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  • Gmail Backup Software Allows You to Take Backup of Multiple Gmail Accounts at Once.
  • Save Gmail Emails in 25+ Common Formats i.e. MSG, PST, MBOX, DOC, EML, EMLX, etc.
  • Access Gmail Emails to Multiple Webmail, Email Clients, & Online Email Accounts Directly.
  • Gmail Backup Tool for Mac Provides 100% Secure and Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface.
  • Save Gmail Emails to Hard Drive, Computer, PC, Desktop & USB Drive Locations.
  • Maintain Internal Structure, Integrity, & Email Formatting of Gmail Emails During Backup Process.
  • Gmail Data Backup Wizard provides Multiple Advanced Filters to Take Selective Backup of Gmail Emails.
  • Option to Transfer Emails from One Gmail Account to Another Gmail Account Directly.
  • Manage and Arrange Gmail Mailbox Data Files with Multiple File Naming Options.
  • Extract Gmail Email Account Email Addresses & Email Attachments with Email Backup Wizard.
  • Best Gmail Backup Tool to Access Gmail Emails to Office 365, and other popular platforms.
  • Support All Microsoft Windows & Windows Server Operating System with x64 Bits Editions.

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  • Free Live Demo - Mac Gmail Backup Software Fully Secured Version
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RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool is an all-in-one Gmail email backup utility that allows you to backup all of your Gmail emails to over 25 different email file formats, email clients, email webmail accounts, and email servers. This Gmail mail backup utility makes it possible to archive Gmail emails with all data attributes and attachments. Users can also read emails messages while offline by saving data to document formats. The software is built with advanced algorithms that improve the success rate of performing a full data backup.

Export Gmail Emails to Multiple Formats

The Gmail data backup tool does not require any extra professional skills for accessing the application. It offers a simple as well as intuitive interface which is easy for any novice to complete the process. Additionally, users have the option to archive Gmail mailbox data with all attached information, and other data attributes. Users can install this wizard for free, and can store data to over 25+ platforms. This Toolkit allows storing data files in:

Save Gmail Emails as Document Formats

There are so many queries of users that they want to access their Gmail data files on local environment. The Gmail backup software provides you the option to store your Gmail Mailbox Data to various documents formats including PDF, HTML, etc.

The formats like PDF are universally compatible and hence can be opened on any platform and can easily share with others. This Gmail data backup tool best fits for all sort of technical as well as novices to store their data files to various documents formats. Moreover, when the user chooses the option to convert Gmail emails to PDF format, then the utility will offer more than 10 file naming options for good.

Backup Multiple Gmail Email Accounts

This professionally tested Gmail Backup Tool for Mac OS enables users to store Gmail to the required destination a single processing. Now, it becomes very efficient for a user to batch export Gmail accounts to selected file formats. One can enable the “Use Batch Mode” option to batch archive Gmail accounts at once. For this, the user is required to create a CSV file comprising of all email account details. Thereafter, the last step is to upload this CSV file to Gmail Backup Wizard to archive multiple Gmail Mail accounts.

Complete Gmail Backup with All Items

The Gmail Mailbox backup solution is an expert recommended solution that leads top in the online market in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. One can download all Gmail emails at once with all data attributes.

One of the interesting thing about the software is that it not only store emails from Gmail Inbox folders but also save emails from whole Gmail Inbox, Gmail Sent, Gmail Drafts, Gmail Trash, Gmail Spam and other Gmail mailbox data items to the selected saving option.


There is no doubt that it proves to be the best software to perform Gmail to G Suite Migration. Users can also use this application to save their Gmail emails to over 10+ file formats for offline usage. With Gmail Backup Software, it is easier to archive Gmail Emails at multiple formats without any errors. Additionally, users have the option to store data files on, Lotus Notes, Yahoo Mail, and other famous platforms.

Moreover, it permits to export Gmail emails to MBOX, with all data attributes. Also, users have the option to archive selective mailbox data as per needs. This Gmail Backup wizard is capable to perform unlimited Gmail mailbox backup without any technical glitch or failure.

The Mac Gmail Backup software is well-suitable to perform full backup of Gmail Mailbox data items such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc. to end number of formats. It permits to take backup of Gmail Trash and spam folders which are not compatible with other Gmail backup solutions. It gives an easy-to-use GUI that helps to do Gmail migration process to a desired email client or file format in easiest manner.

This entire Gmail Data Backup Tool can be used to perform conversion of Gmail to iCloud, Rediffmail, etc. All such backup task can be perform by this single application. Some major advantages of choosing this Gmail mailbox software are listed below:


Backup Gmail Account at Desired Location

The Gmail Backup Tool For Mac by RecoveryTools can easily archive Gmail messages from each folder to the desired destination path. To connect to your Gmail account, the software only requires your Gmail account credentials. Following that, it will copy all folder directories such as inbox, outbox, draughts, sent items, and other Gmail labels or Gmail customised folders to the local path. Furthermore, the Gmail backup provides file formats that are universally compatible and can be accessed on a variety of platforms.

