SQL Transaction Log Analyzer


SQL Transaction Log Analyzer Tool

SQL Log Analyzer to Analyze SQL Server Database Transaction Log (.ldf) Files

Examine SQL transaction logs with SQL Transaction Log Analyzer in Depthfree demo version

  • Examine Each & Every Crucial Change in Log Files by Analyzing SQL Transaction Log (.ldf) Files
  • View and Analyze Insert, Update & Delete, Etc Microsoft SQL Transaction Log with Time Stamps
  • SQL Server Transaction Log Analyzer Can Restore Edited Log Data Records Back in SQL Server
  • Trace Users Modifying SQL Server Log Records with All Details for SQL Forensics Investigation
  • In-Depth Scanning of Log Database from Live Databases or Offline LDF and MDF Files with Ease
  • No Need to Install SQL Server or Have SQL Environment in the Local System for the Log Analysis
  • Dual Modes for MS SQL Transaction Log Analysis; Online and Offline Modes for Complete Study
  • Supports Datatypes Like datetime2, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography
  • Customization Feature with Plenty of Filters Allow Users to Get Tailor Fitted Results for the Log Files
  • SQL Server Log Analyzer Offer Multiple Export Options Like SQL Database, CSV File, &.sql Scripts
  • Supports Log Files of SQL Version 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2005, & 2000

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Why SQL Transaction Log Analyzer Is Beneficial?

Situations Where this SQL Log Analyzer Works Like Magic

read log records

Read Log Records

Open LDF file & read log records without SQL Server installation with this log analyzer tool through a graphical user interface. Free from technical commands.

analyze log data

Analyze Log Data

After reading or viewing the LDF files, users can analyze the details required for any forensic investigation, log audits, or the general monitoring of data.

export ldf files

Export LDF Files

At last, users can export the data to the destination platforms as required. They can also customize data with this SQL Server transaction log analyzer.

SQL Log Analyzer Tool is Helping People Everywhere

SQL Log Data Analyzer is Helpful in Various Industries

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement


Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics


Health Sector
Health Sector

Education Sector
Institutional Sector

When to Use MS SQL Transaction Log Analyzer Tool?

Learn About the Features of this Advanced SQL Server log analyzer

live database access

Access to Live SQL Database All Records

Users can easily connect the SQL Server log analyzer tool with SQL database using proper authentication protocol to open & read all of the log records without any hassles. It enables users to view all the transactions happening in the database by different users along with proper timestamps.

analyze all transactions

Analyze All Transactions in SQL Database

The software is advanced enough to analyze the details of all transactions like Insert, Update, Delete, etc with all necessary details. Users can go to activity preview to check the login name, transaction name, table name, transaction time, etc details for a particular SQL log transaction.

repair ldf files

Repair & Restore Corrupt LDF File Errors

For users facing trouble with corruption in their SQL Server log files, Microsoft SQL transaction log analyzer solution easily executes the repair task. It can fix the corrupt sectors of an LDF file & then also recover the database with each & every detail that the user might need later.

sql log forensics

Execute SQL Log Forensics without SQL

SQL Server log analyzer is a great help for digital forensicators. It can help them examine the SQL log files to find out the details regarding security breaches and intrusions. It can also help investigators track who modified which part of the database at what time with utmost accuracy.

data types

All the Advanced Data Types Supported

To get into advanced & deep forensics of the SQL log files, the SQL Server transaction log analyzer supports the Datetime2, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography data types. This makes the entire software a boon for all the SQL Server digital forensics examiners.


Customization For Data Export Options

The software is known for its customization options. Users can easily export the data records selectively as per the use. This way, further examination & study of the SQL log files become quite convenient. Moreover, users can easily restrict unwanted files from cluttering the destination platform.

latest versions

Supports Windows & SQL Latest Versions

We offer frequent updates of the SQL transaction log analyzer for users so that it works in all conditions. Evidently, it supports SQL Server versions 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005, & 2000. Moreover, Latest Windows OS like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc are supported too without errors.

export options

Multi Export Options After .ldf Examination

When users want to export the analyzed data, there are plenty of options available. The software allows to export of the log transactions in three ways. Either user can directly export the data to a live SQL Database. Or, users can export data to a CSV file and .sql transcript file if needed.

