Licensing Model

RecoveryTools Software License Information

RecoveryTools Software Licensing Information page is created in the consideration to understand the Programs License Details. Each program of RecoveryTools is categorised into three editions based on the advanced options such as Saving features, Machine activations, Number of Mailboxes, Batch Migration feature etc.

The licenses are perpetual with one-year free upgrades and supports. But please note that the same version of the program which you purchase, will be valid for lifetime. You won’t be able to use the latest version of the tool after one year. So, it is mandatory to renew the license after over a year.

Along with that, there are two types of licenses method i.e Offline Activation and Online Activation. Online Activation program require a stable Internet Connectivity without Firewall or VPN environment. While the Offline activation tools require Internet at the time of downloading the program only. So, users need to always keep a note of these major things in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.



Users can take the below advantages by choosing RecoveryTools Software

  • It’s a onetime payment, not subscription based.
  • Reasonable pricing of the licenses with multiple features as compare to other programs available in the market.
  • Time saving software to backup/migrate/restore emails/files
  • 24*7 Excellent Technical Support.

Different Types of RecoveryTools Software License

There are Three Types of RecoveryTools Software License such as Personal License, Business License and Migration License.


Personal License

Personal License is specially designed for Home User who require the license for their personal use. This license offers limited saving option, limited mailbox/email account conversion, only 2 Machines activation validity. The licenses are non-transferable so once user consume the license activation, it can’t be reactivated or transfer to another machine. User can contact to our 24*7 Technical Support in order to get assistance related to the program.


Business License

It is suitable for corporate purpose or a small business use. If you leading a small company or business and looking a cost-effective tool license to migrate or backup a small number of mailboxes or email accounts, Business license is recommended. It supports multiple machines activation simultaneously. And allow to migrate/convert/backup mailboxes one by one. Once user buy the Business license, it gets register with their business email address. In order get any assistance, user can contact to our Support Team over email or live chat.

cost effective

Migration License

It is for Enterprise use or a large scale of migration. If you are running an educational organization, Government organization, Information Technology Company etc. on single or multiple locations and looking to migrate large number of mailboxes on multiple machines, Migration License is recommended. It provides Batch Migration feature also so that user can migrate multiple mailboxes or email accounts at once. It offers all types of saving features (offline saving and cloud saving both) so user don’t need to think about choosing the license type. User can contact to our Technical Support Engineer at any time via email or live chat support in case of any query related to the licensing or migration.

Types of Customizable License Version which RecoveryTools Software offers

There are Two Types of Customizations apply for the licenses


Number of Machines Based

The Custom License would be provided on the consideration of number of machines. If user acquire the license for a large number of machines as per their organization or business perspective. Sometimes to complete a large amount of mailboxes/Data within their deadline period and sometimes activate the program on each user’s machines in an organization/business.


Number of Mailboxes Based

Here, the Custom License would be provided as per the consideration on number of Mailboxes. User can either customize the license for unlimited mailboxes or a required number of mailboxes to fulfil their need. So that they won’t be require to buy multiple licenses. Buying a Custom License will be provided on a best price.

Note: The Refund Policy and the License description will be implied on all license types.