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RecoveryTools team better understands the need of Industry users. We are regularly providing state-of-the-art solutions to the non-technical users. Out of them, here is one such solution i.e., RecoveryTools ProtonMail Backup software. This toolkit is designed with advanced algorithms to export ProtonMail emails, messages, folders, attachments, etc.

It is a perfect toolkit that allows the users to backup ProtonMail emails to Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail,, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, G Suite, IBM Verse, Amazon WorkMail email services directly. One can also save ProtonMail emails to PST, EML, MBOX, EMLX, MSG, DOC, RTF, HTML, MHT, XPS, PDF, etc. file formats. The ProtonMail Backup Wizard is a completely standalone application to migrate ProtonMail emails & contacts with all details.

Backup Selective ProtonMail User Folders

There are many users who wants to backup specific ProtonMail user mailbox folders. Fortunately, this utility will provide users option to backup emails from any specific ProtonMail folders. To do so, RecoveryTools ProtonMail Backup tool will list all the mailbox folders in its panel. Users can choose only the required mailbox folders from here from which they want to download ProtonMail emails. The utility will automatically do it for the users directly without any worry of data loss.

Apply Advanced Filters Settings for Backup

A user can apply multiple advanced filters settings during the backup process directly from the utility panel. It is the best way possible available at present time to save only specific ProtonMail emails. The ProtonMail Backup software is designed for quick & selective backup of emails. There are many advanced filters settings provided in this software. You can apply these settings on the basis of following parameters:

  • Date Range Filter : It will be used to Backup ProtonMail Emails within Specific Date Range
  • From Filter : Backup ProtonMail Emails Received from any Specific Email Address
  • To Filter : This option will backup emails sent to specific email address
  • Subject Filter : Backup Emails Only with Certain Words in Subject field
  • Only Export Sent Folder: Download ProtonMail Emails only from Sent Folder
  • Exclude Exporting Email Body Content & Attachments: Select this option to skip email body content & its attachment

Save ProtonMail Emails with Naming Conventions

RecoveryTools ProtonMail Backup Wizard will provide users different Naming Convention Settings. These settings are available only when a user decided to backup ProtonMail emails to PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, RTF, DOC, XPS, MHT, etc. This option is used to rename output files accordingly with multiple file naming conventions like listed below:

  • Subject + Date (dd-mm-yy)
  • From + Subject + Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Date (dd-mm-yyyy) + From + Subject
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) + From + Subject
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm)
  • From + Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm)
  • Auto Increment

What Data Does ProtonMail Backup Tool Downloads


Email Messages

Take complete backup of ProtonMail emails with all details & original content. It will download ProtonMail emails with all components of the email along with email headers, formatting, message content, signature, hyperlinks, attachments, inline objects etc.


The utility accurately save & download ProtonMail emails with all inserted attachment to local storage. It supports attachment files of all types including

  • Files - DOC, CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS, PPT etc.
  • Pictures - JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, GIF, etc.
  • Business cards - vCard/VCF
  • Calendars - ICS
Email Message Headers

ProtonMail backup tool supports to download email messages with accurate email headers including -

  • Email Addresses of Sender's/Receiver's including Cc, Bcc fields.
  • Email Subject
  • Email Sending/Receiving Time & Date.
Email Folders

RecoveryTools ProtonMail Backup Tool can successfully download & save ProtonMail emails & mailbox folders to various file formats & cloud applications. It will retain the original on-disk System Folder Hierarchy of ProtonMail mailbox folders with subfolders.



The ProtonMail email backup tool will help the users in exporting ProtonMail contacts & Address Book details to various Cloud-based, Web-based or Desktop-based email client applications & services.

It supports to export ProtonMail contacts & address book with complete details like -

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Business Number
  • Title
  • Home Address
  • Home Number
  • Job Description
  • Business Address
  • Email address

What Things You Can Back up from ProtonMail Cloud?

Accomplish Cloud to Desktop or Cloud to Cloud Migration at 40* GB per hour

  •  Emails (Message/ Folders)
  •  Contacts (Address Book)
  •  Events
  •  Documents
  •   Attachments
  •  Appointments
  •   Archive Mailbox
  •  Shared Mailbox

Unique Features of ProtonMail Backup Software

Accomplish Backup of Free, Plus, Visionary, or Professional ProtonMail Account

Single User Backup

A user can successfully take backup of a single ProtonMail user account directly with this toolkit. You only need to enter the login credentials in the provided section. It will ask the users to enter username/email address, Password (app-password), Server Path, & Port Number. Once entered all the accurate details, click on the Login button to fetch mailbox items.

Multi-user Backup

ProtonMail Backup toolkit also have Batch Mode option in its welcome screen. This will help users in backup of multiple ProtonMail email accounts in one go. When you enable the Batch Mode option, it will ask the users to browse for a CSV file. Create the CSV file & list all users login credentials there & then choose this CSV file to load data.

