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Solution – How to Export Thunderbird Local Folders to Outlook?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 04-07-2022 ~ How To ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you looking for a solution to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook and its Outlook versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003? If your answer is YES! Then read this post to know how to do so without any hassle. In this write-up, we have explained the most proficient technique to export multiple number of files directly to Outlook versions. So, stay with us.

Thunderbird is an open-source and free-to-use email client available cross-platform i.e. Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac, etc. It can be said to be the lifeline for a large number of small organizations and individual users to fully manage their client and employee mailbox data. without any cost.

Like Thunderbird, Outlook is one of the most widely used email client applications in the world. It is recommended for large organizations because of its connectivity with Exchange Server. Outlook allows users to work offline when the connection to the server is disconnected and sync all changes when they resume later.

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User Queries

Query 1: After moving to another job, it was very difficult for me to continue working with the Thunderbird email client application. But I have lots of important work inside the Thunderbird. Recently I got a new subscription to Outlook 2019 client. That’s why I’m in urgent need to export Thunderbird files to Outlook 2019. Does anyone know how to do it? I will appreciate your time.

Query 2: Hi, I was using the Thunderbird email client application for the last 2 years. Now, I have lots of important emails inside the Thunderbird local folders. I want to move all my email databases to my New Outlook 2016 email client application. Does anyone know how to export emails from Thunderbird to Outlook? Please Help Me!!!!

To solve all these types of queries, we have two methods here. Using them any user can export data to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003. Whether it’s local folders or Thunderbird profiles, as long as it resides, all the mailbox folders can be exported into the Microsoft Outlook email client. Let us start with the expert-recommended solution first.

Instant Solution to Export Emails From Thunderbird to Outlook

One such advanced utility is RecoveryTools Thunderbird Converter. The software allows users to export emails, address books, calendars, and other mailbox data items directly to MS Outlook. Moreover, the tool will allow you to create a UNICODE PST file that can be easily imported into all the latest versions of Outlook i.e. Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007,  2003, etc.

This Thunderbird to Outlook Converter also supports other formats such as import Thunderbird to Gmail, import Thunderbird to Zimbra, Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, and multiple others.

Just Free Download Thunderbird to Outlook Converter:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: This tool is available for both Mac and Windows computers. You can also download the free edition of this application to export 25 Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

Steps to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

  1. Launch the Converter on your system.
  2. Select Thunderbird data with auto & manual mode.
  3. Choose the required Thunderbird folders from the list.
  4. Then, choose PST option and set the location path.
  5. Click on the next to export the data to the Outlook profile.

How Does the Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Work?

The working of the software is very easy and simplified. Since Thunderbird saves its data in an MBOX file, the tool converts MBOX to PST after fetching the Thunderbird database. The PST file is of Unicode type and hence is supported by all Outlook versions.

  • Install & Run Converter on your Mac or Windows PC to export emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Install Thunderbird to Outlook converter

  • You can load Thunderbird profiles with auto-locate mode as well as manually with dual selection options. The utility provides a separate option to convert Thunderbird Emails, Contacts & Calendars.

configure Thunderbird folders to export Thunderbird email to outlook

  • Select the required Thunderbird Mailbox Local Folders like Inbox, Drafts, etc.

select Thunderbird folders

  • Then, choose the PST option from the list of 20+ Saving options.

select PST option to export Thunderbird emails

  • Set the resultant location path to save data at the desired location.

choose path to save Outlook PST file

  • Click on the Convert button & analyze the live conversion process in the software panel.

export Thunderbird to Outlook

  • Once the process is finished, access the resultant PST files & open them in Outlook.

complete conversion

As we can see above that the process to export Thunderbird emails, contacts, calendars, local folders, and other data using this amazing utility. The software is suitable for non-technical users.

Once the user has the file, he/she can simply import it into Outlook to access its data. It can be done by going to File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export wizard in MS Outlook.

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Free Manual Method to Export Thunderbird Local Folders to Outlook

  • Configure a new Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Then, recreate all the Thunderbird folders in the configured account.
  • After that, copy all the Thunderbird emails to the folders in the configured account.
  • Let them synchronize.
  • Then, configure the same Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Recreate all the folders in Outlook as present in the configured account.
  • Finally, move all the emails from the new account to the Outlook folders.

It is evident from these steps that the whole process is very lengthy and may take days to complete. Data synchronization is not a short process and here it occurs twice, once in both email clients. Therefore, this method is good if you have a small Thunderbird database, but it didn’t be able to handle a large amount of the data.

Therefore, we introduced the experts’ recommended method first since most users opt for such techniques. After all, no one wants to risk their important data as a misstep me cause permanent data loss in the manual methods.

Key Benefits of Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

  • Autoload Configured Thunderbird Mailbox Items:

Most of the time the biggest challenge a user faces is finding the location of their Thunderbird mailbox items to perform the conversion. In that scenario, this converter utility proves beneficial. As it provides a direct option to load Thunderbird mailbox items from your default locations.

  • Keep Thunderbird Properties & Folder Hierarchy Structure:

While importing Thunderbird, the software maintains your Thunderbird folder hierarchy structure. Not only this, but the software also keeps your email properties during the Outlook export process. Such as Emails with attachments, email addresses (to, cc, bcc, from), email subjects, email images, text, hyperlink, etc.

  • No Outlook Installation is Required:

This application does not need Outlook installation to perform the conversion process. You can also export emails and address books without Outlook installation. The utility is completely standalone & independent from any third-party plugin or application installation.

  • Create UNICODE PST File for All Latest Outlook Editions:

The tool allows you to create a UNICODE PST file. This file supports all the latest Outlook editions. Now, you can easily import Thunderbird files to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

  • Save Resultant File at Desired Folder:

The Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is designed to provide complete assistance to the user during the Thunderbird to Outlook transfer process. By default, the software saves the resultant data at the user’s computer desktop location. You can also change this location by clicking on the browser button. Also, you can choose the external location such as a pen drive, external hard drive, etc.


In this article, we have tackled a large number of questions including how to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. editions. Here, we have two different methods to complete the conversion. However, we recommend using the professional approach as it is a hassle-free solution. Users can use the free demo version to move the first 25 emails from Thunderbird to the MS Outlook email client. If you have any doubts about the solution and its process, contact us via. chat or email.