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How to Migrate Email from Gmail to Gmail Account?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On April 9th, 2024
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Many Gmail users want to know the process to move email from Gmail to Gmail account. Are you also one of those people who want to learn the Gmail to Gmail migration process? If yes, then your search ends here. In this write-up, you will learn the complete path to transfer emails from Gmail to Gmail account directly. So, keep reading this post to know more.

Gmail is one of the best and most versatile platforms in this modern technical era. Almost all Android and Desktop users have Gmail accounts for their personal and organizational use to receive and send emails. It is a web-based platform that’s why we can easily access our emails, notes, journals, calendars, events, contacts, documents, etc.

“Hi, In my college time, I had created a Gmail email account with a very long address. But after college, I am ashamed to put my CV with this email address. So, I created another Gmail account. But a lot of important emails were stuck in my old Gmail account. So, I am looking for solutions to move email from Gmail to Gmail account. Do you know how can I transfer data from Gmail account to a new account?”

The Gmail to Gmail migration process is not easier than the manual way. In the internet world, most articles explain how to move email from Gmail to Gmail account. But this process only moves newly received emails. Many of us want to keep both Gmail email addresses alive. Or lots of users transfer everything to the new account and forget the older one!

Well, the process is more straightforward than you think. But you need to follow the proper Gmail to Gmail migration step-by-step procedure. But before that, let’s talk about some common reasons.

Reasons to Move Email from Gmail to Gmail Account

  • Job & Organization Change: In case you decide to change your job or Organization. You may need to surrender your office Gmail account. Before that, you want to transfer emails from Gmail to Gmail accounts.
  • Lack of Feature & Service: If you are working in a professional environment, and you want a professional platform. Then lots of clients want for Gmail to Gmail migration service.
  • Lots of unwanted emails or spam: One of the reasons behind transferring emails from Gmail to Gmail is spam emails. There will be a lot of spamming in your existing Gmail address and hence you are planning to do the Gmail to Gmail data transfer process.
  • Old and Unused Email Address: As we know Gmail is a very popular email service. That’s why lots of us have two or more Gmail email addresses. But many of them we no longer use because they are old and out of date. That’s why before we lose them, transfer all data from Gmail to Gmail or old to new account.

Manual Methods for Gmail to Gmail Migration

Gmail email service allows users to connect to another Gmail account easily. But for that, you have to follow multiple steps. All steps are mentioned below one by one in detail.

Step 1: Enable POP in the Old Account

  1. Login to your old Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Gear >> See All Settings option.
  3. Hit on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab from the tab.
  4. Enable the “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded)” option.
  5. And lastly, hit on the Save Changes button.

Step 2: Move Email from Gmail to Gmail Account

  1. Login to your new Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Gear >> See All Settings option.
  3. Hit on the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  4. Click on the “Add a mail account” option.
  5. Enter the login details of the old Gmail account.
  6. Choose the “Add Account” option.
  7. Select the “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as [email protected])” option.
  8. Click on the Next button for Gmail to Gmail migration.

Now to verify the email address, click on the “Send Verification” button, and after that, a confirmation message will be sent to both Gmail accounts. And lastly, hit on the Confirm button.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • Users can only migrate emails from one to another Gmail account.
  • Highly technical knowledge about Gmail accounts is required.
  • One wrong step may lose your emails and also folder hierarchy will not be maintained.

Gmail to Gmail Migration Tool – Fastest Solution

The RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool is a trending application in the online market. It provides the best services to easily manipulate Gmail emails. You can use them to download emails in many document formats, email formats, email client formats, or transfer data from another account. It gives the freedom to choose only required email messages from the entire list of Gmail mailbox databases. The Gmail to Gmail migration tool gives advanced options to migrate emails from one Gmail account to another.

Download the Application on Your Machine:

Note: It is a paid application. So, you can use the shareware version to transfer only 25 emails from Gmail to Gmail accounts. For multiple and unlimited migrations, you need to purchase the software.

Steps to Transfer Emails from Gmail to Gmail

  • Step 1: Download the Gmail to Gmail migration tool.
  • Step 2: Put the login details of Gmail account.
  • Step 2: Check and uncheck the required data.
  • Step 3: Choose format from Select Saving Option.
  • Step 4: Apply advanced filters and browse the path.
  • Step 5: Hit the Backup icon to Gmail to Gmail migration.

Advanced Features of Gmail to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Bulk Gmail to Gmail Migration: This application was developed to solve all types of user issues related to the Gmail to Gmail Mail transfer procedure. It gives a batch mode which is used for batch Gmail account data transfer to another Gmail account at once. Just provide all source Gmail account credentials and save them into a CSV file.
  • Selected Folder Mail Transfer: After connecting with your Gmail account, the software starts analyzing your Gmail mailbox items. Here, you can choose the Gmail folder which emails you want to move into another Gmail account.
  • Several Saving Options: The software is very rare because it gives multiple saving options that are not provided by any other application. It gives document options, file format options, email client options, IMAP options, and multiple email service options. You can also use this application to transfer emails from Gmail to other email accounts.
  • Selected Emails Transfer through Filter Options: The software provides lots of filter options that are very useful for Gmail to Gmail migration selectively. You can easily use the date range filter, email address filter, subject, and many more filter options.
  • Secure User Platform: It is a completely independent application and there is no need for any connection with any third-party utilities. It provides a clean and hack-free platform where your credentials are 100% secure without any security leaks.
  • Windows & Mac Supportable: You can easily install this Gmail to Gmail Migration tool on your Windows and Mac Computers. The software supports all editions of Mac OS X and Windows computers.

How to Transfer Emails from Gmail to Gmail Account?

Note: If you are facing login authentication issues, then you need to create an App Password. For more details, you can also contact us by email or through the live chat process.

  1. Download or install this application on your computer first.

    tool to move email from Gmail to Gmail

  2. Now, you need to put in your source Gmail account credentials.

    Gmail account credentials

  3. After that, the utility shows all the email folders in the user interface panel. Here, you can select only the required email folders.

    email folders

  4. The software provided lots of Saving options. Here, you need to choose the Gmail option.

    Saving options

  5. In the next section, you need to put your destination Gmail account credentials in the user interface panel.

    Gmail account credentials

  6. You can also use the filter options by Subject, Date, To, From, etc to transfer emails from Gmail to Gmail selectively.

    filter options

  7. Lastly, press the Next button to start the Gmail to Gmail Migration process.

    Gmail to Gmail Migration


This how-to guide explained the process of Gmail to Gmail migration. If you are looking for the same, then you can use this application to transfer your read or unread Gmail emails to another Gmail account directly. A huge number of clients looking for a solution on the internet to get the solution to transfer emails from Gmail to Gmail query. Read this post completely to know the straightforward method. Thank you for reading this post.