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Can I Download All my Gmail Emails? Read Post and Make It So!

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 22-06-2022 ~ Google ~ 6 Minutes Reading

In this article, we will discuss a common query i.e., can I download all my Gmail emails. It is one of the queries that are high on peak nowadays. A lot of solutions for the same have been given by multiple platforms but having multiple solutions does not mean that users will be able to solve the problem using them. Maybe those solutions do not meet the complete requirements of the users.


“Emails are playing a very crucial role in my life. I used Gmail to send/receive emails because obviously, it’s free. Another great benefit of the Google Mail service is that it provides 15 GB of free Google Drive space.

I have received some receipts & invoices in my Gmail email body. I want to save these receipts to local for reimbursement. It will really help me in sharing my emails with HR. It will be a really helpful task to keep all my Gmail emails locally for backup purposes.

Kindly suggest me a way to download all my Gmail emails. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.”

How to Download Multiple Emails from Gmail? Expert Solution

If users want an efficient solution that allows them to download all Gmail emails at once, then we are here to provide a perfect solution. We offer one of the automated solutions that allow them to download multiple or even unlimited emails at once without any failure.

By using the RecoveryTools Gmail Backup tool, a user can easily download emails with all data attributes. This mentioned utility has been properly developed by RecoveryTools Team experts after receiving multiple numbers of problems faced by the users. The tool is a customized tool that can easily solve the queries and needs of all the existing users. When the software is downloading multiple emails, that time, it also maintains the complete consistency of the data throughout the process. And, even users can also download a specific number of files or folders.

Also, there is a demo edition of the software is available that lets users access all prime functionality of the toolkit, and users can easily download 25 email messages for good in the trial edition.

Free download the software from the below button:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Simple Steps to Download All My Gmail Emails:

  • Install & run the mentioned toolkit in your existing Windows OS system. Enter the login credentials of your Gmail account there. Also, choose the needed options.

Enter Gmail Login Details

  • Choose all required Gmail files or folders from which you want to download all Gmail emails.

Select Folder to Download Gmail Emails

  • Select the saving option from the complete list of formats. You can choose to download Gmail emails in any format or can also choose a particular email platform.

Select Saving Option as Per requirement

  • Apply the filter settings to perform the selective conversion.
  • Start the process & analyze it in the application panel.

Live Process

Note: To login into software account you need to Enable IMAP and Use App Password

enable IMAP
For App Password:

Benefits to Download All Emails from Gmail Account:

  • Save for Future Use: A user can save Gmail emails to the local hard drive. Keeping Gmail emails locally will help the users for future use. In case, if your emails got deleted from the Server then these emails can help as a backup.
  • Empty Gmail Space: Gmail only provides limited storage space for saving emails. You cannot keep your emails on the server for a very long time. So, it will be a great choice to download all Gmail emails & then clean your mailbox for new emails.
    Note: Read This to Fix Gmail Storage Problem in Moments
  • Access Emails without Internet: Once you download all my Gmail emails to the local path, they can easily be accessed without Internet connectivity. You do not need an Internet connection to reach your emails. Open the Gmail emails in offline mode without any problem.
  • Access on Multiple Devices: Once you obtain the Gmail emails locally, then you can easily use those downloaded emails on mobiles & other devices. There is no need to login into your account on all these devices again & again. This is how you can download your Gmail emails on multiple devices without login into your Gmail account.
  • Download Selective Gmail Emails: A user can download only specific emails from a Gmail account with this toolkit. The software comes up with advanced filter settings to download only required emails on the basis of certain parameters like Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc.
  • Self-Sustainable Utility: This mentioned Gmail Email Download Tool is one of the highly-rated solutions that can be easily used by all the users present on the Internet. Users can easily run this tool on all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.

How to Download Multiple Emails from Gmail Manually?

The free manual method is also available for users to download a Google email account. So, follow the steps to complete the procedure to download all my Gmail emails.

  • Open your computer & log in to your Gmail account.
  • Reach to the email which you want to download.
  • Click on the More option in the message panel.
  • Now select the Download message option from the list.

Limitation: By using this method, a user will obtain an EML file. The EML files are not readable to users like PDF. You need to download all the emails one by one that will obviously result in time-consuming. The whole process will become very much tedious to the users.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Download All My Emails From Gmail at once?

Yes, just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, just run the Gmail Email Downloader Tool. 
  • Configure your Gmail account there.
  • Select the required files or folders.
  • Choose saving option from the complete list.
  • Get the resultant downloaded file.

Can I send my emails obtained from here as Attachments?

Yes, once you download the multiple emails, you can send them like an attachment file to any user.

Does this application keep my email metadata & properties preserved?

Sure, the software will maintain all the original email meta-attributes & properties.

Final Words:

Here, after reading this complete article, users will be able to solve their query – how to download all my Gmail emails? Moreover, multiple other solutions for the same query are already available on the Internet. But, according to our opinion, it is better to download multiple or even unlimited numbers of Gmail emails directly without putting much time and effort. For any kind of information, you can anytime connect with our technical experts.