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How to Migrate Gmail to Exchange? Best Solutions

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Published On December 21st, 2023
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Read the step-by-step guide to migrate Gmail to Exchange with the help of a few easy techniques. In this guide we will explain each and every process of Gmail to Exchange migration in very simple words. So if you are switching from Gmail to Exchange, start reading.

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Exchange server is the mailing and collaborating product of Microsoft which is primarily helping businesses to communicate through email as well as managing contacts, calendars, tasks while providing several features. When we are a Gmail user, for several purposes we need to migrate Gmail to Exchange.

Gmail to Exchange migration helps businesses in so many ways whether it is managing emails and collaboration more efficiently or securing crucial email data. However, no matter what the reason is, our responsibility is to guide through the best ways to migrate email from Gmail to Exchange.

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How to Migrate Gmail to Exchange? 2 Best Methods

The methods we are going to explain will include manual and advanced solutions. Through which you will be able to choose which is suitable for an easy Gmail to Exchange migration:

Method 1: Migrate Gmail to Exchange Manually

Although the manual procedure to migrate email from Gmail to Exchange is lengthy, but we have divided it into three short steps:

Step1: Connect Gmail to Exchange Account

  1. First you need to configure Gmail to Exchange account.
  2. Open your Outlook, go to File and and choose Add account.
  3. Enter your Gmail email address then hit the Connect button.
  4. On the next tab, enter your Gmail login password and hit the Sign button.
  5. After a few seconds, Outlook will successfully connect Gmail to Exchange account.

Step2: Export Gmail Emails into PST File

  1. To migrate Gmail to Exchange, for the next step you need to generate a PST file for your Gmail emails.
  2. Again open your Outlook, click on File tab then Open & Export.
  3. After that choose Import/Export then hit the next button.
  4. Select Export to a file, then Outlook Data File (.pst).
  5. Browse destination path then Hit Finish to complete Gmail to Exchange migration.

Step3: Import PST File to Exchange

  1. For this process you need to use PS commands to migrate Gmail to Exchange.
  2. Simply run PowerShell and Enter the PS Command.

Manual Method Can be Frustrating:

  • There is no direct manual procedure to transfer Gmail to Exchange, hence you need to follow 3 lengthy steps.
  • For this manual process of Gmail to Exchange migration you need to have all the required applications installed in your computer.
  • In the above method first you need to connect Gmail to Exchange account, then generate a PST file, after that import them into Exchange.
  • The first 3 steps are still easy but to complete the process you need to use PS commands. This makes the manual procedure too technical and frustrating to understand for non-technicals.
  • After reading such complications, there is no doubt that the manual methods are a lot time consuming.

Note: Hence if you find the manual task to migrate email from Gmail to Exchange challenging, then we also have a direct solution for you. Checkout the next section.

Method 2: How to Migrate Gmail to Exchange Directly with Tool?

RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool is the intelligent tool that migrate email from Gmail to Exchange. Made this migration super easy for normal users, IT professionals and businesses. You can automate the whole process with this Gmail to Exchange migration tool, which saves you a lot of time and effort on moving your emails from Gmail to Exchange.

The software is easy to use, especially for non-wizards. The program has a simple interface, so it’s ideal for anyone who needs to export Gmail to Exchange with no fuss.

Steps to Migrate Gmail to Exchange with the Tool

  1. Download and Run the Gmail to Exchange Migration tool on your Windows computer. migrate Gmail to Exchange
  2. Enter your Gmail Credentials into the tool to migrate email from Gmail to Exchange. Just hit the login button after. enter Gmail login details
  3. Pick the Gmail folders you want to transfer to your Corporate Exchange Server (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.). select Gmail folders
  4. From the list of options, select MS Exchange Server as the destination to move your Gmail data. Select Exchange server
  5. Type in your Exchange Server credentials to start the data migration process. enter Exchange server login details
  6. Click the Backup button to transfer Gmail to Exchange. migrate Gmail to Exchange
  7. Once it’s all done, you’ll see a message on the screen telling you that the procedure is complete.

Why Choose Gmail to Exchange Migration Tool?

  • Easily export Gmail to PST, PDF, EML and 15 more file types with just one software.
  • No limitations migrate Gmail to Exchange from multiple accounts.
  • Let your emails move from one account to another, whether you want to migrate Gmail to ProtonMail, Outlook, Office 365, Rediff Mail, etc.
  • Filter by cc, date, time and subject name to only move the emails you want.
  • Choose your favorite mailbox folder, so that you can export Gmail to Exchange as per your need.
  • Migrate emails from multiple accounts in a single step, without having to execute a separate migration process for each account.


Do you find it tough to migrate Gmail to Exchange? Our guide simplifies the process with step-by-step instructions. Exchange, Microsoft’s communication tool, aids businesses in efficient email management. We outline two methods: a manual approach and an easy tool-based solution, the Gmail to Exchange migration Tool, offering automated, direct and user-friendly migration for everyone.

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