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Google’s New Task App- How to Use for iOS & Android

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 27th, 2022
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All the tasks have been around a while but we forget its importance, which it deserve. But Google never forget the thing that is important it gives equal priority. Therefore, Google has come up with its new application, i.e. Google’s New Task App. The application has simple, clean, and easy interface that a list takers need.  The most beneficial thing is that it can be used on both Android and iOS.

Glimpse on Features What Google’s Task App has Offered

Easy to Set Up Tasks

As you have a Google Gmail account therefore, setting up the mobile application is easy. Whereas on iOS, you have to pull it and pick the Gmail mailbox you need to put it with and then, Tasks you are OK by sending the notifications.

Simple to Add and Synchronize Task

The clean Tasks interface marks it easy to do what an application demands of you- adding to-do items to numerous lists. Think of the task lists as diverse kinds of the sticky notes such as one you utilize for your shopping list, one you make usage for your daily to-dos, one you utilize for crucial numbers you need to have at ready. You can make an infinite number of new task lists without any limitation.

What is Missing?

Google’s tool forgets some useful features, which feel standard for any task-management application- adding location to task, setting up task to the repeat on specific schedule, or any other kind of task importance system. You cannot allocate tasks with variant colours or even tiny little icons to recommend any sense of firmness.

In Summation

Use this Google’s new Task App to manage your work and maintain your task list accordingly on your smartphone. If you have more details about the same then, do share with us.