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Windows Image Backup Recovery Software Recover & Restore files from Corrupt or Damaged Windows Image Backup

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  • Support to recover of data from Windows Image Backup VHD or VHDX files.
  • Recover and restore all Windows backup files including Windows 10 backup.
  • Extract data from old Windows Image Backup to Physical Storage location.
  • Restore files and folder data from Corrupt Windows 10 Image Backup Files.
  • Support to Recover specific files and data from selected Windows Backup file.
  • Recover data from lost, corrupted or missing items from Windows Backup.
  • Support all Windows Backup file created in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc.
  • Support all Microsoft windows Operating System including Windows 10.

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Features & Benefits


Recover Data From Corrupt Windows backup VHD/VHDX Files

RecoveryTools Windows Backup Recovery Software able to recover data from corrupt Windows backup files and restore data from Backup files created by Microsoft Windows backup tool. The software supports all Microsoft Windows Backup files extension such as VHD or VHDX files of Windows Backup. Software supports Control panel Back up and Restore (Windows 7) files.


Extract inaccessible data From Windows Image Backup

If you are taking backup of Windows machine through Windows backup tool, but after some time the file was corrupted for uncertain reasons, Then the software allows you to extract data from corrupted Windows Image Backup file. The software supports all extension of Microsoft Windows backup tool and easily restore it at users desired location on the system.


Preview all Recoverable data from Windows backup file

After analyzing process software show all files and folders of recoverable data from selected Windows Backup Image file, users can easily click and get the free preview of file and folder name and internal files and data from any folder easily. The software easily handles with any non-technical person to restore data without facing any problem.


Find or Search and save Required files from Windows Backup

RecoveryTools Windows Image backup Recovery provides an option to search and find specific files and folder from selected Windows backup VHD/VHDX files. Users can easily select required files and folder from selected Windows backup file to Physical Hard Drive location.


Support All Microsoft Windows OS Backup Image file

RecoveryTools Windows Backup Restore tool allows you to recover all types of files from any Windows Backup file such as Windows 10 Image Backup Recovery, Windows 8.1 Image Backup Recovery, Windows 8 Image Backup Recovery, Windows 7 Image Backup Recovery, etc.


Select User Desired location to save selected data

Best Windows Backup Extractor software to export Windows backup to physical hard drive location. The software allows you to select required items and files from selected Windows backup file to users selected path or users location on the system. Support for Best Graphical User Interface.


Support All Microsoft Windows Operating System

RecoveryTools Windows Image backup Recovery Software supports all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including latest Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc. with x64 or x32 bits versions.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition of Windows Backup Recovery Software will allows you to view all recoverable data from corrupt Windows Backup files but unable to save it.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Windows backup Retrieve Application.  

  • Program Name: Windows Backup Recovery Software
  • Version:
  • System Requirement: 1 Ghz Processor, 512 MB RAM, Minimum 100 MB Space
  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc

Screenshots of Windows backup Recovery Software

Launch Windows Backup Recovery Software

Step 1 : Start Windows Image Backup recovery software and select file to get all information.

Select data

Step 2 : Software analysing all recoverable data from selected Windows Image Backup files.

Start Windows Backup recovery

Step 3 : Software Start recovery process of selected files from corrupted Windows Backup.

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21 Ratings
Miss Suzie
This software support all Windows OS Backup recovery created by Microsoft Windows Image backup.
Bill Collins
Fast and reliable software to restore all data from any Windows Backup files.
Charls Bay
Detailed and informative platform to perform recovery process of any Microsoft Windows OS backup files.

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