Save Gmail Emails to Numerous Formats

Mac Gmail Backup Software is designed in such a way that it is capable of archive Gmail data of any size and allows you to store data in following platforms:

Selective Gmail Email Backup Solution

RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Software allows you to backup all of your Gmail emails to multiple platforms. This Gmail automated solution can be used to archive specific emails from Personal and Professional Gmail accounts using multiple advanced filter options. The Toolkit enables users to retrieve their Gmail emails by Date, Subject, email addresses (to, from), and so on. This option saves users time because they don't have to backup their entire Gmail account.

Preserves Gmail Email & Folder Hierarchy Structure

RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Wizard was created using cutting-edge technologies that provide additional benefits. Another noteworthy feature of the software is that after completing the Gmail Backup Process. It retains the original folder hierarchy as well as the email's formatting. This feature assists users in managing their data after exporting to a specific file format.

Backup Gmail Emails to Popular Platforms

Gmail Backup Tool is designed in such a way that it allows you to export Gmail emails to a variety of file formats that are supported by many popular platforms. You can use this application to transfer emails from Gmail to a variety of platforms, including:

Manage Gmail Emails with File Naming Options

After downloading the Gmail account data, the user must save it locally. To make things easier for users, the Gmail Email Backup tool allows them to save files using naming conventions. The utility offers various file naming options, such as subject, subject + date, and so on. Any of them can be used to manage a large number of Gmail Mailbox files.

Download Gmail Data with Attachments

You can archive Gmail emails with attachments at the Desktop Client and online web platforms with the help of Mac Gmail Backup software. Furthermore, the software will keep the exact integrity of your Gmail emails after the process is completed. During the backup process of for good, all attachment files that are included with the emails are converted to several file formats and webmail accounts directly while being stored in a separate folder.

Archive Unlimited Gmail Data

A user can extract an unlimited number of Gmail emails to the desired destination, platform, and file size. The Gmail Backup wizard enables users to backup Gmail data without fail by archiving an unlimited number of files of any size. This has no effect on the software's performance and preserves the structure of Gmail data. Furthermore, the software is entirely Windows-oriented and works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Save Gmail Data as HTML or Web Page Format

When it comes to backup data in a Web page format, the Gmail email backup tool provides two options, i.e. convert Gmail to HTML & Export Gmail to MHT format. In addition to this, the software maintains data integrity, folder hierarchy, meta properties of data after backup. It provides a simple & easy user interface to archive Gmail mailbox data in a few clicks only.

Save Gmail Emails to TEXT & Word Format

In order to do Gmail to TEXT conversion, one can use this Gmail Backup tool for Mac without any doubt. It allows users to access the data in any text editor or MS Word document without any file size limitation. Moreover, a user can also use this tool to save Gmail as RTF, XPS, etc. The application is completely safe and secure to perform the Gmail backup process.

Backup Gmail Account to Microsoft Client Format

Gmail Backup Tool provides options to extract Gmail emails to several local file-formats. It allows users to export Gmail emails to PST format. This will help users to access their data on Microsoft Application for Windows OS. However, the software generates a UNICODE PST file and compatible with all editions of MS Outlook.

Windows Based Gmail Backup Software

RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Wizard allows its users to perform following activities:

However, for all the processes, you have to install this application on Windows and MacOS.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to archive only 25 items from every Gmail email folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool.

RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Wizard - Video Tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the given step-by-step procedure to complete the procedure: -

  • Step 1: Run the Gmail Backup Tool on Windows or Mac OS.
  • Step 2: Fill the credentials with Gmail account in user interface.
  • Step 3: Choose the required Gmail folders to download
  • Step 4: Now, pick the right file saving option from the list.
  • Step 5: Click on next button to start Gmail Backup process to the required platform.

All the emails folders including Inbox, Sent, Drafts in Gmail are stored on cloud and hence we does not any archive to share data files. To share your emails with legal advisors or some others, the best way is to store your data in legal formats.The Gmail Data Backup Utility allows you archive selected emails in the required format in a few moments.

No, the tool is completely standalone to work and hence there is no need to install any supportive application to conduct the backup.

No, you cannot backup data without an internet connection. The software needs continuous internet connectivity to fetch data from Gmail account.

No, the software does not save the credentials of your email accounts in its database. The purpose for credentials is to establish a connection.

Yes, the Gmail Backup software supports all versions of MS Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, XP, Vista with 32-bit as well 64-bit.

Yes, the software support all editions of Mac operating system. So, you can install this application on both Mac and Windows.

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