RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Wizard

#1 IMAP Mail Backup Tool to Download Local & Online IMAP Server Emails, Mailboxes, Attachments

  • Backup Single as well as Multiple IMAP Server Mailboxes at Single Process.
  • Save IMAP Emails in 25+ Common Formats i.e. PDF, PST, MBOX, DOC, EML, EMLX, etc.
  • Access IMAP Emails to Multiple Webmail, Email Clients, & Support IMAP to IMAP Migration.
  • Advance Filter Available to Download Selective Items from IMAP Server Mailboxes.
  • Maintain Internal Structure, Integrity, & Email Formatting of IMAP Server Mailboxes.
  • Option to Connect Your IMAP Server from Anywhere with Proxy Server Support.
  • Supports Local IMAP Server, Groupwise, Exchange and Online IMAP Servers Easily.
  • Option to Download Mailboxes from Multiple Different IMAP Server Accounts at Once.
  • To Download POP3 Emails, Messages, Mailboxes, Please Use POP3 Backup Tool.
  • IMAP Backup Tool Provides 100% Secure and Easy to Use Graphical User Interface.
  • Support All Microsoft Windows & Windows Server Operating System with x64 Bits Editions.
  • Extract IMAP Mailboxes Email Addresses & Email Attachments with Email Backup Wizard.

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RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Tool is the best application for downloading email from your local and online IMAP servers to multiple email file types, webmail and online email services, email clients, and mail servers. The software provides several benefits to download or migrate emails from IMAP Server to Another Server.

Backup Mailboxes Data from IMAP Server

If you are using an email service, it is not necessary that you have an option to save the email from your email server to the local computer. But I am sure an IMAP or POP3 server address will be available to access your email database. However, the IMAP Backup Tool provides options to download all emails from IMAP Server to Local Computer. One can only provide the IMAP Server Address and User Name and Password to connect your email account.

Migrate IMAP Emails to New Mail Server

There are many situations when a user needs to migrate email from IMAP server to another server such as a secure interface, virus attack, hacking mailbox data, upload a copy of the user mailbox to another server, etc. However, RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Wizard proves to be a better utility for the users who want to transfer IMAP emails to new server. This IMAP Backup tool provides a large number of saving options to migrate IMAP Server to multiple platforms.

Download IMAP Server Mailbox Emails Locally

The IMAP Backup utility offers to backup IMAP email locally in multiple file types and email formats such as download IMAP emails to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV, Zip. Also, the user can either choose the email client options to download IMAP emails directly into desktop-based email clients without configuration. The IMAP Backup tool provides multiple document formats to print IMAP mailbox emails at once click.

Export All Items from IMAP Server Mailboxes

RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Wizard is uniquely designed to backup complete IMAP Server data inclusive of all email components such as email address (To, Cc, Bcc, from), Attachments, Subjects, Signature, Text formatting, Inline Images, Internet Header, Hyperlinks, Graphics, Date, Time, Emoji and all. The software also provides the option to backup complete IMAP Mailboxes folders including inbox, outbox, sent, draft, spam, and local or user personal labels and folders.


IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, which allows you to access emails from a webmail server to a local machine client such as computer, laptop, mobile, etc. In computing, IMAP is a standard protocol used by several computer email clients to retrieve email database from email server over internet protocol connection. Mail Server or Email Server is a computer that allows you to send and receive email. In this world, there are lots of email server available such as: -

The public mail server is available online for use by anyone in the world. Private mail servers have been specifically developed by businesses and organizations to use their internal communications. Mail servers send and receive emails using standard email protocols.

At the software laboratory of RecoveryTools, it always offers simple and easy to use solution so that every user even non-technical can understand the process without any issues. One such solution is the IMAP Backup Tool to download emails from multiple IMAP Servers to several platforms. The utility also allows you to export emails of IMAP accounts to multiple email file types (PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV, Zip), Email Services (Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail), Email Client (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird, Apple Mail), Mail Servers (Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, G Suite, IBM Verse, Amazon WorkMail, IceWarp), and IMAP to IMAP Migration facilities.


Option to Backup Selective IMAP Mailbox Emails

RecoveryTools IMAP Backup tool provides multiple options to save IMAP mailbox emails, messages, attachments to the local format. One can easily download the selective emails from IMAP Server mailboxes with advanced setting options. These filters are used to backup IMAP emails by date, by time, by email address, and exclude email folder. All filters can be used for selective backup of IMAP mailbox data to the desired saving option.

Backup Multiple IMAP Server Mailboxes

IMAP Backup software provides an advanced option to download multiple IMAP mailboxes from the same and different servers. One can easily download all items from IMAP Server mailboxes via a CSV file. The user simply needs to add the IMAP account details along with the email address, password, server address, and port number to the CSV file. The software automatically detects all your IMAP mailboxes in the interface for the batch IMAP mailbox backup process.

