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How to Export Outlook Calendars to Excel Sheets?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 26-05-2022 ~ Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

This article gives a perfect solution for all the users looking for a method of how to export Outlook Calendars to Excel program. You can do it with the help of the best Outlook Calendars to Excel Converter tool. The article is best to resolve the following queries:
  • How to Outlook Calendar Export to Excel?
  • Can I import Outlook calendar meeting to Excel sheet?
  • How to export shared Outlook calendar to Excel spreadsheet?
  • Is it possible to export Outlook calendar to Excel in calendar format?

It is not an easy task to transfer Outlook calendar data like events, meetings, to an Excel sheet. Microsoft Outlook email client provides users a direct option to export Outlook Calendars to Excel program with Export option available in its File menu.

But, this method is not suitable to export shared calendars of Outlook to Excel programs. So, you need a professional toolkit to directly export PST calendars to Excel.

Quick Solution: PST Calendars to Excel Converter

Yes, one can export PST Calendars to an Excel program directly using a powerful Outlook PST Migrator tool. The utility will enable the users to export all types of Calendar entries like My Calendars, other Calendars, Shared Calendars, or Rooms.
Free Download the Solution:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Demo Limitation: You will get a free demo version of Outlook Calendar to Excel converter software. One can export only the first 25 entries from Outlook Calendars to Excel. You need to activate the software by purchasing its license edition.

Steps to Import Outlook Calendars to Excel

  1. Install & Run PST Calendars to Excel converter.
  2. Load required Outlook PST Data files in utility panel.
  3. Select Calendar folders & choose ICS as a saving format.
  4. Setup options like change path & start PST to ICS conversion process.
  5. Get resultant ICS Calendar files & open them in Excel.

Perfect Tool to Export Outlook Calendars to Excel:

You can quickly import Outlook Calendars to Excel program just by following these quick & simple steps:

Install & Run the Outlook Calendars to Excel Converter tool on your computer.


The utility will ask the users to load Outlook data in dual ways i.e., Select Files or Select Folders.


Choose all the required Calendar items for the conversion of items with all the mailbox folders.

The utility has 30+ saving options from the list where you can choose ICS format.


Users can set up all the options like output file location, or file naming conventions, etc.


Now, click on the Next button to initialize PST Calendars to Excel migration.


In the end, the utility will open the destination location where you can get all the calendar entries.

When you try to open the ICS file in Microsoft Excel, you will see a Text Import Wizard. Choose the Delimited option & then click on the Next button.

Now, choose the ‘Other’ option from the delimiters list & then click Next to start importing the ICS file in the Excel program.

Free Method to Export Outlook Calendars to Excel Program

One can easily export Outlook Calendars using the Microsoft Outlook Export feature from its File menu. This can be done just by following few steps:

  1. From the File menu of Microsoft Outlook, you can choose the Open & Export option.
  2. Now try the Import/Export option to Import or export files & settings.
  3. In the Import and Export Wizard, choose the Export to a File option.
  4. Choose the ‘Comma Separated Values (Windows)’ option to open your Outlook calendars to all the latest versions of Microsoft Excel.
  5. Choose the Calendars option from the list of Export Outlook Data files. Finally, click on the Next button.
  6. Browse for the location where you want to save the exported file.
  7. Now enter the name of the file to save Outlook Calendars as Excel supported file.
  8. In the end, click on the OK button to complete the process.

Why Need to Export Outlook Calendars to Excel?

We know that Excel is not database management software, but it can assist you to filter, organize or sort important data more quickly. A user may contain any Calendar in Outlook which is consisting of a variety of data like events or meetings. The office makes collaboration between applications very easily and therefore any user may have data in one application but requires another Office program to do some actions upon it.

For Example, a user may want to export a list of calendars & meetings about any specific project, or from a specific organization. Urgently, the users needed to quickly format, sort, or simply share calendars with non-Office authorities. In that scenario, the best thing which any user can do is sharing, or exporting Outlook calendars with an Excel program.


In the above article, I had explained the best way to import Outlook Calendars to Excel programs in an easy & simple manner. You can quickly export all your Outlook Calendar entries to Excel Sheet.

This article also explains the perfect way to export Calendars from an orphaned PST file to Excel Spreadsheet. It is a completely standalone application without requiring Outlook.