storage.

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Why Data Recovery Software?

RecoveryTools Team better understands the need of the customers and always provide better ways to users can understand Conscious of data and value of Digitel Data Storage. RecoveryTools Data Recovery software provides efficient, effective, and easy to use Data recovery utility that can quickly restore their lost or permanently deleted important data From Hard Drive storage media.

Features & Benefits


Regain Permanently Deleted Files & Folders From Recycle Bin

With the help of this Data Restore utility, you can easily restore your all deleted data from drive. It can recover permanently deleted data or data deleted from Recycle Bin also. Sometimes, you unwantedly deletes your data or accidentally lost data from Desktop or Computer storage, then this Data Recovery software help you to get back your lost data from PCs and Hard Drive location with perfect System Recovery Software.


Format Recovery Software to Recover Hard Drive Formatted Data

This Data Recovery Utility provides separate option for specially formatted data recovery of lost data from a formatted hard drive or any other external Storage drive. Sometimes Users accidentally formatted hard drive by mistaken or without precautions. Sometimes disk drive asks, ‘did you want to format the drive’ than in that case this Windows Format Recovery utility will be very useful or helpful tool to get back your to recapture data from it empty disk.


Recover Data from Lost Partition Table or Permanently Deleted Partitions

The tool provides “Partition Data Recovery” option which enables you to recover data from deleted, missing or repartitions of drive. Sometimes, we lost our data due to wrong activities and hence erase the partition from the drive. But by this utility, you can restore your lost data as it provides ‘Partition Data Recovery’ option. This Partition Recovery tool recovers data from multiple file system disk such as Fat-16, Fat-32, NTFS, EXT-4, HSF+, exFat, etc. file systems Partition.


Recovers Data from Corrupt or Inaccessible Partitions

Sometimes, your drive is not accessible in your system or it may be corrupted and hence it does not show any partition in your system. With the help of this Data Recovery application, you can easily restore your all files and folders from RAW partitions or corrupted drives.


Recovers Data from All types of External Storage Devices

With the help of this hard drive data recovery utility, you can restore data from almost every storage devices. The tool is supports all internal drives like (c:/, d:/, e:/, f:/) as well external drives like Hard Disk (SATA, IDE, SCSI), USB Drives (USB attached SCSI (UAS), USB flash drives), iPod Disks, Drive images, Firewire Drives, Compact Flash Cards or Zip/Zaz cards etc.


Recover File of all Formats Stored in the Drive

The best thing about this tool is that you can recover all types of files using this tool. This Data Recovery utility supports all file formats includes Word, Excel, Images like - JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF or MP4, 3GP Video files or Powerpoint Presentations, Executive files, Applications, Web Pages, Email mailbox files like PST, MBOX, NSF etc without any interruptions.


Allows Preview of Recovered Data Files from Drives

When the software completes finishes the successful recovery of the files, then it provides preview to that recovered data in the application panel. After recovering data and before save it to local disk, this preview feature helps you to distinguish the important files and hence you can save only important files in your system rather than all unnecessary files.


Inbuilt Option to Search Files in Application Panel

This recovery utility also come up with an enhanced feature by providing search for your items. You can search and restore your specific or particular items using this Data Recovery tool. You can also set filters for the better search results like Date, Size etc. and find the particular file and recover t in your system using this Data Recovery Software for Windows.


Allows Saving of Selective Files after Recovery

Apart from the recovery of all your items, files or folders this tool also provide option to save your files to your local storage. You can save all files, folders or items as well you can choose selective files to save. The tool allows you to save only those files which are useful or important to preserve the memory space and time of the system.


Provides Filters to Recover and Save only Important Data

The tool comes up with several filter options like Date, Size, Exclude deleted data, include deleted data, save only delete data etc. Thus it helps you to reduce the time and efforts while saving data after recovery. It may be possible that you have large amount of data and you need to restore only few of them then you can use filters in this condition.


Recover Data from Hidden Partitions Also

The most unique feature, that makes this Data Recovery Software incredible is that it displays the hidden partitions of the hard drives and hence users can easily access that drive and restore that data. It makes user to recover complete data from the drive and can allows to retrieve data from the hidden partitions.


Unlimited Recovery - Tested about 3000 GB of Data

This data recovery software for PC recovers files without any size limitation. The tool is successfully tested with about 3 TB of Hard Drives. If the size of your hard drive is larger and larger than this Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool is best choice for you.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition of Data Recovery Tool allows you to View all Recoverable Data From Selected Hard Drive or Internal and External Drives Partitions but unable to save data.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Data Recovery Application.  

  • Program Name: Data Recovery Software
  • Version:
  • System Requirement: 1 Ghz Processor, 512 MB RAM, Minimum 100 MB Space
  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc

Screenshots of Data Recovery Software

Launch Data Recovery Software

Step 1 : Run free data recovery software and choose any of the five powerful data recovery modes.

Select partition

Step 2 : Load files by selecting physical or logical disks, and search for MFT or Index Allocation Sign.

data recovery Process Start

Step 3 : After Analysis & Recovery, save only selected files by check/uncheck then Save.

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133 Ratings
Elizabeth Olsen
Best Data Recovery Software to recover & restore data from Windows Failure.
James Blackwell
Software comes with Create Disk Image function to create Disk Image without any problem.
Robert Scape
Software can support Microsoft Windows 10 and restore Recycle Bin Data at one Click.

Frequently Asked Question...

  • How to Recover Data From System Crash Hard Drive?
    • If you lost your data during Windows failure and booting error then install the corrupted drive into other system, if you are not possible to swtich hard drive to other system then reinstall the OS on any other partition or follow few simple steps to recover all data from windows failure or lost partition. Follow given steps: -

      1. Get Free Download, install and run RecoveryTools Data Recovery Software.
      2. Select Format Recovery Mode to find files and folder more deeper scan.
        • Deleted Data Recovery
        • Formatted Data Recovery
        • Partition Data Recovery
        • RAW Data Data Recovery
        • Create Disk Image File
      3. Software analysing and show all disk and drive into software panel, select partition.
      4. Software Find Recoverable data from selected partition disk or drive into software interface.
      5. Select Required Files and Folder or press save option to start recovery process of Data.
      6. Set Destination location to save recoverable data at users choice location on system.
      7. Software take few mintues to save all lost or missing data at users location on Computer.
  • I have large number of data stored in my hard drive but due to an accident it got corrupted. How can I recover and save only important data from that bulk?
  • How much time does this tool take to recover files from hard drive?
  • Does this software enable me to recover files from hidden partitions?
  • Can I able to recover my permanently deleted files from Recycle Bin?
  • What type of files does this Data Recovery Tool restore?
  • How much time a file will stay in my hard drive when I delete it?
  • Is there any effect on the recovery due to fragmentation of disk?