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Free VHD Viewer Tool

Virtual Hard Disk Viewer tool to Read and Open *.vhd and *.vhdx Information

  • VHDX Explorer tool to Read or Open Virtual Hard Disk files with Viewer Tool.
  • GPT & MBR Partition supported VHD/VHDX files easily view with VHDX Viewer.
  • Easily Read deleted file and partition data from any VHD, VHDX, AVHD, AVHDX, files.
  • The software view every file and folder from corrupted VHD/VHDX files in software.
  • Standalone application software to view any VHD file created by any Virtual Machine.
  • No file size limitation with VHDX viewer tool users can view unlimited Size VHD files.
  • Support All Versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows 10.

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All-in-One Solution of Free VHD Viewer Tool

Effective Steps for VHDX/VHD Viewer Software

more storage

Open VHD Files

Download & Run VHD File Viewer Free on your Windows Machine.

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Folder of VHD

Click on the VHD File internal Folders and preview selected or all VHD files items.

better productivity

Preview VHD

Explore more features of this Free VHD Viewer Tool.

Advanced Features of Virtual Hard Disk Viewer Tool

Know the Benefits of Free VHD Viewer Software

vhd viewer

Preview Deleted VHD Items

Easily get preview of all the old deleted or removed contents from the VHD drive. The Virtual Hard Drive can be partitioned into various parts as like simple drives and hence their sector data or address is divided as well. With the help of this VHD Viewer for Free tool one can easily access the deleted data written at some particular storage location.

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Support GPT & MBR Partitions

Yes, it is one of the best utilities that supports to open both GPT as well MBR Partitions files. GPT stands for GUID Partitions Table and responsible to store the data more than 2TB of disk size. This can be used on latest versions of Windows OS. If you also have GPT or MBR Partitions Virtual Hard Drive in your system then this tool allows to open them easily.

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All Hyper – V Server Supported

This Free VHDX file opener can explore all types of Hyper-V server VHD or VHDX Files. One can get instant preview of all the items of the VHD/VHDX/AVHD/AVHDX file in the panel of this VHD File Viewer. This supports for both fixed and dynamic Virtual Hard Drive Images. Users can easily analyze all the components and files of the Advanced Virtual Hard Drive.


No Limitation of VHD File Size

One of the admirable reason or advantage of using this free software is that it does not offers any Virtual Hard Drive or Disk Image size limitation to open them or view their components. As it does not offer any VHD File size limitation and hence one can open, read, view, analyze or explore any sized of Virtual Hard Disk images with the help of this utility.

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View Multiple VHD Files at Once

The tool allows to open multiple Virtual Hard Drives concurrently in the utility. It will load up instantly all the selected VHD/AVHD/VHDX/AVHD and other Virtual Hard Drive Machine database files. Once the utility load up the .vhd or .vhdx files then it becomes accessible for the users to open, read or view all the components of these Virtual Hard Components.

vhdx/vhd viewer

Open VHD Files in MS Windows

Now it has become easier for the users to preview, access or obtain the videos, content, images, text, files, archives, pictures, applications, software, etc. on the Windows Operating System. The tool is compatible with all The Microsoft Windows Versions like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista as well all its different editions like Home, Pro, 32, 64-bit Windows.

Watch Live Video of Free VHD Viewer

VHDX Explorer tool to Read or Open Virtual Hard Disk files

In this Video tutorial, learn about Free VHD Viewer Software, which helps you easily read deleted files and partition data from VHD, VHDX, AVHD, AVHDX, and files.

Step-by-Step to know VHDX/VHD Viewer Software

  • Start Virtual Disk Image Viewer & VHDX/VHD Viewer software on Windows PC.
  • Software analysing information of selected VHD, VHDX, AVHD, AVHDX files.
  • Click on any File and folder to view selected VHD files data into software panel.

VHDX/VHD Viewer Software - Specification

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download VHD Viewer Tool

Software Download

File Size:1.42 MB


System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 30 MB Space


Pentium II 400 MHz

Operating System

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000

Electronic Delivery

RecoveryTools Free VHD Viewer will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, Why Not! with the help of this software users can search or find the required content or information in the large VHDX or VHD file.

Yeah!, with this VHD Viewer tool we can easily open the corrupted VHD drives and access their content. The utility provides four options at startup. Just choose Corrupted VHD file option from it.

This VHDX Viewer is available open source for all Windows OS including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc. without any problem.

This software generate only data View option of selected VHD files. If you want to recover data from VHD files then install.

What Do Clients Say?

I have not been able to mount the VHDX file on my system, but I urgently need to see the contents of the Hyper-V virtual disk VHD file. Then I found this utility on Google Search. It is completely free to use. This utility also offers an option to view the deleted contents of old VHD files.

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Kinju San, Japan

There is no doubt that it is probably a very good choice to use this Free VHD Viewer to open the Citrix XenServer VHDX files on my Windows Server 2012. This utility allows to open of the damaged VHDX files and enables its preview to explore the VHDX files. content file and the same information in the original form.

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Bob Melvik, New Mexico

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