Preserves All Email Metadata and Integrity

RecoveryTools IMAP Archive Tool gives the facility to maintain the email properties during the backup process. The software retains the original email metadata properties after complete the backup process. While downloading IMAP mailboxes, the software keeps email with attachments, email addresses (To, Cc, Bcc, from), subjects, signature, text formatting, inline images, hyperlinks, graphics, date, time, emoji, and all metadata including internet header properties.

Maintains Original Folder Hierarchy Structure

Another impressive feature of the RecoveryTools IMAP Backup software is that after complete the process the software will maintain the email folder hierarchy structure. Because the software is developed with the advanced technology that provides options to backup IMAP emails with maintaining the email folder hierarchy structure after complete the IMAP Mailbox backup process. So, after completing this process, you will get the same folder structure as the IMAP mailbox.

Manage IMAP Emails with File Naming Options

RecoveryTools IMAP Backup migrator is one such best application that enables its users to export emails from IMAP server along with all email attachments. The software also provides multiple file naming options to manage your resultant data according to user requirements. The utility provides different file naming options like the subject, subject + date, etc. These file naming convention options are used with single file saving options only.

Backup IMAP Emails to Several Email File Types

The RecoveryTools IMAP backup tool is designed with all the options a user needs to download emails from IMAP server to local machine. The software providers multiple file saving options such as Backup IMAP emails to PST, IMAP emails to MSG, IMAP emails to EML, IMAP emails to EMLX, IMAP emails to MBOX, IMAP emails to PDF, IMAP emails to HTML, IMAP emails to MHT, IMAP emails to XPS, IMAP emails to RTF, IMAP emails to DOC, IMAP emails to CSV, IMAP emails to Zip.

Backup IMAP Emails to Webmail Client & Server

RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Tool provides several options to migrate IMAP email to Webmail services such as Backup IMAP mailbox to Outlook, IMAP emails to Windows Live Mail, IMAP emails to Lotus Notes, IMAP emails to Zimbra, IMAP emails to Thunderbird, IMAP emails to Apple Mail, IMAP emails to Gmail, IMAP emails to, IMAP emails to Yahoo Mail, IMAP emails to Rediffmail, etc.

Transfer IMAP Mailboxes to Another Mail Server

IMAP Backup software supports to download emails from all popular email server through IMAP settings. The software allows you to backup IMAP emails to Office 365, IMAP emails to Exchange Server, IMAP emails to Hosted Exchange Server, IMAP emails to G Suite, IMAP emails to IBM Verse, IMAP emails to Amazon WorkMail, IMAP emails to IceWarp, IMAP to IMAP migration.

100% Secure and Cache Free Software Interface

IMAP Backup Wizard provides a simple and consistent interface platform for backup IMAP Mailbox to computer file types, webmail services, email clients, and IMAP Server. The software provides a cache-free environment that never stores user credentials in the software interface and database. It provides a completely secure interface for all types of users.

Support All Microsoft Windows and Server Editions

The software supports all versions of Microsoft Windows editions such as Windows 10 (x86, x64), Windows 8.1 (x86, x64), Windows 8 (x86, x64), Windows 7 (x86, x64), as well as Windows Server 2019 (x86, x64), Windows Server 2016 (x86, x64), Windows Server 2012 (x86, x64), Windows Server 2008 (x86, x64), etc. The software works with all editions of the Microsoft Operating system without any issues.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Software.

IMAP Backup Wizard Video Tutorial to Know How to Download IMAP Server Emails
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the below steps to download IMAP Email locally: -

  • Run RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Tool on Windows.
  • Enter details of IMAP Account in the user interface.
  • Select the required email folder & Email saving option.
  • Choose destination location and advance filter options.
  • Click on the migrate button to backup IMAP Email Locally.

Yes, the software offers an IMAP option in the saving list to migrate IMAP to IMAP emails. So, you can backup email between cloud to cloud accounts without any issues.

Yes, the software supports all Microsoft Windows editions including Windows Server editions.

Yes, you can download multiple IMAP mailboxes at once through CSV option. You can add multiple IMAP server account details in a CSV file including email id, password, server address, port no. and upload it on the software interface to connect multiple IMAP mailboxes at the same time.

Yes, the software provides another advance option to connect your IMAP Server with proxy server.

RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Software also provides multiple document saving options. So, you can share your IMAP emails with my legal advisor as PDF, DOC, RTF, etc. formats.

Yes, you need to download the Mac version with the above download for Mac button.

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