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How to Import Gmail to Outlook.com / OWA Account?

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Overview: This article gives users a free way to import Gmail to Outlook.com account accurately. We also discuss the challenges while switching from Google Mail to Outlook live using free manual tricks. To overcome all these challenges, we also try to find out a third-party solution that provides a direct option to do so without requiring any technical knowledge. For more details, keep reading the post.

Are you frustrate with unnecessary Google targeting Ads? If that’s the case, then Outlook.com may be a better alternative for you in this scenario as by subscribing to it, you are completely away from all boring Advertisements. If you want to Keep your Gmail email address but are fond of the interface of Outlook.com to send mail from it. The requirements of users for the migration from Gmail to Outlook.com have increased in recent time.

The migration from Gmail emails to Outlook Owa gives users access to the host with useful features such as marketing mail as read with one click and setting organizational rules. You will also love the ribbon-based interactive interface of Outlook.com for Web. You can also engage more users and increase your productivity by connecting your several Social Networking accounts to your Outlook.com profile.

Why do We Need to Migrate Gmail to Outlook.com

I have set up forwarding of all emails to my Outlook.com account from Gmail for both my wife and me. Mostly it works fine.  However, we get emails to our Gmail accounts from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and they do not get forwarded. They are received OK by Gmail, but they stay in the Gmail inbox and do not turn up in Outlook.com. Outlook.com is not labeling them “spam” as the “junk” folder is empty.

They do not turn up in any Outlook folders at all. I am not using filters of any description in Gmail. If I manually forward the email from the Gmail inbox they appear in Outlook.com within a few seconds. Is there some way of logging what Gmail is doing to these emails? This has been happening consistently for a few weeks and I’ve tried everything.”

In that case, when a user decided to switch from Gmail to Office 365 Webmail service then there are two methods possible.

  1. Connect, Add or Configure your Old Gmail Account with Outlook.com: Any user is able to access your Google Mail account into Outlook.com Webmail account. A user can easily connect Gmail account with Outlook.com account without requiring Outlook App installation in your system.
  2. Import Copy of all Gmail Mailbox Data to Outlook.com Account: In this way, any user can have all emails present in one account. Choose a third-party program which provides a direct option to Export Mailbox items from Gmail.

A Simple Solution to Migrate from Gmail to Outlook.com

The above method to move Gmail emails to Outlook is quite tricky and therefore to reduce its complexity users can continue with RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Wizard. This application is completely standalone and hence does not require the installation of the Outlook App on your PC. The utility is well compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. As the working of this application is very easy to understand, and by following simplified steps users can import Gmail to Outlook.com. But first download the solution now:

Get the Application Now:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Move Gmail Emails to Outlook.com Account

  1. Launch the solution on your computer.
  2. Select the Gmail account and enter details.
  3. Choose Gmail labels from the list.
  4. Select Outlook.com and enter credentials.
  5. Start the data migration process.

How to Switch from Gmail to Outlook.com Account?

  1. Download, Install & Run Automated Toolkit & then choose & enter login credentials for Gmail account.gmail backup to outlook.com
  2. Select all the required emails from Gmail mailbox and then choose Outlook.com in Select Saving options list.select outlook.com
  3. Enter User ID & Password of resultant Outlook.com Mail account. One can also use Advanced Settings for Selective Backup of items on the basis of some filters.gmail to outlook.com migration
  4. Click on Backup button and then the application will start uploading Gmail emails to Outlook.com account.

Top Advantages of Gmail to Outlook.com Migration Tool

As you can see the procedure to migrate from Gmail to Outlook.com can be done so easily in four steps. No advanced or technical knowledge is required for the migration. The working of the application is very accurate and performs the whole migration process within a few minutes.

  • Import a copy of Gmail mailbox items to Outlook.com instantly
  • Allows to migrate emails to Outlook.com along with attachments
  • Maintains On-disk System Folder Hierarchy & Email Metadata attributes
  • Allows the users to do selective migration of mailbox items on the basis of advanced filters
  • Fully automatic process and hence does not require any manual tricks to import the mailbox items.

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How to Import Gmail to Outlook.com for Free ?

Bringing your email directly from Gmail account to Outlook.com is not an easy task. It is a very complicated process and requires very advanced technical knowledge. It can be done free of cost by following a few steps:

  1. Prepare your Gmail Account for the migration into the Microsoft Outlook.com account.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top navigation bar in Outlook.com account. Select on Options button.
  3. Follow Import Email accounts from the Managing your Account option and then select the Google option under choose from where you want to import your account.
  4. To have Outlook.com create a new top-level folder under which all messages imported from Gmail will be stored.
  5. Click on the Start button but you first need to login to your Gmail account from where you want to export messages.
  6. Open Gmail under Setup forwarding from your Gmail account and then automatically configure the Gmail account to automatically forward newly incoming emails to your Outlook.com address.

The above-discussed method enables you to import folders and messages from your Gmail account to Outlook.com. The whole process took place in the background in your custom or depending folder. But as you can see it requires a lot of effort, is time-consuming, advanced technical knowledge, and does not prove to be the preferred choice for email migration.

The Verge

In the above article, we described various reasons to import Gmail to Outlook.com account. We go through a manual free approach to import Gmail emails to Outlook.com. As the manual method is very time-consuming hence we also discussed an advanced solution by RecoveryTools which provides users a direct option to impot Gmail emails to Outlook Owa. Also, you can take the help of our technical team to understand the process better. Thank you for reading this post.