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zViewer - Free Zimbra Mail Viewer Free Utility to Open TGZ Files and TGZ attachments on Windows

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  • Free Zimbra Reader to open and view Zimbra TGZ files Emails Folder.
  • Explore and Preview Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra ZCS and Zimbra Server files.
  • Zimbra TGZ Reader open Zimbra Emails Without installation of Zimbra.
  • Maintain Zimbra Email Structure and Emails Attachment during viewing.
  • Dual Modes to Load Zimbra TGZ files into software interface panel.
  • Software allows you to save and view Zimbra Email attachments to PC.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Operating System including Windows 10.

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Features & Benefits


Read Zimbra Email Headers

One can view Zimbra email headers or its meta properties on their computer itself. Zimbra TGZ opener is capable of opening TGZ file data in absence of the Zimbra collaboration server and Zimbra desktop client.


View Emails With Attachments

While reading emails in the software panel, users can click on Attachments tab to view attachments appended with them. These attachments will be shown in same format as the original one by this Zimbra mail Viewer.


View Content of Zimbra Emails

Zimbra TGZ viewer displays entire message content on its screen along with the signature appended in it. Users can perform analysis on each email of exported Zimbra mailbox files and accomplish their task.


Open Zimbra Address Book

The Zimbra Viewer displays the preview of Zimbra TGZ file contacts with its attributes like job title, contact name, organization name, phone number, etc. The tool opens Zimbra contacts on Windows 10, 8.1, and its below versions.


View Zimbra Contacts Group

The application is capable of displaying contact Groups and distribution lists. Zimbra TGZ opener loads the contacts in a tabular form with same content as it was at the time of creation.


Explore TGZ File Unlimited Contacts

Any number of the contacts can be read from Zimbra TGZ opener as it does not put forward any file size limitation on TGZ files. Therefore, Zimbra mailbox viewer is an appropriate solution to read Zimbra address book without any dependency issue.


Browse TGZ Files In Two Ways

The freeware renders following two features for browsing files within it:
Add Files: Select one or more TGZ files in one-by-one scenario to open them in the freeware
Add Folders: Select a folder, which is having multiple TGZ files within it for loading all folders collectively at once.


View Remaining Zimbra Items

All other data items like calendars, briefcase, notes with attachments, and tasks can also be viewed in this software. Moreover, users can also view the total item count of each mailbox folder with help of this utility.


No Platform Dependency Issue

Zimbra mailbox viewer is developed in such a way that users can view and explore TGZ files in absence of the Zimbra collaboration server environment. There is no TGZ file size limitation in this product, which restrict users to browse file within freeware.

System Requirement

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Zimbra Viewer Software.  

  • Program Name: Zimbra Viewer Tool
  • Version: 6.0
  • System Requirement: Pentium IV 1.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Minimum 31 MB Space
  • Operating System: MS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc
    Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000
Screenshots of Zimbra Viewer
Browse Zimbra file

Step 1 : Launch Zimbra TGZ opener and click on Add Files or Add Folder button to browse TGZ file.

Select Emails Folder

Step 2 : Select a mailbox folder like Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc., to view email messages with help of the software.

View Zimbra Emails Free

Step 3 : Click on desired contacts or calendar folders, and Click on any email of Zimbra to View Meta Content.

How to open Zimbra TGZ files?

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44 Ratings
Kelter Wingliser
Wow, Free Zimbra Email Viewer provide real view of Zimbra emails.
Gregor Done
The software work well and provide better visual effects on TGZ mails view interface.
Wills Santos
I found this application on internet to view emails attachment of Zimbra mails freely.

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