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MBOX to PDF Converter

Best Tool to Batch Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments for Mac & Windows

  • Export Emails into PDF Document Along with All Email Attachments
  • Comes with a Secure and Easy Interface for Bulk Conversion
  • Dual Mode of Selection to Choose & Process Several Mailbox Files at Once
  • Multiple File Naming Options to Save Resultant PDF Files with Desired Name
  • MBOX to PDF Converter Creates Searchable PDF After Converting MBOX to PDF
  • Keep Original Email Properties & Folder Structure After Conversion
  • Save the Resultant PDF Files at the User Desired Destination Location Path
  • Advanced Filter Options to Convert MBOX to PDF Files Selectively
  • MBOX to PDF converter Supports All Windows, Mac and server Editions
  • Get 30+ Common File Types Including PDF with MBOX Migrator Tool Licensed Edition

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Why Should Users Convert MBOX to PDF Format?

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Universal Accessibility

PDF is a widely recognized format that can be opened on almost any device or OS. This ensures that the information in MBOX files remains accessible. MBOX format can be opened in limited email clients i.e., Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Opera Mail, etc.

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Preservation of Formatting

PDFs maintain the original formatting of the content, including text, images, fonts, and layout. This ensures that the document looks the same regardless of the device or software used to view it. while Formatting is not preserved when importing and exporting MBOX.

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Easy Sharing

PDFs are easy to share via email or other digital platforms. They can be sent as attachments or shared through links, making them a convenient choice for distributing information. on the other hand, you have to follow multiple steps to share or open MBOX files.

Why RecoveryTools MBOX to PDF Converter Tool?

RecoveryTools Developed an All-in-One Software to Convert MBOX to PDF in Bulk with Attachments

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters for Conversion

The MBOX to PDF software can analyze & examine MBOX files without any MBOX email client and plugins. It has a plethora of filter options to help you convert only required data. These options include Date Range, From, To, and Subject filters. The tool even has an excluded folder option to ensure selective email conversion.

Multiple File Naming Options

Multiple File Naming Options to Manage PDF

The mechanism of RecoveryTools MBOX to PDF Converter is designed in such a way that it creates a separate PDF file for each MBOX email item. Therefore, to manage a large number of PDF files after conversion, the utility itself provides different file naming conventions which are nothing but an ordered combination of Subject, Date, From, etc.

Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments

Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments

The best thing about this MBOX to PDF converter tool is that it does not make any alteration in attachments included with MBOX emails when transferring them to Adobe PDF format. Users can easily export MBOX to PDF format with all attachments like Images, text files, zip files, etc. in the original state without any change.

Top Advanced Features of MBOX to PDF Conversion Tool

Understand Why Users Choose One of the Best MBOX to PDF Converter Tools

Dual File Selection

Dual File Selection Modes

This software provides dual selection options to choose single or multiple MBOX files at once. The Select Files option allows one to choose single and selected files in the user interface to convert MBOX to PDF. And Select Folders option is used to load all files within a folder and sub-folders.

No File Size Limit

No File Size Limit

While selecting the MBOX files into the software interface using the solution, there are no limitations on the file size and number of files. The best MBOX to PDF Converter can support to export multiple numbers of multiple files without any complications. You will get the resultant PDF files without any errors.

Batch Export Multiple MBOX

Batch Export Multiple MBOX Files

MBOX to PDF Converter provides options to convert MBOX to PDF format in batch. One can collect all the required files in a specific folder and load all of them by choosing the Select Folders option. The tool is suitable to save thousands of MBOX items as PDF files in bulk.

Keep Original Integrity

Keep Original Integrity During Conversion

During the conversion process, the MBOX to PDF converter tool will maintain the email properties such as email with attachments, email addresses (To, cc, bcc, from), Subject, Inline Images, Hyperlinks, Email Formatting, HTML Structure, etc. So, you will get the exact copy of your original MBOX email after completing the conversion to PDF format.

Date-Range Filters

Date-Range Filters

RecoveryTools MBOX to PDF converter provides a filter to perform selective conversion. One can set the date-range filters and the tool will only export data that fall into the set range. All the email meta properties are kept well preserved regardless of selective or bulk conversion.

