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How to Open MBOX File in Chrome – Easy Method

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Learn how to open MBOX files in a Chrome browser. Opening an MBOX file in the Google Chrome browser helps users to read the information properly.

I have some MBOX files without any extension. These MBOX files are from the backup of my old Thunderbird account. Currently, I have another account configured in my Thunderbird.

I want to read the information written in these orphaned MBOX files. To reduce any data complexity, I do not want to import MBOX files in the Thunderbird program. Hence, I think of opening it in Chrome Web Browser.

The Web browser supports opening of HTML files. So, this problem can be solved by converting MBOX files to the HTML format. But still, the question is the same. How to do it without opening these files in an email client?

Instant solution:

Try RecoveryTools MBOX Converter tool, which provides a direct option to do that. It is completely standalone and hence you do not need to open your MBOX file in any email client. Free download this application which comes up with a trial limitation to convert only the first 25 documents.

MBOX Converter for Windows MBOX Converter for Mac

How to Open MBOX File in Chrome – Step-by-step

The process to open MBOX files in Chrome is very easy and simple. The software is designed with advanced algorithms to extract files. Another benefit is that it will extract MBOX attachments to a separate folder.

Just follow these steps to understand its working:

  1. Launch the software and read all the important instructions

    open mbox in chrome

  2. Load your orphaned MBOX files in software using either Select Files or Select Folders option.

    mbox to html

  3. Select the MBOX file from the source location.

    Select the MBOX file

  4. Choose all the required MBOX mailbox folders in its panel.

    required MBOX mailbox

  5. Select HTML format from the list of 30+ saving formats from the Select Saving Option drop-down list.

    HTML format

  6. Setup the destination path where you would like to store the resultant output file..

     destination path

  7. Choose the appropriate file conversion from the File Naming Option drop-down list, and click the Convert button.

     File Naming Option

  8. The application will display the live conversion process directly in its panel.

    live conversion

  9. Finally, the tool will open the destination folder having your MBOX emails as HTML files.

    destination folder

  10. Open these HTML files in your Google Chrome browser.

     Open MBOX File in Chrome

Apart from Google Chrome, you can also open MBOX files in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Brave Browser, etc.

Amazing Features of Solution: Open MBOX File in Chrome

The tool offers unlimited benefits to its users. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Batch Processing: The utility supports to export multiple MBOX files at once. Choose the Select Folders option to add the folder having multiple MBOX files from your local storage.
  • Open only Desired Items: Users can open only specific MBOX files in the Chrome browser. It provides an option to choose only desired MBOX files.
  • Save attachments separately: Users can save the inline attachment files to a separate folder easily.
  • Open without Thunderbird: The tool is a completely standalone application. Users do not need to have a Mozilla Thunderbird email client in their system.
  • Open corrupted MBOX files in Chrome: Another great benefit of this tool is its support to open corrupted MBOX files in the Chrome browser. The tool can repair a corrupted MBOX file with its Recovery Mode.
  • Run-on Mac or Windows Device: Users can open MBOX files in Chrome on both Mac device & Windows device without any platform independently.

Final Words:

This article is a perfect tutorial for users who want to learn how to open MBOX files in Chrome. Users can open orphaned MBOX files as well as MBOX files without extension in Chrome. Apart from Chrome, users can also open MBOX files in other Web browsers. Another great benefit of using this application is that users can also read MBOX files on mobile devices.