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Convert Gmail Emails to PDF with Attachments – Best Method

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 24-06-2021 ~ Google ~ 5 Minutes Reading


If you are searching for a solution to convert Gmail to PDF on Mac or on Windows, you will find it right here. There are many solutions available to export emails from Gmail to PDF with attachments.

But, all of them have different features. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned the best solutions to save Gmail as PDF on Mc as well as on Windows.

The solution to convert Gmail to PDF on Mac is a very simple and efficient tool. The Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac is a multi-featured software solution that is completely supported by Mac machines. It can be installed on all the different versions of Mac OS.

Similarly, Gmail Backup Tool is the best solution to export Gmail to PDF on any Windows computer. It can be installed easily on all the latest and earlier versions of Windows OS. Now, let us discuss in detail both the solutions separately.

A) How to Save Gmail as PDF on Mac?

Gmail to PDF Mac converter is the best-suited utility to convert Gmail to PDF on Mac. You can save multiple Gmail as PDF in Mac OS using this tool. Also, the utility allows us to choose from the added files and make selective migration possible.

Using this Gmail to PDF for Mac Converter to print Gmail to PDF on MacBook, any user, either technical or non-technical, can convert Gmail to PDF on Macintosh.

The original formatting of all the files is maintained during and after conversion. Also, the utility export emails from Gmail to PDF Adobe on Mac along with attachments if any.

You can download the utility from here and experience the working of Gmail to PDF converter for Mac machine. For unlimited conversion of Gmail emails to PDF documents on a Mac machine, go with the licensed version.


Steps to Convert Gmail to PDF on Mac

Follow the given steps to save Gmail to PDF in Mac.

1. Install and run the tool to export Gmail to PDF on Mac OS.

2. Enter credentials of Gmail account, to add Gmail mailboxes. Click on Login.

3. Choose folders from the Gmail data listed and click on Next.

4. Select the saving option as a PDF.

5. Setup options like Select the Destination Path, apply filters, and click on Export.

Soon, the Gmail to PDF conversion on the Mac machine will get completed. You can also choose the File Naming Option as per requirement.

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B) How to Export Gmail to PDF on Windows?

Gmail to PDF Converter for Windows is a reliable solution to convert Gmail emails to PDF. Using this solution, you can export Gmail to PDF along with all the attachments. Also, the utility can be installed by following some quick steps on any Windows-based computer. Using this software, you can convert multiple Gmail emails to PDF in a single click. Moreover, the interface of this tool is also very simple. You just need to add the files, select the saving option, destination path, and other options to save Gmail in PDF Adobe format. There is a Demo version available for this solution. It allows converting only 25 files per folder. Also, for unlimited conversion, you can take the licensed version of Gmail to PDF converter.

Steps to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF on Windows

Follow the steps given below to export emails from Gmail to PDF Adobe.

1. Firstly, install and run the Gmail to PDF Converter on any Windows OS.

2. After that, add credentials to your Gmail account.export gmail to pdf

3. Now, check the folders you want to export. Click on Next.convert gmail emails to pdf

4. Select Saving Option as a PDF file.gmail to pdf converter for mac

5. Choose the Destination Path and File Naming Option.setup gmail to pdf on windows

6. Lastly, click on the Backup button to convert Gmail to PDF format.download data

In this way, the Gmail email to PDF conversion will be completed within some time.

Features of Gmail to PDF Converter

This tool is known for having many sophisticated features, such as:

Convert Gmail emails & attachments: In addition, the program exports Gmail and all attachments in PDF format. The format of the attached files is also preserved.

Load Gmail Data Directly: Provide login credentials of Gmail account to load data of Google mail in the application.

Standalone & independent tool: No external application Gmail app required for PDF converter. Both tools are completely autonomous.

Convert unlimited emails: Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac and Windows allows you to convert different files. You can add an unlimited number of emails to Gmail and convert them with one click.

Keep original email formatting: All files retain their original format and structure during and after converting Gmail to PDF on Mac and Windows computers.

Summing Up

In the above write-up, we have suggested two separate solutions to convert Gmail to PDF on Mac as well as on Windows. Both the solutions offer a number of features that make Gmail to PDF conversion quite simple. You can try the demo versions of the utilities for a better understanding.