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Complete Steps for Gmail to Office 365 Migration

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Overview: In this article, we get to know about Gmail to Office 365 Migration step by step process. After reading the entire post any users can efficiently transfer Gmail emails to office 365 with all data attributes. So, stay with us until the end.

Gmail is a powerful web client service that provides multiple benefits including cloud storage, advanced search options, and users can easily access it from any device with internet connectivity.  Additionally, Gmail is one of the biggest platforms for free email hosting services. Still, Gmail is way behind as compare to Microsoft 365.

M365 is a business suite that offers top-notch services to over billions of its clients. The Office is a bundle of business applications that makes the workflow more effective, for example, Word, Excel, SharePoint, and so on. The O365 offers subscription based models for all-level enterprises.

User Query
Hi, I have utilized the email account given by Google Webmail for quite a while. However, presently I need to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account. For this, I have utilized multiple manual solutions, after completing the process manually the data is not shown in Office 365 emails. There were blank email messages. Would you be able to provide a complete step solution to perform Gmail to Office 365 Migration?”

How to Transfer Gmail Emails to Office 365? Let’s Check

In the previous section, we have seen that users want to know how to migrate Gmail to Microsoft 365 Accounts. But,  the manual solution to complete this process is complex and time-consuming.

However, we have an automated solution for you that allows users to made a successful switch from Gmail to Microsoft 365 account in a few moments.

Also, if you want to complete this process manually, then you need precise technical knowledge because any wrong step can delete your email data files. Thus, to avoid chances of data loss users can continue with RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Wizard. It is an expert-recommended solution that allows performing Gmail to Office 365 migration in a few mouse clicks.

Apart from that, it also allows users to migrate the data into multiple formats such as

Free Download the Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool and start the process. Get the Product on your Computer:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Quick Steps to Migrate Gmail to Office 365 

  1. Start the mentioned migration tool.
  2. Put Gmail account details in the panel.
  3. Select the required email labels or folders.
  4. Select Office 365 and put account credentials.
  5. In just few minutes, the migration process completed.

Gmail to Office 365 Migration: Step By Step Guide

1) Download & Run the automated solution in your existing system. If you want to move one and more Gmail accounts data. Then choose Batch mode.


2) Enter Gmail account login credentials to load mailbox items.


3) After successful login, it will start fetching all the mailbox items with the original folder structure. Here, choose only the required folders.


4) The utility will provide more than 20+ Email clients and file-saving formats. Choose Office 365 from its list.


5) Enter the resultant O365 Account login credentials to migrate Gmail to Office 365.


6) Users can select Advanced Settings for Selective Backup on the basis of Filters like Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc.

7) Click on the Backup button to instantly initialize the whole migration process.


6) Open your resultant Office 365 Account and access all the mailbox items received from your account.


That’s it for automated solution to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account.


Unable IMAP Access

Video Tutorial to Generate App Password:


If you have any other concern left then you can contact to live chat support. Let’s checkout some of the prime functionality offered by automated solution while switching Gmail mailbox to office 365.

Benefits of Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool:

Using a third-party application is always a better choice rather than manual ways to solve any complex problem. It provides various advantages and benefits to the users, especially in terms of speed and accuracy. Some major benefits are listed below:

  • Provides Advanced Filters option to search for a particular data.
  • Migrate Gmail emails to Office 365 without any file size limitation.
  • Does not require any third-party application installation to perform its work.
  • Transfer Gmail emails to Office 365 account items without facing any kind of issues.
  • The Automated Solution is Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating System.
  • User-Friendly Interface that can be easily operated by all the novice as well as technical users.
  • No technical knowledge is required just provide Account Login credentials to accomplish the task.
  • Selective migration of different files or folders done according to the needs and requirements of the users.

The Verge

In this article, we discuss how a user can do the Gmail to Office 365 Migration step by step to perform the entire process. A lot of other solutions are already present on the Internet but we recommend you to continue with this to speed up the migration process easier while comparing to manual tricks. You can also continue with the demo version of this software. For any kind of help, you can also connect with the technical team for good.