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Export Mac Outlook Emails, Contacts & Calendars from OLM to CSV File

  • Convert OLM to CSV Files to Make Data Portable and Easily
  • Batch Export Multiple Data from Outlook for Mac GroupWise
  • Create Separate Healthy CSV File for Each OLM Mailbox
  • Export All Items from OLM File to CSV Format without Limitation
  • Generate CSV Files Supported with Google Contacts, Outlook, Excel, etc.
  • Preserve Original Formatting of Emails, Calendars, Contacts, etc.
  • Save Output CSV File at Desired Destination Path After Conversion
  • Download OLM to CSV Converter and Install it on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 etc.

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Why Choose the Best OLM to CSV Conversion Tool – Mac & Windows?

The RecoveryTools team better understands the pain of industry users & hence we come up with this amazing Mac Outlook to CSV Converter tool. This software is designed with state-of-the-art algorithms to directly convert OLM to CSV with Emails & Contacts.

Convert OLM Contacts to CSV Format

Convert OLM Contacts to CSV Format

As everyone knows, CSV is one of the best ways to store information in a tabular or manageable way. Therefore, Mac Outlook users prefer to export contacts from OLM to CSV file format. This would help them to store the user's contact information or easily accessible information. The tool can also convert Calendar entries from OLM files to CSV format.

Export OLM Emails to CSV Format

Export OLM Emails to CSV Format

Today, the company stores its valuable information via email in the cloud and on the desktop. Due to the importance of these emails, it was very difficult to handle them in a presentable way. Therefore, in a recent survey, we found that there are thousands of users who want to convert OLM to CSV spreadsheets. This OLM to CSV converter can helps users to manage their mailbox data in a systematic format.

Creates Separate CSV

Creates Separate CSV for Each OLM File

The OLM to CSV converter is developed with advanced algorithms to make the whole process easier and more understandable even for normal non-technical users to convert OLM to CSV. It creates a separate CSV file for each folder selected from the OLM Mailbox file. Users can select contacts, inbox, send, draft or other custom labels and the software creates a separate CSV file for each of them.

Convert Non-English Character

Convert Non-English Character Set

This smart solution for converting OLM to CSV does not affect your data. During file conversion, the software retains any UNICODE or non-English text (e.g., Devanagari, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, etc.). You get a 100% correct result without any errors or changes. It also supports the conversion of various language special characters including umlauts.

Reated As Best Tool to Export Mac Outlook to CSV Files:

Outlook Mac File, also known as OLM File, is a native file format for Mac Outlook. This file stores all the data that users work with within Outlook. Whether email, contacts, calendars, or journals, all Mac Outlook attributes are stored in an OLM file. Because the OLM file is part of Outlook on Mac, it may not be accessible on platforms other than Outlook Mac. If you try to access an OLM file in Outlook on Windows, the file is not there.

In a comma-separated file (CSV), table data is saved in plain text format. Contains several entries from fields separated by commas. This is the most common format for data exchange because it acts as a data migration format between platforms that do not support the same file format. Then convert OLM to CSV format with data access software and pull them into many applications as needed.

RecoveryTools OLM to CSV Converter Tool is a flexible and inexpensive solution for migrating OLM emails in CSV format at the desired location. You can select your folder to save the file. You can add an unlimited number of files to convert OLM to CSV files and save them to your local system or storage device such as a USB pen drive, external hard drives, and more.

OLM to CSV Converter Tool – FEATURES

Batch Export OLM File to CSV

Batch Export OLM File to CSV

The tool can convert OLM to CSV format in bulk. You can select an unlimited number of OLM mailbox files. The tool allows the user to export OLM to CSV format in bulk without any file size limitations. The software also supports the selective transfer of articles and mailbox folders that users can select / view.

 100% Accuracy

High Quality with 100% Accuracy

This OLM to CSV converter tool will take care of the integrity of your content during OLM to CSV conversion. You will get resultant CSV files with 100% accuracy. These CSV files can be used in any application including Excel, Google Contacts, Outlook Contacts, etc. It performs the conversion while maintaining the original details.

Preserved All Attributes

Maintain Elements during OLM to CSV Conversion

Mac Outlook is known for organizing contacts and address books in a very systematic way. You can easily manage all contacts and similar attributes in the Address Book using advanced technology in Mac Outlook. The OLM to CSV converter preserves all the contact information like Phone number, name, email address, designation, etc during OLM to CSV conversion.

Convert OLM to CSV

Instantly Convert OLM to CSV

This software proves to be very advantageous in terms of its function and specifications. If a user wants to export contact information from the OLM Mailbox in CSV format quickly and instantly. CSV files are comma-separated values that are useful for transferring most information through a single database file. This tool can quickly import all OLM objects into CSV files.

OLM to CSV converter

Simplified Working Interface

The OLM to CSV converter is designed with advanced algorithms so that even non-technical users can operate it easily. You can easily export Mac OLM files to CSV without any restrictions or drawbacks. Its working interface is very user-friendly & can be used on all windows platforms to perform the successful conversion.

OLM to CSV conversion Tool

Windows Compatible OLM to CSV Tool

The OLM to CSV Converter tool is available for all Microsoft Windows OS users. You can easily run this application on the latest version of Microsoft Windows, i.e., Windows 11 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It is also compatible with other earlier versions of Windows like MS Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. It is the best tool to convert OLM to CSV including emails, contacts, and calendars.


Free Demo Edition will allow you to only export 25 items from every folder.

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Meet the following minimum System Requirements for working to convert OLM to CSV format.

How Can I Export Outlook for Mac to CSV? – Video Tutorial

Mac OLM to CSV Converter Tool – FAQ

How to Export OLM to CSV Files?

5 Steps to Convert OLM to CSV Format:

  • Step 1: Download OLM to CSV Converter Install and Launch.
  • Step 2: Load OLM files in dual ways i.e., Select Files/Select Folders
  • Step 3: Choose Items for the Conversion & Click the Next button.
  • Step 4: Select CSV option & Setup all Required options
  • Step 5: Start Conversion & Access Output CSV files.

Not, the tool to convert OLM to CSV is designed to facilitate the process of OLM to CSV conversion. Anyone can use this simple application without any programming skills.

Yes, you can transfer only 25 items from each mailbox folder to the CSV file with a free OLM to the CSV Converter tool.

Of course, You can do unlimited conversion of OLM files to CSV format. The software to convert OLM to CSV supports batch conversion of multiple files into a single instance. This tool also allows you to export contacts from OLM to CSV format.

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