SQL Transaction Log Analyzer Tool - Quick Steps

Read, Analyze, & Export the SQL Database Log (.ldf) Files in 5 Steps

SQL Log Analyzer from RecoveryTools is a one-stop solution for all kinds of users. It helps SQL users to view, analyze, repair & restore LDF files. On the other hand, forensics investigators can use this utility in use for detailed examinations & user action tracking. Have a look at the 5 quick steps of the software:

Read & Analyze SQL Log Records Quickly:

  • Step 1: Start the SQL log analyzer & Click Open.
  • Step 2: Choose the Online or Offline Mode here.
  • Step 3: After Scanning, Preview All Log Records.
  • Step 4: Set the Destination Path for Log Export.
  • Step 5: Hit the Export/Save Button to End Task.
SQl Log Analysis

System & Software Specifications for SQL Server Log Analyzer

Download the Software & Go Through the Technical Requirements

Software Download

File Size:9.46 MB

Version: 9.0

Trial Limitations

The trial version of the RecoveryTools SQL transaction log analyzer allows only preview & export 50 records per table from the database.

System Requirements

Hard Disk Space
100MB Free Disk Space

4GB of RAM Recommended

Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @2.40GHz or Above

Supported Editions

  • SQL Server Versions – 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008/R2, 2005, 2000 versions.
  • Microsoft Windows OS – Windows OS 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & Windows Server 2012, 2016, etc.

Electronic Delivery

RecoveryTools delivers the SQL Log Analyzer online through the mail with the link & key attached to download and activate after purchase.

Most Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for SQL MS SQL Transaction Log Analyzer

Not just recover. This SQL log data examination software can open, read, repair & recover deleted transaction logs for sure.

This advanced log analyzer for SQL LDF files supports all SQL versions from 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2005, and 2000.

No worries. The SQL log analyzer tool can easily execute all the operations without having an SQL environment with the help of offline stored LDF files.

Apart from SQL LDF file preview, analysis & recovery, the software is beneficial for forensics purposes like tracking users' actions, auditing, etc events.

Yes, users just need to open the SQL server log analyzer, connect with the database & then restore the log files from simple recovery mode.

Compare Demo & Paid Versions of SQL LDF Analyzer Tool

SQL Log Analyzer Software Detailed Comparison for Demo & Paid Versions

  • Browse & Add LDF Files
  • Online & Offline Analysis
  • Preview & Sort Log Fields
  • SQL 2000 to 2022 Versions
  • Support for Latest Windows OS
  • Various Filter Options for LDF File
  • Selected Transaction Row Preview
  • Export LDF data to CSV File or.sql Scripts
  • Export SQL Log Records to SQL Database
  • Demo version
  • 50 Records / Table
  • No
  • No
  • download software  Download
  • Most Popular
    Full Version
  • Unlimited
  • buy software Purchase

Why Do Our Clients Praise Us?

User Reviews for SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool

"Thank you RecoveryTools for this amazing MS SQL transaction log analyzer tool that helped me do forensics analysis for bulk log files with pinpoint accuracy. I praise how these guys have integrated the advanced filters in the software for detailed customization of the SQL log data records of all types."

profile star

- Kerri Espinoza, Italy

"Even after trying for hours, I wasn’t able to view my corrupted Log files in SQL Server. That is exactly when this professional SQL Server log analyzer came for a savior. It not only helped me in viewing the files but also in repairing te corruption issues from their very root with just a few steps."

profile 2 star

- Joan Oconnell, United States

"I highly recommend all SQL users irrespective of their experience for Log records analysis. A solution with this much detail made my SQL log analysis as easy as operating any other computer software. What I liked the most was the twin mode offline and offline for scanning the LDF data records."

profile 3 star

- Jerry Flynn, South Africa

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