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How to Migrate Gmail to Zimbra? Top 2 Secure Ways

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Published On December 26th, 2023
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Here in this article we are going to show you the best ways to migrate Gmail to Zimbra. As you know, Zimbra is getting very popular nowadays. People are constantly looking for a method for Gmail to Zimbra migration. In this guide we will explain each and every process to transfer Gmail emails to Zimbra mail with the help of top 2 methods.

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Gmail is the most famous email service, popular all over the world. It is very common for everyone to have a Gmail account. Hence users are looking to migrate Gmail to Zimbra as, Zimbra is an open-source desktop email client which is widely famous for providing email and other services for small and large sizes of businesses.

And as you know desktop email clients are popular for its security and safeguarding crucial data. Hence there are various other factors and specific needs of the organizations for Gmail to Zimbra migration. So without wasting time, let’s explore what methods can help you to easily export Gmail emails in bulk on Zimbra desktop in a hassle-free manner.

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How to Migrate Gmail to Zimbra? Best 2 Methods

Here we have explained the best 2 methods which includes Manual Methods for users who want to transfer emails from Gmail to Zimbra manually and a direct solution using Gmail to Zimbra Migration Tool. Use the method, you find suitable for you:

Method 1: Gmail to Zimbra Migration Manually

The only way to migrate Gmail to Zimbra manually is, configuring your Gmail account with your Zimbra account. So follow these steps for the same:

  • Start by downloading and installing Zimbra Desktop on your computer. Then, click “Add New Account.”
  • Choose “Gmail” as the Account Type. Enter your Gmail details and click “Validate and Save.”
  • Ensure IMAP access is enabled in Gmail settings to prevent processing issues.
  • Turn on “Less secure apps” to configure Gmail in Zimbra.
  • A window will appear for synchronizing Gmail data with Zimbra. Simply click “Launch Desktop.”
  • After syncing, easily migrate Gmail emails to Zimbra.

Note: The time it takes to synchronize depends on how much data you have for Gmail to Zimbra migration.

Manual Method Can Cause Problems:

  • Many steps are needed to migrate Gmail to Zimbra, like downloading and syncing, making it a bit confusing.
  • You have to mess with settings in Gmail and Zimbra, like enabling IMAP and less secure apps.
  • Turning on “Less secure apps” in Gmail might make your account less safe.
  • You must install Zimbra Desktop, limiting your choices which becomes tough for Gmail to Zimbra migration.
  • More steps mean more chances for errors in the process.

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Method 2: Direct Solution to Migrate Gmail Emails to Zimbra

Rather than wasting your time in using manual methods, you should take help of direct tools that can easily help you to migrate emails from Gmail to Zimbra without making an effort. The Gmail Backup Tool provided by RecoveryTools is known as the most advanced solution for this purpose. The tool has great features which can not be found in any other Gmail to Zimbra migration solution.

This is the reason experts all over the world are taking help of this tool and making their migration easy and quick. You can also take advantage of this application by downloading it on your computer. To know more about the software visit its official page or read about the features given below.

How to Migrate Gmail to Zimbra With Tool? Step-by-Step?

  1. Download the Gmail to Zimbra Migration tool to your computer. migrate gmail to zimbra
  2. Enter your Gmail details in the provided field, using an App passwordenter Gmail login details
  3. Select the specific Gmail folder you want to transfer to Zimbra. specify folders
  4. Choose Zimbra from the list of saving options. select Zimbra
  5. Hit Convert button to smoothly migrate Gmail to Zimbra.

Why Choose Gmail to Zimbra Migration Tool?

  • Export Gmail folders to Zimbra format in bulk with attachments at once, saving users’ time and effort. No need for multiple downloads.
  • The tool supports all attachments, including .ppt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, and images. Users don’t need additional apps for downloading attachments.
  • Users can preview data before you migrate Gmail to Zimbra. The tool provides a live analysis of the data uploaded to its panel.
  • The tool preserves data integrity by maintaining rich-text formatting and metadata like To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, Date, etc.
  • Ideal for corporate use, the tool facilitates batch backup processes, enabling users to easily transfer Gmail emails to Zimbra desktop for efficient data management.
  • The software offers a user-friendly interface, supporting Zimbra file saving and data transfer between Google accounts. Notable features include speed, an interactive GUI, and Windows compatibility.


Overall, we provided an in-depth guide for how to migrate Gmail to Zimbra. We are sure that once you finish reading the complete article you will be easily able to migrate emails from Gmail to Zimbra without facing any trouble. Above you can find top two methods for Gmail to Zimbra migration, manually and using the tool. As you know manual methods come with a lot of drawbacks that we also included in the article. On the other hand, if you use the advanced solution, you would not face any issues and save a lot of time without getting confused.