Thunderbird Import Wizard

#1 Expert’s Recommended Solution to Import MBOX files to Thunderbird

  • Dual Options to load MBOX files or folders directly on the panel
  • Flexible User Interface for all Novice and technical users
  • Supports MBOX files from all Email Clients and Applications
  • Maintains the Data Consistency of Multiple MBOX files
  • Import Multiple MBOX files into Thunderbird with no data loss
  • Import selective files or folders according to user’s convenience
  • Directly import the data to Thunderbird profile default path
  • Ability to handle large amount of files with no restrictions
  • Manage all the Email attributes and properties in a precise manner
  • Compatible to run on all the versions of Windows OS

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Why RecoveryTools Thunderbird Import Tool?

The tool has been specially developed in order to understand the queries and requirements of the users. Above all, it has the ability to import not only single but multiple MBOX files directly to the Thunderbird desktop email client. This Thunderbird Import Wizard has a specific integration that allows to import the data directly into the default profile location path. And, can easily import all the mailbox items including contacts, calendars, emails, attachments, and other data items.

options to load files

Dual Options to Load MBOX Files

The Thunderbird Import Tool has been designed with advanced features that is difficult to come by among all other utilities present on the Internet. It provides dual options to upload the files directly on the software panel. Select File will allows you to choose some specific files. Select Folders will allows to upload multiple files present in a single folder.

simple user interface

Simple User Interface

Users from both the technical as well as the non-technical background can easily work on this software. Experts has designed this software in such a way that by just seeing the software panel, it is possible to understand the mentioned features. This wizard can easily run on all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 8.2, 7, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.

import selective mbox files

Import Selective Thunderbird Mailboxes

This Thunderbird Import Wizard works on the special needs and requirements of the users. It enables users to choose required number of mailboxes that they want to import. Users can selectively import required number of data without facing any kind of issues and interruptions throughout the complete process.

import mbox to thunderbird with attachments

Import MBOX files to Thunderbird with Attachments

This software has one such special feature inherited in it that allows users to migrate emails along with attachments present in it. Because of that, users will not face much disruptions when they need attachments along with their other data. Moreover, the software will import all attachments whether they are normal or embedded. And, the attachments will be taken out the in the original format with maintaining its entire components.


Once after developing this tool to import MBOX files to Thunderbird, RecoveryTools team experts had properly tested this software in order to understand the requirements of the users. After reviewing this utility from most of our clients, we got the conclusion that this is one of the most desirable and effective utility even after comparing to other solutions present on the Internet.

One of our upgraded version, Thunderbird Migrator allows you to migrate Thunderbird files to multiple File Formats, Email Services, and Email Clients. It supports 25+ formats and easily do the Conversion, Migration, and Backing Up of the data.

One of the best experts are present in RecoveryTools team that provides better and user defined solutions. All the tool are easy and flexible to use that can be easily used by Novice as well as the technical users and at the end, will provide better and desired results with maintaining 100% accuracy of the data.


maintains data consistency

Maintains the Data Consistency

This Thunderbird Import Wizard has been developed with multiple features inherited in it. It has the ability to maintain the entire data along with including mailboxes, and other data items. While importing even a large amount of files, the software will manage the structure of data in a well-organized manner. Also, there will not be swapping of any kind of data between files or folders.

filter option

Advanced Filter Settings to Import Files

Users can easily search for a particular email from bulk of data present on the panel using different intents. Intents such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and other Email header intents, allows users to carry out the needed data. Using file name and file size, it is possible to carry out the needed attachments. Apart from them, there are multiple other filter options that allows users to locate for some specific data.

no installation

Thunderbird Installation Not Necessary

This mentioned utility is one of the self-sustainable utility that does not require any kind of extra installation. Even, to import MBOX files in Thunderbird, it didn’t need Thunderbird installation to complete the process. Moreover, you can easily load the data on the panel and can complete the process with no extra installation.

user-defined location

User-Defined Location to Store Data

At the end of the import process, users can store the resultant file at a particular location where he wants to. The software will allow user to enter the default folder location for Thunderbird, otherwise, the MBOX files will automatically imported in the local folders of Thunderbird. Not only single but unlimited number of data can easily be imported.

Demo Limitations

Demo Edition will allows you to only import 25 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I be able to import MBOX files to Thunderbird in batch?

Follow the given step-by-step process to import: -

  • Step 1: Run Thunderbird Import Wizard in your system.
  • Step 2: Upload the needed MBOX files directly from the system.
  • Step 3: Select the number of files that you want to import.
  • Step 4: Select Thunderbird as saving option and enter the path.
  • Step 5: Get the imported MBOX files in Thunderbird.

Yes, the activated version of this Thunderbird Import Wizard enables the users to import MBOX files into Thunderbird Mail without offering any file size limitation.

Yes, the software will enable the users to directly import MBOX files into Thunderbird at default profile path. It will detect the path only when Thunderbird is installed in your PC. So, it is necessary for the users to have Thunderbird installed & configured in your PC.

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