EML File Viewer

#1 EML File Viewer to Read the Entire EML data along with attachments and other data items.

  • Easy to Read, and View EML Files with this Freeware utility.
  • Standalone tool that allows viewing the EML files without any Email Client.
  • Filter Search Option to find some specific messages using different filters.
  • Capability to View orphaned, damaged, and corrupted EML files instantly.
  • Preview the EML data including emails, attachments, and other data items.
  • Able to view EML files in multiple different view modes.
  • Possible to Load Multiple files using the dual option mentioned in the software.
  • Supports EML Files from all Email Clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and others.
  • No change in the hierarchy while uploading multiple EML files and folders.
  • Workable on all the latest versions of Windows OS.

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Recovery EML Viewer Utility allows users read and view the entire EML mailbox items instantly without any issues. The software has been developed with an advanced algorithm that allows users to upload the bulk of data on the panel. Although, it will work according to the needs and requirements of the users.

multiple options to load eml files

Dual Options to Load EML Files

The utility allows users to upload not only single but multiple EML files together in the software panel in just a few clicks. By choosing files, users can upload specific files on the panel. By choosing folders, users can load multiple files present in a single folder.

maintains eml file data

Maintains the EML Files Structure

While uploading the bulk of data on the panel, there will not be any kind of change in the hierarchy of the data. Hence, the entire files and folders will be maintained properly without any kind of interchanging of the data in the folders such as Inbox, Spam, Archive, Trash, etc.

view eml files data items

View EML Files with Data Items

This software displays the EML files data properly with its data items. Users can be able to view emails, contacts, calendars, hyperlinks, email headers, and other data. And, the data will be previewed in the original structure.

portable viewer

Portable EML File Reader

This EML Free Reader Tool preserves the original structure of the entire data and will not lose even a single bit of data and makes your data completely safe & secure. And, users can easily run this tool on all the previous as well as the latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, Windows 8, 10, Vista, and XP, and others for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit OS easily.


The RecoveryTools EML File Reader Freeware is one of the highly-professional utilities that is been specially designed by experts in order to understand the queries of the users and the situations they are facing. It provides a simplified user interface and does not require much technical guidance to operate the software hence, both the technical as well as non-technical users can easily work on this.

Users can also load the corrupted, orphaned, and damaged EML files and can be able to view the entire data present in them along with email meta properties such as email addresses, attachments. Phone numbers, and others properly. This EML File Reader also supports EML files from different Email Clients such as Thunderbird Email Client, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, etc. It is safe & secure and will not affect any kind of data present in its panel and it is 100% guaranteed.

The software has an upgraded version that allows users to convert EML files to other wide variety of platforms in order to understand the different requests of the users so that they do not need to go anywhere and will be able to continue with this tool across the world. Moreover, this Reader is also available in multiple other supported languages.

Additionally, this utility can also work without the help of any kind of internet connection and has the ability to handle a large quantity of data and speed up the process.


eml viewer freeware

Completely Free EML Viewer

This Open Source EML File Viewer is available for all Windows OS users and is completely free of cost. There is no need for any kind of external purchase, all the functions are already included in the software. Users can quickly read EML files in this EML viewer freeware and quickly view the email properties, headers, attachments, without requiring any installation of freeware setup.

filter option

Filter Option to Search EML Files

The EML File Reader has been come up with a unique inbuilt feature to locate some specific EML files inbuilt in the panel. The date range filter option will carry out the emails of a specific duration. The Search option can find the emails from a huge number of files. It provides some filters to refine the results such as by using email headers, file name, date range, users can easily carry out the needed data.

perfect tool

Perfect Utility to Read EML files

The software is 100% portable used to view the EML files data in multiple different Windows OS devices. It does not require any kind of extra installation to work and hence, users can easily operate the software and can be able to read the information when a user is running out of space. To view the data, just download this EML File Viewer Freeware and then use the software without facing any limitations and without extra installation.

supports all eml files

Supports EML Files of all Email Clients

The free software allows opening the files that have been exported from multiple email clients like Windows Live Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Zoho Mail, etc., and others that save their emails in the .eml file format. This can be used easily and is free to download to view the data of all EML-supported clients.

read corrupted files
Read Inaccessible EML Files

There are lots of users who face queries while accessing files from Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail due to some corrupted file issues. In that case, this utility fits all their requirements as it allows to view corrupted, damaged, encrypted, and inaccessible files and can be able to view the information included in them. It can also save the source location of the files to read the file in the future.

inbuilt features
Inbuilt Browser Panel to Open Links

When a user reads any EML file and its information, there are also some media items and hyperlinks inserted in the content of the EML file. The freeware has a special inbuilt browser panel that enables users to open the hyperlinks and other objects. When you click on any link then the tool will open it and redirect the Web URL directly in the application panel instead of opening it in the default browsers.

Demo Limitations

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of the Utility.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to install any other Email Client Application to view EML files?

No, the EML Viewer Freeware is a self-independent utility and does not require any kind of extra installation to view the .eml files when they are inaccessible or orphaned.

Yes, the utility will display the entire email with its attachments and all the data items. And, by double-clicking on attachments, it is possible to view the EML file attachments in a temporary location.

Yes, you can easily upload those files in the panel and can view them without any kind of disruption and without any kind of size limitations.

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