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EML Converter Software

Verified Tool to Batch Convert EML Files with Attachments and Other Details

  • Bulk Convert EML Files in A Single Attempt With Message Header
  • EML Converter Supports 25+ Different Export Options to Save Files
  • Support All Mail Client EML File Conversion With All Attributes
  • Convert EML File with Attachments, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Etc.
  • Stand Alone Tool: Do Not Require Any Kind of Extra Installation
  • File Naming Options to Name Resultant File After Conversion
  • Export EML Files to Cloud Applications (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)
  • Download EML Converter Tool and Install on Windows and Mac OS

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Reasons to Convert EML Files

RecoveryTools EML Converter Allows to Save EML Files in Multiple Formats

more storage

Changing Email Client/Server

If you are switching from your old email client or server to new. Then EML file conversion will allow you to access your old data into new platform.

fast email client

Organization Compliance

Some industries or organizations are required by law to save emails for certain period of time. Perform EML conversion and save data for future use.

best eml converter

Sharing Emails as Document

Emails can be used in court as evidence. However, you must first make it accessible without using an email application. In this case, EML file conversion will enable you to easily share complete data.

EML Converter Tool - Export Options

Here are Some Options for Saving Files Using This EML Converter




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Hosted Exchange Server

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Lotus Notes

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Amazon Workmail

full version tool


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EML Converter Software - Features

Understand The Advantage of Using RecoveryTools EML Converter

preserve fidelity

Convert EML Files with Attachments

EML Converter software is best application that allows users to do the conversion of EML files on various platforms along with email attachments. It supports all kind of attachments even if they are normal attachment files & embedded files.

dual mode

Maintains Original Structure of EML Files

The entire structure of all the data will be maintained throughout the conversion process. Also, while scanning of bulk EML files on the EML converter software panel, there will not be any kind of change and the hierarchy of all folders such as Inbox, Spam, trash, and others managed properly.

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Conversion of EML Files with Data Items

EML converter will convert the complete data of an email including its data items. The entire data includes email headers, meta properties, graphs, tables, signature, media, hyperlinks, will remain safe during conversion. Additionally, the data will be maintaining the system hierarchy.

enhanced reporting

Save Resultant EML Files at Desired Location

It provides users an option to save the resultant files in the location where they want to. For instance, if users do not choose the location, then the EML converter tool will automatically store the resultant data in the desktop location. And, it is choice of the users to create a special folder for storing the files. Download EML converter software and check all stated feature for free.

free download

Batch Export EML Files

EML File Converter software supports the conversion of bulk of data to other numerous formats and Email Services. It allows users to convert the selective number of files and the software will be able to work smoothly without any kind of file size limitations. You can check this feature by using EML converter software free demo version.

full version

Dual Option to Upload EML Files

It is the Best EML Converter Tool that allows users to upload EML files either by choosing files and folders. By choosing files, users can only be able to upload the specific file whereas by choosing folders, it is possible to load multiple files from a complete folder.

filter settings

Independent Converter Tool for EML Files

EML Converter software is an ideal solution and is a stand-alone tool that do not require any kind of extra installation to complete the conversion process. And, does not need to install any Email Client Application while transferring data to them as it can easily configure account by entering login credentials.

os support

Compatible with EML Files of All Clients

EML files is one of the known universal supported formats that is been used by most of the email clients and applications. EMl file converter software supports all types of EML files that is been obtained from various platforms. And, has the ability to support orphaned, corrupted, and damaged file and helps the users to carry out the data properly.

os support

Convert EML Files to Other Formats

This EML Converter can easily convert multiple of files to other different file formats such as PST, PDF, MSG, EMLX, TXT, MBOX, HTML, and Email Services such as Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, and other Email Clients such as EML to Thunderbird. While converting the data to different structures, the consistency will be maintained throughout the conversion process.

os support

Maintains Hierarchy of EML Files / Folders

EML Converter Tool worked in a well-organized manner that ensure the consistency to be maintained along with including email meta properties such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and other Email Header contents. The ranking of folders in the software will not be interchanged or swapped and hence, the data will be shown in the actual format in the destination platform.

EML Converter Tool - Video Tutorial

Learn How The Software will Allow You to Convert Multiple EML Files

RecoveryTools created a video to demonstrate how this EML converter tool works. Simply watch the video to practically understand each step.

4 Steps to Use RecoveryTool EML Converter

  • Download EML file converter and insall it on your windows system.
  • Browse EML Files using select Files or Select Folders option.
  • Hit Next button to start the EML file conversion process.
  • View the Output file after conversion, at the provided location

EML Converter Software - Specifications

Hardware and Software Requirement to Launch RecoveryTools EML Converter

Software Download

File Size:61.3 MB


Trial Limitations

RecoveryTools offers a free EML converter demo version with a limit of exporting 25 items per folder. It will allow users to test software compatibility and capability for free.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB Space

256 MB RAM

Intel® Pentium IV Processor (IV Processor is recommended)

Operating System

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc.

Electronic Delivery

RecoveryTools EML converter will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key.

EML File Converter Tool - FAQs

Clear All Your Doubt Here Before Purchasing Full Version

5 Steps to Use EML Converter Software:

  • Step-1: Download EML Converter Tool and Install
  • Step-2: Upload The EML Files with Appropriate Options.
  • Step-3: Select The Required Number of EML Files.
  • Step 4: Now, Select Fhe File Saving Option From List.
  • Step 5: Click on Next and start the conversion process.

Users can easily convert unlimited number of files of any size without imposing any kind of limitation. It is safe and secure and can done the tasks in just few clicks.

Yes, EML converter tool can convert multiple emails with attachments and proven to be one of the best EML Converter Tool that can easily save both emails and attachments into desired structures.

Yes, it allows you to export the data to other various Email Accounts by selecting the specific option according to the needs & requirements.

EML Converter Tool - Comparison

Feature Comparison Between Free and Full Version

  • Perform EML File Conversion
  • Browse EML Files into Software
  • Supports EML Files from All Clients
  • Maintains Data Intagrity
  • Run on both Mac & Windows OS
  • Most Popular
  • All Items
  • buy software Buy
EML File Converter Tool - Reviews

User's Reviews After Using EML Converter Full Versions

I got to know about this EML Converter Software from one of my friends and really this works best as compare to other solutions present on the Internet. The utility had converted multiple EML files along with attachments and other data items and allows to convert the data into a specific file format and Email Service.

profile star

Mr. Rajeev Mehra, India

Thank you RecoveryTools for developing one of the amazing EML File Converter software with unique features and effective pricing. This is one of the perfect tools I have been known about in my past 7+ years of experience. It provides multiple saving option and file naming option so that users work according to their needs & requirements.

profile 2 star

Mr. Bredley Wilson, UK

I was alerted to this tool by Google when I was looking for a solution to convert my 3967+ files to another format. I'm familiar with most of the tools, but it's something different that works depending on the needs of the user. I recommend you to use this EML converter wizard.

profile 2 star

Mr. Elias Honk, Germany

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