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#1 CSV to VCF Converter tool to Export Outlook / Google CSV Files to vCard.

  • Batch Export CSV files with dual methods i.e. Add Files/Add Folders option
  • Supports all devices created CSV files like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone
  • Convert Google Contacts CSV or Outlook CSV files to vCard or VCF files
  • Unlimited Sharing of Excel CSV, Outlook Contacts or Google Contacts as vCard
  • Convert Entire CSV file details including Name, Title, Email, Phone etc.
  • Map Fields of Contacts CSV Files with vCard Manually or Automatically
  • Convert Contacts Files from CSV to vCard without Requiring Microsoft Office Installation in Your System
  • Easy to use CSV to vCard Converter helps the users to Instantly Export CSV Files to VCF Contacts
  • The CSV to VCF File Converter is compatible with all Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.
  • Free Live Demo - CSV to vCard Converter Fully Secured Download Version
  • Safe and Secure Virus Total Safety Score: 100%


This best CSV to VCF converter exports Excel CSV files to VCF format and exports contacts from CSV to vCard format. It has the best graphical user interface and a single interface that allows users to easily convert Google CSV files to vCard format. Suitable for both regular and professional users, this application allows you to easily convert CSV to VCF format. The software can export a CSV file without installing Microsoft Outlook and compatible applications. This software offers many benefits and features.

Lack of Standards

There is no standard set of rules for creating CSV files. Therefore, various e-mail services, e-mail clients, devices, or users create CSV files according to their needs for use. But business users still prefer to use standard file formats, that is, for contacts, VCF is the best choice.

vCard Support All Data Types

A CSV file can only store plain text and numbers in comma-separated format. While a vCard file can store photos, sound clips, logos, etc. as well as complex texts and numbers. It is therefore advisable to use a vCard instead of the CSV file format to store information from the directory.

Less Sharing Options

Currently, there are only a few email applications, email clients, or electronic devices that can import and export CSV files. Therefore, many users want to convert CSV to vCard. For example, iPhone doesn't allow you to import CSV files.

Import CSV from Multiple Programs

Quickly import CSV files into various programs by converting them to vCard files. vCard files are compatible with large applications such as iPhone, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. The best tool to convert CSV to vCard handles all migration tasks automatically.


CSV formats are used to better represent sets or sequences of records, and each record contains the same list of fields. This applies to relationships in a relational database or data (but not calculations) in a regular table. CSV formats are not limited to a specific character set. They work with both Unicode character sets (such as UTF-8 or UTF-16) and ASCII (although some programs that support CSV may have their own limitations). CSV files usually survive the naive translation of one character to another (unlike almost all proprietary data formats). However, CSV does not allow you to determine which character set to use. Therefore, they should be shown separately or upon receipt (if possible).

VCard is a standard file format for electronic business cards, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact Record). Virtual cards are often attached to email messages, but can be used in other ways, such as by email. YES. Via Multimedia Messaging (MMS), Internet, Instant Messaging or QR Code. These can include name and address, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, logos, photos, and sound clips. vCard is used as a data exchange template in Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Personal Information Manager (PIM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Other "business card types" are used to implement these data exchange programs and are designed as "standard types", each with its own unique range: XML agencies, JSON agencies, or websites.

In more simpler words, we can say that the Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV) format is a common file type used for data transfer. Many Internet mail and e-mail clients can export contacts (address book) to a CSV file. VCard is an electronic business card. It is used as a wide range of applications and mobile devices. Contact information can be exported and imported using a vCard file. This software is a bridge to transfer CSV contact file to vCard file. You can complete the conversion with just a few mouse clicks. It is rated as the best CSV to vCard Converter by Experts due to following reasons:


Unlimited Share CSV Files as vCard

With CSV to vCard Converter you can convert Google CSV to VCF, Gmail CSV to VCF, Hotmail contacts to vCard, PowerShell CSV to vCard, Thunderbird contacts to vCard, Outlook CSV to vCard and Ubuntu CSV to vCard. The resulting vCard file can be easily imported to Gmail, Exchange Server, Yahoo Mail, WhatsApp, Android, iPhone, iCloud, Mac Address Book, IBM Notes, eM Client, etc.

Lightweight CSV to VCF Tool

The conversion program meets all of your requirements. The app guarantees safe and reliable conversion, making it a great choice for converting CSV files to VCF. Be sure to use it for your personal or business needs. It adapts to your needs. All contacts are exported to a secure environment. Suitable versions: Standard & Pro. The best CSV to VCF tool is very light without a large processor.

Advanced Tool to Export CSV to vCard File

This CSV to vCard conversion software provides users with advanced options to export CSV to vCard contact’s file. Users can convert individual CSV files to vCard files. The app provides contact field mapping to match the properties of the vCard file and CSV field flawlessly. Select the desired CSV file from its original location and convert it to the desired VCF encoding file.

Convert Various Applications Created CSV Files

CSV to VCF Converter is very useful for users. It allows you to export all kinds of CSV files created with various applications. CSV files can be created using Notepad, Outlook, or Google Contacts. The utility can convert the address book of multiple users into vCard files, helping them easily share them with different applications.

Create Separate vCard (VCF) Files

The utility helps users create separate VCF files for each CSV file. During the conversion process, it asks users to create a separate VCF file. The CSV format is a common file type and is used for data transfer, e-mail on the Internet, and email clients can export contacts (address books) to a CSV file. This utility allows you to transfer CSV files to vCard contacts.

Map CSV Fields to vCard Properties

This CSV to vCard conversion software allows users to save all details and properties of CSV files. Saves and correctly maps CSV fields to vCard file properties such as name, title, date of birth, gender, company, department, phone, email, address, website, etc. Use this useful application to export CSV files to vCard without making any changes to the original content.

Convert CSV to VCF in Multiple Encoding

This application provides users with a separate option to convert CSV files to vCard encoded files. VCard is an electronic business card, contact information can be exported and imported using separate vCard files. Users can create ASCII VCF files, UTF-8 VCF files, UNICODE, UTF-32, UTF-7, etc.

Convert CSV to vCard Windows 10

This Gmail CSV to vCard Converter software is completely independent from work. No need to install any third-party applications like Google Contacts, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. The software is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, including Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista and etc.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 10 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of CSV to vCard Converter.

Watch How to Convert CSV to vCard ?
Frequently Asked Questions

Just follow below steps to convert CSV files to vCard.

  • Step 1: Download, install and launch the CSV to vCard Converter.
  • Step 2: Upload the CSV files to by clicking the Select button.
  • Step 3: Select the required CSV file and click the "Open" button.
  • Step 4: Set all the options for converting CSV file to vCard such as destination, contact field mapping, VCF encoding, etc. in the app bar.
  • Step 5: Click the "Convert" button and analyze the conversion process in real time. Access the received vCard files from the destination.

Yes, this app supports all kinds of CSV files for export to VCF format.

No, this app does not offer any restrictions on the size of the CSV file. Users can easily export Gmail CSV files to vCard format without any size limit.

No, this CSV to vCard conversion software is completely independent of its work. No need for Outlook or installation to convert CSV files to VCF.

Yes, this utility helps users create universal support vCard files. vCard files are easily compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iOS, iPhone, Gmail, etc.

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