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  • Effectively Convert EMLX Files with All Metadata Properties Preserved
  • Selective Conversion of EMLX to EML Directly from Application Panel
  • Dual Ways to Load EMLX Files i.e. Select Files or Select Folders option
  • Convert EMLX Files to EML with Inline Attachments & Normal Attachments
  • Use Naming Conventions Options: Combination of Subject, Form, Date
  • Preserve Original HTML Formatting & Other Components During Conversion
  • Save Resultant Files at Desired Location or Create a New Folder Directly
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows OS, Windows Server & Mac OS Devices
  • Free Live Demo - EMLX Migration Tool Fully Secured Download Version
  • Safe & Secure Virus Total Safety Score: 100%


A large number of users are looking for the most suitable tool to export EMLX emails to other file formats so that they can use it on other platforms as well. The RecoveryTools brand therefore evaluates itself as EMLX Migrator Tool, which allows you to manage and modify EMLX files at the user's discretion without losing data integrity.

This application provides users a direct option to convert EMLX files to PDF, export EMLX to PST, convert EMLX to MBOX, etc. Users can also successfully migrate Apple Mail to Lotus Notes, migrate Apple Mail to Zimbra, convert Apple Mail contacts to CSV, convert Apple Mail to HTML file, import Apple Mail to Office 365, etc.

A large number of users are looking for the most suitable tool to export EMLX emails to other file formats so that they can use it on other platforms as well. The RecoveryTools brand therefore evaluates itself as EMLX Migrator Tool, which allows you to manage and modify EMLX files at the user's discretion without losing data integrity.

Exporting EMLX Emails Without Dependencies

The EMLX File Converter Tool is a standalone program that works with it. There are no third party plugins or apps, and a support tool is required to install the system. If you change EMLX information in another account, this application allows you to transfer / merge two or more EMLX profiles in one account. The EMLX Converter Wizard limits the file size without using an algorithm and converts EMLX emails in batch.

Separate Export of Apple Mail Contacts

Users can easily export Apple Mail contacts and address books to CSV and vCard file formats. You can transfer Apple Mail contacts easily with this EMLX conversion tool. This cuts down on time and file size due to this migration. It fully supports all meta-functions and internal formatting of Apple Mail Contacts.

Download Apple Mail Calendars

Apple Mail Calendar Converter has a separate option for transferring Apple Mail calendars. In today's environment where events and memories are an important part of doing business. You can transfer events and calendars easily with this Apple Mail Calendar Converter software. Easily convert Apple Mail calendars to ICS or iCalendar format.

Convert EMLX Folders With all Details

EMLX File Converter is capable to migrate Apple Mail Folders & other items without any problem. All the Apple Mail folders including Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Journals, Tasks, Notes, etc. It will keep the on-disk System Folder Hierarchy of EMLX Folders during the Apple Mail Migration.


At RecoveryTools Every day, we provide intelligent and authoritative email migration solutions. We do this through clearly programmed and simplified language and a well-informed support system, governed by a policy of accuracy and independent bodies. Let's go through the basic needs of the users and in simple steps we learn how to solve the whole problem. In its speed and accuracy, the resulting EMLX files prove to be the best software.

The EMLX Migrator is one such result of our 4 Months of deep research which allows a user to convert EMLX files to 15+ file formats and email clients including MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, Lotus Notes, & Zimbra, Windows Live Mail, Maildir, Thunderbird, MyOffice Mail, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, IBM Verse, Amazon WorkMail, or IMAP.

Amazing Aspects of EMLX Converter Software:


Convert EMLX Files to Multiple Formats

All-in-one EML Converter is the most convenient and perfect tool to convert EMLX files to various file formats. Easy to use single panel tool for direct transfer of .emlx files to over 20+ email clients. The tool's interface is very attractive and allows users to convert EMLX files to Word, HTML, PDF, DOC, XPS and RTF files, etc.

Convert EMLX Emails Along with Attachments

One of the most common reasons a user chooses this EMLX file conversion tool is that it allows you to move emails in multiple formats along with attachments. When the user decides to convert EMLX to EML, PDF, HTML, MHT, etc., all embedded attachment files are converted by email. While the attachments are extracted to a separate folder when the user chooses to convert the EMLX files.

