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EML to PST Converter

Best Tool to Convert Multiple EML Files to PST Format With All Attributes

  • Convert EML Files to PST by Preserving Email Meta Properties
  • Export EML to PST Format Along with Embedded Attachments Files
  • The Utility Manages to Keep Original System Folder Hierarchy
  • Hold The SMTP Header of EML Messages Completely Original
  • Batch Convert Multiple EML Files to Create A Single PST File
  • Convert Large Number of EML Files to PST without Size Limitation
  • Creates UNICODE PST File to Import EML Files in Outlook
  • Completely Independent Microsoft EML to PST Converter
  • Download EML to PST Converter for All Version of Windows & Mac OS

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Why RecoveryTools EML to PST Converter Software?

All-in-One Way to Convert EML Files to PST Format without Data Loss

more storage

Convert EML to PST with Attachments

EML to PST converter software is best tool available at present time. It allows the users to convert EML files to PST along with all types of inserted attachments.

fast email client

Convert EML File to PST with All Data

Convert the complete data from EML to PST file format. All the component of the email including email header, meta properties, embedded objects, graphs, tables, reports, and etc., will remain safe during conversion.

better productivity

Save Output File At Desired Location

A user has choice to save output PST file at their desired location. By default, the software will save the PST file at desktop. But it provides option to change the output file path.

EML to PST Converter - Export Options

List to Select the File Saving Options from Software Interface




eml to pst
Hosted Exchange Server

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Lotus Notes

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Amazon Workmail

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Features of EML to PST Converter Software

Software Enables Multiple Advanced Options to Convert EML to PST Format

preserve fidelity

Batch Convert EML Files to PST

The tool supports to batch export multiple EML files to PST format. A user can choose unlimited number of EML files & the software will smoothly perform the conversion without any file size limitation issue.

dual mode

Dual EML File Selection Modes

Best EML to PST converter software because it provides users dual ways to load data, i.e., Select Files or Select Folders option. Use Select File option to choose only specific EML files while use Select Folders option to load files from a complete folder.

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Creates a UNICODE PST File

This EML to PST converter is designed to create the latest supported encoded PST file i.e., UNICODE PST File. This file is fully compatible with all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Outlook without any 2GB PST size limitation.

enhanced reporting

Standalone EML to PST Converter

Microsoft EML to PST converter software is a fully standalone & independent wizard to perform the conversion. It does not require any third-party application or program to perform the successful conversion.

free download

Creates Enhanced LOG File

EML to PST converter wizard will create an enhanced Log file report. You can easily analyze the complete process using this SavingLog text file. It includes all important information regarding the conversion process.

full version

Supports EML Files of All Email Clients

EML files can be obtained from multiple email clients & applications. This is a universally supported EML to PST Wizard which supports the EML files obtained from all applications including Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc.

filter settings

Merge EML Files to Single PST

The software also enables the users to merge multiple EML files into a single PST file. You can select the multiple EML files for the conversion and the software will combine all these files to create a single PST file. Download EML to PST converter free demo version and check this feature.

os support

Avaialble for Both Mac & Windows OS

The software is available for both Microsoft Windows & Mac OS devices. You can run it on Windows 10, 8.1, 8. 7, XP, Vista etc. as well as on Mac OS editions like v10.0, v11, or v12. Download the sofrware according to your operating system. Buy EML to PST converter full version after checking free demo version.

EML to PST Converter - Video Tutorial

Learn How to Convert Multiple EML Files into PST File?

In this video we will learn about how to Convert batch EML files into PST File? There are many users who are searching solution for this issue. This issue can be solved with the help automated solution. There are many solutions available in the market but user only want best solution for them. EML to PST converter application is best suited application for users to solve this issue.

4 Steps to Convert EML to PST Format:

  • Download EML to PST converter and launch it on your system.
  • After that, select Files and Select Folders and browse.
  • Then, click on Next button to start the EML to PST conversion.
  • Finally, go to destination location to see the resultant data.

EML to PST Converter Tool - Specifications

Understand Minimum System Specifications to Convert EML to PST Format

Software Download

File Size:61.3 MB


Trial Limitations

Download EML to PST converter free demo edition and check software features by exporting 25 items from every folder. After getting satisfactory result buy EML to PST converter full version to avoid 25 items limitation.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB Space

256 MB RAM

Intel® Pentium IV Processor (IV Processor is recommended)

Operating System

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc.

Electronic Delivery

RecoveryTools EML to PST converter will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key.

EML to PST Converter - FAQs

Find Answer Here Before Purchasing EML to PST Converter Full Version

4 Steps Use RecoveryTools EML to PST Converter

  • Step-1: Download EML to PST Converter and Launch on Your System
  • Step-2: Load EML Files from Source Location into Software Panel
  • Step-3: View Data and Select PST form List of Export Options
  • Step 4: Browse Path and Start Conversion Process of EML to PST

No, you do not need to have any third-party email client installed in your PC to perform EML to PST conversion. It is a fully independent & standalone application to do its task.

Yes, a user can try its free demo edition that will allow the users to convert first 25 EML files to PST format. User can check its working & once you’re satisfied, you can buy EML to PST converter full version.

Yes, the software supports the conversion of EML files to PST along with both types of email attachment files i.e., Normal Attachments & Embedded Attachments.

Yes, the software ensures that the HTML formatting of the email body is preserved. It will keep the text formatting, images, and links intact. You can test this feature by using the free demo version of EML to PST converter.

No, RecoveryTools EML to PST converter is a standalone application. It does not require any third-party software to complete the conversion process.

EML to PST Converter Tool - Comparison

Convert EML File into PST Format - Free and Full Version

  • Batch Export EML Files to PST
  • Dual EML File Selection Modes
  • Supports EML Files from All Clients
  • Merge EML Files to Single PST
  • Run on both Mac & Windows OS
  • Free
  • 25 Items from Each Folder
  • download software  Download
  • Most Popular
  • All Items
  • buy software Buy
EML to PST Converter - Reviews

Check What User's are Saying After Using Full Versions

I was looking for an application that will convert my .eml files into a .pst format. I’m changing vendors for email hosting, and my current vendor will only allow me to download my archives via .eml files. Thank you for suggesting me this amazing wizard.

profile star

Indila, Paris

I am using Windows Live Mail and looking to convert its emails i.e. EML to PST file format which offers some advanced features to me with conversion. It is no doubt this utility helped me a lot. Thank you, team RecoveryTools for wonderful EML to PST wizard.

profile 2 star

Shannon Moreis, Juba

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