Connect with Proxy Server

This utility also has an advanced option to connect with Proxy Server. The proxy server helps the users to connect with a virtual server located in front of an actual server. This option help users in managing the ProtonMail email accounts in a completely safe & secure manner. User can also perform integrated ProtonMail domain backup using this toolkit.

Backup ProtonMail Emails with Attachments

The tool allows you to download emails from ProtonMail to desktop. Provides a direct option to save ProtonMail emails with all attachments. In all emails, the original metadata along with all other properties like attachments, hyperlinks, objects, tables, etc. They remain completely original throughout the backup process.

Maintain On-disk System Folder Hierarchy

The tool securely retains the entire file hierarchy from the original internal system. The reason is much simpler. It is easier for the user to access and manage ProtonMail emails with the correct folder hierarchy. All emails from the ProtonMail inbox are moved to the Inbox folder, which improves the performance of the software.

Selective Backup with Filter Settings

The ProtonMail backup utility will be expanded to provide advanced filtering options for backing up selected items. You can easily filter or sort emails by date range, to, from or by subject. First, enable the advanced settings of the selective backup option, then select the checkboxes and enter the values in the labels to restore the data based on these entries.

Complete Backup ProtonMail to Local

It has proven to be the best tool for archiving and saving ProtonMail mailbox items to local backups. This app allows regular computer users to download ProtonMail emails and contacts in other popular email and file formats. The tool is ideal for non-technical users due to its simple workflow for archiving ProtonMail emails to disk.


ProtonMail Backup Tool is regarded as one of the best toolkits available at present time to backup ProtonMail emails in a quick & simplified manner.

It is a comprehensive toolkit with many advanced & robust features including Proxy Server or batch migration of multiple ProtonMail accounts simultaneously. The ProtonMail email backup software is a completely standalone program that performs its working without requiring Desktop-based ProtonMail Bridge.

This utility helps the users in taking backup of unlimited data from ProtonMail server. A user only needs to choose the data for the backup process & the toolkit will do it automatically within few seconds.


Preserve Data Fidelity

This toolkit has USP in providing the accurate results to the users. During the backup process, it completely secures the data fidelity process. The email headers, attachments, email body content, formatting, signature & other mail components are kept preserved while using this toolkit.

Error-free Migration

It will not make any changes to the original data. No other application is available at present time to provide results to such degree of accuracy. User will obtain 100% accurate results to local storage. These resultant files are legally supported with all standards including SEC, FBI, KPMG, NASD, etc.

Efficient Tool with Automatic Workflow

The toolkit will handle all the complex configuration settings automatically to its level. A user only needs to choose the ProtonMail mailbox folders for the conversion & rest of the task will be handled by the utility itself. The tool automatically detects recommended settings according to output file format.

Enhanced Reporting with Log File

The utility will generate a SavingLog report file, that helps the end-user to understand the backup process. It will create log file in a user-readable format. The Log file includes all the important information regarding ProtonMail backup process like source folder, item count, status etc.

No Server Downtime

A user can concurrently use ProtonMail email account & access their mailboxes during the backup process. There is no server downtime while using this toolkit. Our developers used such a mechanism to completely cut the influence on end-users to do seamless migration.

Use App-Password

A user does not need to enter their actual ProtonMail password. We respect every user’s privacy & hence we did not store any information of user in our database. You can enter the App password instead of actual password to load data in application panel.

Advanced Filters Settings

A user can apply multiple filter settings to successfully perform backup of selective ProtonMail mailbox items. These filters settings can be applied on the basis of various parameters like Date, To, From, Subject, Export from Sent Folder or Exclude Email Body & Attachments etc.

International Standard Support

We believe in providing maximum results in minimum efforts for the users. So, we designed very easy to use & simple applications. However, if you still face any problem during the backup process, you can connect with our team of technical experts which is available 24*7*365.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of ProtonMail Backup Application.

Watch How to Backup ProtonMail Emails - Video Tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions

Just follow these simple steps to learn complete ProtonMail email backup process.:

  • Step 1: Install & Run ProtonMail Backup Software.
  • Step 2: Enter Credentials of ProtonMail Email Account.
  • Step 3: Choose All Required Mailbox Folders for Backup.
  • Step 4: Select Saving format from list of 30+ options.
  • Step 5: Apply Filters & Complete Setup Process.
  • Step 6: Click on Backup button to Start the Process.

Yes, you can easily take backup of ProtonMail emails of any amount from the server to local using our software.

Yes, you can easily take backup of all the emails stored in the Sent folder of ProtonMail account to desktop without any issue using our software.

You need ProtonMail Bridge to know your App password & enable IMAP settings. Once you complete all these settings & know your device app password, you no longer need this application.

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