Rename EMLX files using Naming Conventions

EMLX Migrator offers users the ability to save files in a custom naming format. This feature is very useful for those users who want to manage their email files in the required settings. EMLX File Converter provides various file naming conventions, which are usually also a combination of subject, date, file name from or original, in addition to the auto increment format.

Export EMLX File to vCard in CSV

With this EMLX converter, users can convert EMLX files to vCard file format. vCard contacts files (VCF files) allow users to easily export contacts and details to various email clients and devices, such as phones, Android, Outlook, Office 365, Windows Live Mail, etc. You can also convert an EMLX file to CSV format to open them. easily into Excel spreadsheets or Google spreadsheets easily.

Convert EMLX Files to ICS or iCalendar

This tool allowed users to convert EMLX to iCalendar file format. ICS files are supported in all email clients and in various applications that support email formats. ICS is a standard calendar format and these users can easily export EMLX files like ICS to Outlook, import EMLX like ICS to Gmail, convert EMLX like ICS to Office 365, etc. Use this tool to convert EMLX files to ICS file format. The advantage is to check and control the operation of the tool by the user, if all the EMLX files are converted.

Maintains on-disk System Folder Hierarchy

The EMLX File Converter utility worked very well in many ways. The software ensures the integrity of EMLX email metadata properties such as To, From, CC, BCC, sending and receiving data, etc. EMLX Converter also helps users to maintain a hierarchy of internal system folders on the disk. After the migration is complete, all email messages corresponding to a specific folder are located in exactly the same folder in the resulting email client.

Selective Conversion of EMLX Files Instantly

How to selectively convert EMLX files? The answer to this most popular question can be solved by this EMLX file converter. All EMLX files stored in the folder are directly converted to various file formats at the same time. The most important thing about this software is that after converting the file, EMLX will ask the user to save the files in the same source location.

EMLX Converter for Mac and Windows

EMLX file converter can easily run on all Microsoft Windows and Mac devices. It supports all versions and editions of Microsoft Windows, including Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. For 32-bit and 64-bit operating system editions. Furthermore, users can run this toolkit on Mac compatible devices as well, like the latest Mac 10 OS X.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of EMLX Migration Tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It turns out to be the perfect software to rename EMLX files. It also offers users the ability to rename EMLX files with more than 10+ file naming formats.

  • Step 1: Install the EMLX Converter Tool, then load the *.emlx files.
  • Step 2: Select the desired EMLX files you want to export.
  • Step 3: Select the EMLX format from the list of file saving options.
  • Step 4: Select an option from the list of file naming formats. It allows the user to rename EMLX files in a standard format using a combination of subject, date or message for easy access or management.
  • Step 5: Click the Convert button to analyze the EMLX file conversion process in real time.

After a successful conversion, the Toolbox opens the destination. Here you can access the resulting or renamed EMLX files.

No, the software certainly has no inevitable limitations. However, to increase the conversion speed with precision, Outlook mode is provided to convert EMLX files to Outlook PST format using this advanced tool. Another disadvantage is that the tool doesn't allow you to convert a single file, you have to choose the complete folder including EMLX files instead. However, if you want to convert a single EMLX file or selective files, put them in a separate folder and the EMLX Conversion Tool easily migrates entire mailbox items.

  • EML: - Files without X at the end of the name are called email files. This file can usually be used with Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird or the popular email client. All email information with attachments, text format, etc. they can be saved in this file format. in a single file format.
  • EMLX: Files are used with Apple Mail or Mac Mail, sometimes called Apple Mail email format. Apple Mail and Mac Mail create this file format in Mac OS to store information about one email. It is plain text or plain text format that allows you to save a single message with attached files in a single file.

Note: - The main difference is that EML files are used with many popular email client applications around the world, and EMLX files are only used with Apple Mail on Mac OS.

No, this EMLX file converter application is completely self-contained without requiring any application.

There is a simple solution because you have summarized that the .emlx files are for Apple Mail, but only by renaming the EMLX files using the 10+ naming convention. But if you have a large number of EMLX files and want to open them in Windows, this procedure seems tedious and tired. In this case, you need to use RecoveryTools EMLX Converter.

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