Mailbox Email Address Extractor

Mailbox Email Extractor Tool to Parses Email Ids from 90+ Cloud-based Services.

  • The software saves emails addresses from the mailbox in bulk
  • Users can extract email addresses directly from the cloud-based services.
  • Allow to Extract Emails from selected files & folders of the mailbox.
  • Provide batch mode to export email Ids from multiple accounts at once.
  • Also, allow saving extracted email addresses from the mailbox at any destination.
  • Advanced filter option to export emails of specific date range, to from, etc.
  • Maintain all the email attributes such as To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, etc.
  • Users can extract email addresses from mailbox including like Inbox, Sent, Draft, Spam.

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Why Choose Mailbox Email Extractor Tool?

Mailbox Email Address Extractor tool is one of the best and most powerful software to extract email addresses from mailbox of 90+ cloud-based email clients in just a few clicks. The tool was created with unique algorithms, which makes the mailbox email addresses extractor software powerful. Also, provide an advance filter option to export particular email addresses from mailbox.

Mailbox Email Address Extractor

Extract Email Addresses from All Cloud-Based Accounts

The Mailbox Email Extractor has powers to export and save emails from multiple cloud-based emails like Gmail, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Server, MDaemon,, IBM Verse, AOL Mail,, Dream host, Rediffmail, FTP Email Accounts, GMX, GoDaddy, Horde Webmail, HostGator, HostMonster, Rackspace, etc. Users simply have to enter the login details of the service to extract emails from mailbox.

Advance Filter Option

Advance Filter Option to Extract Specific Addresses

The Mailbox Email Extractor software is created with highly advanced algorithms to extract email addresses from mailbox, which makes the software different from other brands' tools. Sometimes happen when we have to extract specific data. So, the Mailbox Email Address Extractor tool provides uses plenty of custom features to extract specific data via Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc with the help of the advance filter option.

Data from Multiple Accounts

Export Data from Multiple Accounts

For user ease, our developers create an option in the tool “Use Batch Mode” option, which enable users to save email ids from many accounts at once. Users can add different account and password manually, or they can simply add all the accounts details in one CSV file and upload it to extract email addresses from mailbox.

save at destination location

Proxy Server to Extract Emails Safely

Users can save email addresses and ids safely using Mailbox Email Address Extractor. Users can enable the “Use Proxy Server” option for more security while exporting and saving email addresses. users have to simply provide some details like the Proxy address and Proxy post no to connect.

What Makes the Mailbox Email Address Extractor Tool Different?

The number of cybercriminals such as hackers and spammers are growing as quickly as the digital world itself. Risks increase when using cloud-based services for work. To access sensitive information, hackers focus on cloud-based email clients.

Business owners can protect themselves from hacking and other security breaches by keeping their email clients up-to-date with high-security updates.

One of the best ways is to secure your email service by using generated app password for login. By limiting access to just your data, an app password can keep a hacker out of your entire account.

That's why we always suggest creating an app password to log into any third-party tools for cloud-based services and use that instead of a normal password.

Just like when you launch RecoveryTools mailbox email address extractor tool to extract email addresses from mailbox using app password of any application for secure login.

extract emails

Mailbox Email Address Extractor – Features

Emails from Complete Data

Extract Emails from All Folders

The software possesses advanced and cutting-edge features and capabilities, which allow users to export email ids from all account data. These features and capabilities can be found in the Mailbox Email Extractor tool. Also, the application can preserve email addresses from all default and custom folders, such as Sent, Inbox, Draft, Spam, Trash/Bin, and other custom labels as determined by your requirements.

Multiple Fields

Extract Email Addresses from Multiple Fields

The Mailbox Email Address Extractor is a very superior tool to extract email addresses from the mailbox. Users can simply extract email addresses from the mailbox of multiple fields like Bcc, Cc, To, From, Body, etc. Our developers create this feature for those users who wants to extract email ids from different fields. Users have to enable the “Use Selective Export Settings for Email Folders” option and check the fields from where they want to save addresses.

Save Email Ids in Bulk

Save Email Ids in Bulk with Simple Interface

Any user, whether experienced with computers or not, will find the Mailbox Email Address Extractor's UI to be intuitive and straightforward to use. In addition, there are no limits on file size when using the software to Extract Email Addresses from Mailboxe in mass. Users can simply select the required multiple files and folders in bulk from the panel.

Advance Export Setting

Advance Export Setting

When we apply the advance filter option, you will get more superior features like if you want to extract email addresses from only the sent folder then simply enable the “Only Export Sent Folder” option. Also, they can enable the “exclude exporting email body content & attachments” option, if you don’t want to Extract Email addresses from Mailbox with the email body or attachments.

Selected Data

Extract Email Ids from Selected Data

The Mailbox Email Address Extractor provides several sophisticated tools for finding email addresses in a database. The mailbox's files and folders will be loaded automatically and displayed on the software's interface. That way, users can cherry-pick the information they need.

select desired location

Save Data at Required Destination

In some cases, users will want to save the extracted information in a specific file. The default place for the tool is the computer's desktop. If the user prefers to save the information elsewhere. Therefore, users may simply go to the needed location, save the data there.

Mailbox Email Extractor - Specifications

The demo version of the software can extract only 25 email addresses from the mailbox.

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The following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools Mailbox Email Extractor Software.

Mailbox Email Address Extractor Tool - Online Video
Frequently Asked Questions
Can you please explain the steps to extract email addresses from the mailbox of using the tool?

Yes, here I will explain to you the complete steps to export emails from the mailbox:

  • Step 1: Download and run the Mailbox Email Address Extractor tool.
  • Step 2: and then select “” from the appearing list and enter the login details of the account.
  • Step 3: Select the required data from the Mailbox Email Extractor panel.
  • Step 4: apply the advance filter option to extract specific emails.
  • Step 5: browse the required location as per your need and click on the “Backup” icon to extract email addresses from mailbox.

Using "Use Batch Mode," users can effortlessly extract emails from Zoho Mail. If you have more than one account and password, you may easily manage them all by enabling this feature and entering the information manually or by uploading an a.csv file in the Mailbox Email Address Extractor.

After going through the steps, I outlined, select "From" in the advanced filter menu to extract email addresses from mailbox.

Users have to simply enable the options from the advance filter option like “Only Export Sent Folder” and then check the “Exclude Exporting Email Body Content & Attachments” choice.

Yes, our Mailbox Email Address Extractor tool is fully up-to-date software, which supports all Windows OS like Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and other previous versions.

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