Desired Location

MBOX to PDF at User Desired Location

The utility allows users to save the resultant PDF files at their desired location. By default, the files are automatically saved at the Desktop but the user can also change the destination. The software also allows us to create a New Folder directly from the software panel to save resultant PDF files.

Trustworthy Tool

100% Reliable and Trustworthy Tool

This utility has plenty of high-level features to convert MBOX to PDF. It does not require any MBOX email client application to convert MBOX files to PDF format. The software provides a limitless and 100% conversion result without issues. It also has a complete virus and bug-free interface for safe and secure file conversion.

Forensics Investigation

Best for Forensics Investigation

Because technology is growing fast, people are using information from digital devices to do bad things more often. This MBOX to PDF converter helps lawyers, attorneys, and investigators find important evidence from digital devices. These PDFs can be printed and shown as proof in courts.

Best MBOX to PDF Converter – Working Video

Watch Complete Video and Easily Convert MBOX to PDF Format

This utility is one of the best solutions to export MBOX files to PDF with attachments. Moreover, MBOX files in the system can be converted selectively without any complications. Users can easily save the resultant data at the user's desired location directly.

There are so many users who want to export MBOX emails to PDF format to access email on cross-platforms. It can be easily done with the help of this RecoveryTools utility. Our expert team gave exceptional importance to the conversion speed while programming this MBOX to PDF converter.

5 Steps to Batch Convert MBOX to PDF

  • Step-1: Download and run the software.
  • Step-2: Add the MBOX using Select Files/Folders.
  • Step-3: Select the required folders/subfolders.
  • Step-4: Choose PDF as a saving option from the list.
  • Step-5: Browse the path and hit the Convert icon.

Demo Limitations & Pre – Requisites

Know the Minimum System Specifications to Use MBOX to PDF Converter

Software Download

File Size: 24.4MB

Version: 6.0

Trial Limitations

The trial version of the MBOX to PDF conversion tool allows users to export only 25 emails from each folder into PDF format, so users can analyze the process easily.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 100 MB

256 MB RAM

Pentium IV Processo

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2013, etc

Electronic Delivery

RecoveryTools MBOX to PDF Converter will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know What Users Ask About One of the Best MBOX to PDF Converter Tool

Steps to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments:

  • Step 1: Run MBOX to PDF converter tool on your PC.
  • Step 2: Choose MBOX files with dual selection options.
  • Step 3: Select the Required Folders from the given list.
  • Step 4: Choose the PDF Saving Option and additional options.
  • Step 5: Click Convert to export MBOX to PDF documents.

Users can open MBOX files in Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, etc. And if you want to open it for free then you can use RecoveryTools MBOX Viewer.

No, Google cannot open MBOX files directly, users have to convert MBOX to HTML format.

The MBOX is a file format to store email data, it can store all information of email with attachments.

Yes, the MBOX to PDF converter software supports all MBOX files created by any email client, email application, and webmail account. So, you can easily convert PocoMail Mailbox to PDF format without any issues.

Yes, the program works with all Mac computers. You need to download the Mac edition of this utility by the above download for Mac button.

Batch MBOX to PDF Converter - Comparison

Feature Comparison of MBOX to PDF Export Tool - Free and Full Version

  • Add Single/Multiple MBOX Files
  • Selected & Bulk MBOX to PDF Conversion
  • Browse Desired Path
  • Advanced Filter Option
  • File Naming Option
  • Supports All MBOX Files
  • Convert Unlimited MBOX to PDF
  • Most Popular
  • buy software Buy

Customer Reviews – Best MBOX to PDF Conversion Tool

RecoveryTools MBOX to PDF converter Verified Purchase Reviews

"I would like to say thanks to the developers of this MBOX file to PDF Converter which makes me unable to save my emails very easily. The design of the tool is so amazing and kept simple that anyone can use it without requiring an expert's advice."

MBOX to PDF Converter best star

Goldman, New York

"It is the best software to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments. This MBOX to PDF converter helped me in completing my project without any hassle. The filter option came in handy and I was able to get the required emails into Adobe-compatible PDF documents."

software review five star

Valeria Eve, St. Petersberg

"It was a very good experience working with the technical staff who helped me in converting multiple files to PDF documents. They helped me in dealing with all MBOX to PDF issues and I was able to get PDF files with proper naming set."

free pdf splitter tool star

Christoper Ferell, Brazilia

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