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How to Batch Convert EML to PDF with Attachment Files?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 07-10-2021 ~ EML ~ 5 Minutes Reading

batch convert eml to pdf

Learn how to batch convert EML to PDF with Attachments. It is the need of the hour for the users to know how they can print the emails stored as EML files. The best way to do it is to convert EML files to PDF format. The reason is quite obvious. PDF files are the most protective file format to print emails. So, obviously, I will explain the easiest solution to batch convert EML to PDF format along with inserted attachment files.

Reasons to Convert EML Files to PDF:

There are many reasons for users to familiarize themselves with the EML to PDF conversion approach. There are times when the user needs to open a previously saved email immediately and open their email client for this purpose.

Because applications can crash or when you open your email client at regular intervals to read an email or message. This is practically not so good and the reason is simple, any email client can take a long time to open and retrieve data from the source file. There are also some practical reasons which are discussed below:

  • If you receive EML files from your senior, colleague, or friends, you will probably need to install an email client to open them if you have changed those emails to a PDF file format.
  • EML files are easily accessible from unauthorized access as it is a simple text formatting file. Though PDF is the best and safe file format, i.e. if anyone can access the PDF files, they will inform you about the edited version.
  • EML files are not transferable to be shared between different sources or operating systems as compared to PDF files. Though PDF is cross-platform and can be opened on any system such as any OS, iPhone, and mobile device.

Best Way to Print EML to PDF Files:

When a user wants to bulk export multiple EML files to PDF. In this case, the only possible choice for them remains the use of professional EML software to PDF Converter. One such application is RecoveryTools EMLX Migrator Software, which allows you to export both *emlx and *eml files. The tool offers a very advanced approach to batch converting EML files to PDF. Allows users to export attachment files embedded with an EML file to PDF.

Free Download the Setup of this Software:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Trial Limitation: The free trial demo of this application will allow the users to convert only the first 25 EML files to PDF format. But don’t worry, you can export unlimited EML emails to Adobe PDF documents, by purchasing its license.

Simple Steps to Export EML Files to Adobe PDF Documents:

  1. Install & Run the software on your computer.
  2. Load EML files in the application in dual ways.
  3. Choose only the required EML files as per need.
  4. Select PDF option from the list of 30+ saving options.
  5. Setup options & then analyze the live conversion process.

Difference Between EML vs PDF Files:

EML files are a plain text file that contains information about a single message. Information stored in EML files includes ASCII text for headers, attachments, and hyperlinks, mail body, subject, date, sender and recipient information, etc.

A large number of applications use EML files for storing message information due to their flexible structure. Some of them are Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, etc. You can archive emails as EML files to a local hard drive also.

Conversely, a PDF file is one of the safest ways to store important information. Organizes the entire data structure in the original format with a PDF file format.

A PDF file can contain entire text, headings, graphics, hyperlinks, fonts, and more. Easily password-protect your PDF document so it cannot be edited by some text editors alone. To edit, modify, or even read information stored in PDF files, you need to use some advanced techniques.

Understand Working of EML to PDF Converter Software:

  • Install & run the software to convert EML files to PDF format.convert eml to pdf
  • Load EML files in the utility by dual ways i.e., Select Files or Select Folders option.convert eml to pdf with attachments
  • Choose only the required emails from the application panel.batch convert eml to pdf
  • Select the PDF option from the list of saving options.eml to pdf converter software
  • Setup EML to PDF conversion options like change destination path, apply file naming conventions, etc.setup options
  • Click on the Next button to start the conversion process. The utility will provide users a live preview of the complete process with all details.live preview
  • A confirmation message box will pop up from its panel. Click now on the OK.click ok
  • Get the resultant PDF files directly from the destination location.eml to pdf free

Client Testimonials:

Hi, I have 50,000 EML files on my system. Now I’m looking for a reliable solution to convert all my EML files to PDF. I also tried a manual way to export EML files to PDF. But it doesn’t work with too many EML files. Fortunately, your software has safely completed the process for me. – Sohail

It was a big problem for me to share my emails with the seniors. I’m in the accounting department and it has to be very confidential information stored in emails. Sharing my emails in EML format is not a good and practical approach for security reasons. So my favorite choice is to share these emails in PDF format and then password protect them. In short, I would like to thank the developers of this application for providing such an advanced solution. – Jennifer

Concluding Remarks:

This article provides a detailed description of the importance of converting files from EML to PDF. We also know about saving emails in PDF format, the freeway to do them, and its limitations. Batch convert EML files to PDF along with attachments with advanced EML to PDF conversion software by RecoveryTools.