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How to Migrate Emails from IMAP to IMAP Instantly ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 23-05-2022 ~ How To ~ 6 Minutes Reading


Can’t move emails from IMAP server to another email account ? Looking for a solution to migrate emails between two IMAP accounts ? Does any IMAP to IMAP Migration tool available to transfer emails form one account to another ? Yes, read this article to know the complete method.

Just now one of our clients contacted us to resolve a hopeless situation. For the past month, he has been looking for a solution that moves emails between IMAP to IMAP accounts. In fact, he was using an email service that provided only IMAP settings to access his mailbox.

Now, they want to migrate emails from IMAP to another IMAP account. The situation becomes much worse because he has lots of important emails inside the IMAP account.

To overcome this problem, we decided to write an article to explain the complete process of IMAP to IMAP migration. But before we explain the solution, let’s read some scenarios.

Some scenarios are mentioned below:

Scenario 1:

Hi, I want to migrate some selected emails from my Inbox folder to my personal account. In these emails, I have lots of important attachment data like pictures, documents, videos, and more. My current account is full, the company provides me IMAP details. So, is there any solution available that allows me to migrate IMAP account to IMAP server ? – Liam

Scenario 2:

I want to transfer all large-sized emails and attachments to my Yahoo Mail account. Because Yahoo gives me 1 terabyte of storage space for free. But I can only access one of my email account through IMAP details. I know that Yahoo also supported IMAP settings which I configured in my Thunderbird email client. So, does any IMAP to IMAP migration tool available ? Please tell me!!! – James

Quick Solution: IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool

To successfully migrate emails between IMAP to IMAP accounts, you need to first download the RecoveryTools IMAP Backup Tool. The software is available for Windows and Mac computers. You can use this utility to migrate multiple IMAP accounts at once.

Download from Here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

The time period of extraction depends entirely on the number of emails and your Internet Speed.

Note: – The free trial of this utility will enable users to export only the first 25 emails from each folder of IMAP to IMAP account. You need to activate the software to migrate unlimited IMAP emails. Just complete the purchase process get the license key. Once you get the license key, you can enjoy the software for lifetime use.

Steps to Copy IMAP Emails to IMAP Account

  1. Launch IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool.
  2. Enter source IMAP account credentials.
  3. Choose the email folders for migration.
  4. Enter destination IMAP account credentials.
  5. Click on the next button to Migrate IMAP to IMAP account.

How to Migrate Emails from IMAP to IMAP Server ?

  • Download and install this application on your computer.

  • Choose the batch option if you want to migrate multiple IMAP accounts.

  • Otherwise, enter your IMAP account Credentials with all the IMAP details – IMAP Server and Port No.

  • Here, the window where you can select the IMAP folders for the IMAP Folder Migration process.

  • After that, choose the IMAP option in the list of file-saving options.

  • In the next window, you can choose the filter options for the selective email migration process.

  • Here, enter the details of the destination IMAP account.

  • After all the steps, click on the backup button to migrate IMAP to IMAP account.

  • When the process is completed, click on the next button to export IMAP emails to IMAP account.

IMAP to IMAP Migration – Features & Benefits

  • Filter Option for Selective Migration:

This application comes with multiple filter options for selective IMAP Mailbox migration. You can use this application for migrating emails from IMAP server by date, by subject, from email addresses (from, to, cc, bcc, exclude folders, and many more.

  • Selective IMAP Folder Migration:

After login with your IMAP credentials, the software will load the complete folder tree structure. Here, you can easily choose the required folders and sub-folders in the list. Only these folders will be migrated to the other IMAP account.

  • Maintain Original Folder Structure:

RecoveryTools IMAP to IMAP Migration solution preserves the source folder structure intact with the destination location or destination IMAP account. All the folders are migrated to the same destination folders without any changes.

  • Keep Original Message Metadata:

Every email has unique metadata which all the details of the traveling email attached. During the migration process, the software keeps all the email properties. You will get all the original message headers with attachments, addresses, date & time, etc. in the original source.

  • No Email Application Dependency:

It is a completely independent solution that only required internet connectivity during the IMAP to IMAP Migration process. The software works without any email application support.

  • Migrate Huge Number of IMAP Accounts:

Another advanced option available for this application is batch migration. This option allows you to migrate multiple IMAP accounts at once. User need to provides all IMAP account details in a CSV file.

  • Support All Popular IMAP Servers:

The software supports all the IMAP Servers in the world such as Gmail, Office 365.com, Yahoo Mail, AOL.com, Outlook.com, AT&T.com, BT Mail, T-Online, Mail.com, Zoho Mail, Verizon Mail, 1&1 Mail, etc.

General Asked Queries

I have many important documents in my company email account that I access only by IMAP settings. So, I want to migrate all IMAP emails to my Google account. Is the software safe to use ?

Yes, RecoveryTools IMAP to IMAP Migration toolkit is 100% secure and reliable solution. It was tested by many professional users and organizations. So, it is a completely secure user interface panel that never stores your personal information inside the interface and database.

My IMAP inbox has many important attachment files including some important documents. During the IMAP to IMAP Migration process, does the software keep it safe ?

Yes, our solution developed with all the latest programming algorithms which keep saving your all data including attachments during the migration process.

Does the software work on my latest Windows Server 2019 machine ?

Yes, the software supports all the latest operating systems including Windows Server 2019 edition.

Does the software migrate AOL.com emails to Outlook.com account ?

Yes, you can use it for AOL.com to Outlook.com migration process.

Can I Install this Application on my Mac Computer ?

One can easily install this application on Mac and Windows computers. The software supports all Windows & Server machines such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, etc. As well as all Mac OS X editions of operating systems.


Here, in this article, we explained the complete procedure of how to migrate emails from IMAP to IMAP account. This process is applicable for all users who want to transfer their emails between two online accounts which support IMAP settings. RecoveryTools IMAP to IMAP migration gives many facilities including a selective migration process. You can also try the demo edition of this application before investing money. For more information, you can also contact us via chat or email process.