IMAP Migration from Gmail / G Suite to Office 365 or by Third-Party Tool

Karen Chard | July 23rd, 2018 | How To, Office 365

In this article we get to know about IMAP Migration from Gmail to Office 365 as well migrate G Suite Mailbox to Office 365 with the help of a professional third-party suite. It explains the users to import emails, contacts, calendars from Gmail to Office 365 Small Business Modal step by step easily. To learn how to export mailboxes from G Suite (known as Google Apps) Gmail to Office 365. To perform this process, you must be a global admin in Office 365.

G Suite Mailbox to Office 365 Migration using Admin Center

You can easily setup a migration wizard in the Office 365 for an IMAP Migration. IMAP Migration will only migrate emails from Gmail Account so that users can only import their emails to Office 365. It will not allow to migrate Contacts and Calendars from Gmail to Office 365. Follow these simple steps to which allows you to perform Google Apps/G Suite to Office 365 for Small Business Migration step-by-step.

  1. Verify to Office 365 that you own the domain you used for your G Suite Accounts.
  2. You Can Add your Users Either One at a time, or several users at a time.
  3. You need to create a migration file that contains a list of Gmail Mailbox to migrate to Office 365 account. You can use Excel to create such file very easily. You must be an administrator so that you can provide or assign Password to all mailbox items during the migration.
  4. Now you need to connect your Office 365 Account to Gmail Account. To do so, Office 365 uses a migration endpoint.
  5. You can use a migration batch to migrate groups of Gmail Mailbox to Office 365 at the same time. You need to verify a successful mailbox migration to Office 365 from Gmail/G Suite/Google Apps.
  6. Now you need to Update your DNS records to route Gmail directly to Office 365.
  7. As you have updated the MX record for your domain, it’s time to verify that all email is being route to Office 365. After the verification process finished successfully, you can delete the bath migration and stop the synchronization between Gmail and Office 365.
  8. You can also migrate Gmail Contacts and Calendars to Office 365 and Exchange Online Account.

How to Migrate Gmail / G Suite / Google Apps to Office 365?

In previous section, we discussed about how can a user migrate emails from Gmail to Office 365 Account with the help of IMAP Migration. But, as we can see the whole process is very technical in terms of its working. It took a lot of crucial time from any user’s point of view. One of the necessary condition for Gmail to Office 365 for Web Migration through IMAP is the requirement of G Suite Admin Account.

In this scenario, all this task can be easily done with the help of a third-party application. Use Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool, which enables a user direct migration of Gmail, G Suite, Google Apps Mailbox to Office 365, Outlook for Web or Exchange Online. The working of the utility is very impressive and can be easily understood through simplified steps:

G Suite / Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Guide:

  1. Download & Run Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool in your Windows
  2. Choose Gmail or G Suite option from the list of 40+ Email Source.
  3. Enter Gmail account login credentials to load Google Mailbox to office 365 migration
  4. After successful login, it will start fetching of all the Gmail Mailbox items with original folder structure.
  5. The utility will provide more than 20 Email clients and file saving formats. Choose Office 365 or from its list.
  6. Enter the resultant Office 365 Account login credentials in required labels. Users can select Advanced Settings for Selective Backup on the basis of Filters like Date Range, From, To, Subject etc.g suite to office 365 migration
  7. Click on Backup button to instantly initialize the whole migration process.
  8. Open your resultant Office 365 Account and access all the mailbox items received from Gmail Account.

Benefits of using third-party Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tools:

Using a third-party application is always a better choice rather than manual ways to solve any complex problem. It provides various advantages and benefits to the users specially in terms of speed and accuracy. Some major benefits are listed below:

  • Provides Advanced Filters option for transfer of particular data from G Suite to Office 365 Account.
  • Facility to Pause & Resume Gmail to Office 365 Migration process.
  • Smoothly Migrate all Google mailbox items to Office 365 Account.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP etc. for both 32 & 64-bit.
  • Transfer unlimited Mailbox items of any size without any limitation within few minutes.
  • Does not requires any third-party application installation to perform its working.
  • No technical knowledge is required just provide Account Login credentials to accomplish task.

The Verge: In this article we discuss about how a user can migrate Gmail mailbox items to Office 365 with IMAP Migration. Apart from it, we also try to discuss Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Guide to easily perform the whole process. The use of third-party application always proves to be very beneficial in terms of speed and accuracy with comparison of manual tricks. This article successfully helps the users to find the solutions of the following queries:

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