RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator

#1 IncrediMail Converter Software to Export IncrediMail Emails, Contacts, Calendars

  • Batch IncrediMail Mailbox Conversion into Multiple Standard Formats
  • Convert all IncrediMail Data Including Emails, Attachments, Contacts
  • Maintain IncrediMail Emails Metadata Properties & Email Fidelity
  • Convert Unlimited IncrediMail Emails & Address Bookwith Size Limits
  • Migrate all IncrediMail Mailbox Folders: Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items
  • Export IncrediMail Mailboxes from All Database Files i.e. IMM, IM, IML, DB etc.
  • Automatically Load IncrediMail Mailboxes from Configured Profile Path
  • Export Emails from Corrupted or Damaged IncrediMail IMM & IML Files
  • Convert IncrediMail Emails to RTF, TXT, HTML, MHT, XPS File Formats
  • Run IncrediMail Converter Software on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.

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IncrediMail e-mail client does not support IMAP, it is no longer able to export IncrediMail e-mails to other important e-mail clients or file formats. That's why the team has developed the state-of-the-art IncrediMail conversion tool for migrating emails, contacts, etc. IncrediMail in multiple file formats.


IncrediMail Converter software that can export IncrediMail emails from any IncrediMail account to multiple file formats simultaneously. The software also exports email attachments from all IncrediMail email accounts. This software supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems for running and exporting IncrediMail email accounts in multiple file formats. This software provides multiple storage options for simultaneous storage of multiple IncrediMail emails in local format and other mail client file formats. IncrediMail Export software maintains the properties and features of IncrediMail email before the migration process.


It proves to be the best software for converting IncrediMail contacts, as it allows users to export the IncrediMail address book to vCard format and IncrediMail contacts to CSV format separately without having to face any problems. There are many users who want to transfer IncrediMail contacts to vCard and IncrediMail address book in CSV format without having to face any problem. This software comes with some of the latest techniques for storing IncrediMail contacts in vCard format without any hassle. IncrediMail conversion software can export IncrediMail contacts to CSV format and directly import IncrediMail contacts into Outlook contacts format without facing any problem.


If you want to export the IncrediMail calendar, install the IncrediMail mail client on the Windows operating system. This software provides various add-ons for easy export of IncrediMail calendars without any hassle, just install the add-on via the web for online business and IncrediMail extensions. This software helps enterprise users migrate IncrediMail contacts to other applications of multiple email clients and save their contacts for future use. This software generates emails of the same quality at the end of the IncrediMail email migration process. The IncrediMail migration tool also provides migration of email folders without any migration error.


IncrediMail Converter software has a dual operating mode for loading one or more IncrediMail files into the software panel with one click. Get free software to convert IncrediMail to any Windows system and convert IncrediMail mail to another mail client format with a few simple clicks. The software is also able to detect IncrediMail emails automatically and manually using simple upload options. After migrating to other e-mail client formats and e-mail file formats, create the same e-mail folder and e-mail label. IncrediMail Export also provides the ability to sort emails before the conversion process.


RecoveryTools Incredimail Converter is world's best Incredimail converter software that export Incredimail emails to multiple file format on single platform. The software support Incredimail file conversion with unique feature to save multiple Incredimail account in batch at once. The software low size and easy to understand interface platform to convert multiple Emails from Incredimail to Outlook, Incredimail to Windows Live Mail, Incredimail to Thunderbird, Incredimail to Apple Mail, Incredimail to EML, Incredimail to MSG, Incredimail to EMLX, Incredimail to MBOX, Incredimail to MBX, Incredimail to PDF, Incredimail to RTF, Incredimail to HTML, Incredimail to Entourage (RGE), Incredimail to CSV, Incredimail to Lotus Notes, Incredimail to Zimbra, Incredimail to Maildir, Incredimail to MyOffice Mail, Incredimail to Outlook for Mac (OLM), Incredimail to Gmail, Incredimail to Yahoo, Incredimail to Office 365, Incredimail to Exchange Server, Incredimail to IBM Verse, Incredimail to Amazon WorkMail, Incredimail to Kerio, Incredimail to SmarterMail, Incredimail to MDaemon, Incredimail to IMAP, etc.

IncrediMail Converter software is a standalone application program that allows you to easily save emails online and IncrediMail to other file formats without the help of supporting application software. This software supports all Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 10, without the need to install a .net framework. IncrediMail Converter software supports the bulk migration process to store bulk emails from your IncrediMail account in multiple file formats. Users add multiple IncrediMail files to store in a different email client format, and multiple online emails host multiple accounts in a single file format without having to face problems.

RecoveryTools IncrediMail migration tool supports transferring only selective emails from IncrediMail account to another account without any problems. After automatic detection of e-mails from the IncrediMail account installed on the software panel. Users can easily view all e-mails and select only mandatory e-mails to be transferred without restriction. IncrediMail conversion software comes with a simple browsing interface and the best visual interface platform for migrating multiple emails from IncrediMail without the help of a technician. The process of migrating IncrediMail emails to several file formats begins and takes several times to complete the migration process without facing any issues.


Multiple Export Options In Single Tool

IncrediMail Migrator offers the ability to convert IncrediMail Cab items, such as .imm, .Iml, .db files, to HTML, RTF, TXT, MHT, XPS file formats, etc. All IncrediMail Cab file elements are loaded into this IncrediMail conversion tool and therefore, any novice user can easily convert them to the required formats without any technical knowledge.

Export IncrediMail to HTML & MHT

The IncrediMail to HTML Converter allows you to save IncrediMail emails in HTML and MHT format. And then make IncrediMail emails available in web browsers and view their contents without installing IncrediMail on our system. This tool can convert various emails to HTML or a web page without changing any information or formatting.

Preserves Internal System Folder Hierarchy

The best thing about IncrediMail Migrator is that it maintains the folder structure and hierarchy preserved during the conversion. All items and their respective folders will be restored exactly as they were before the transfer to maintain email fidelity.

Save Emails with Different Names on Disk

When the user chooses the option to save IncrediMail Cab file elements such as HTML, XPS, MHT, TXT, RTF, etc., the tool will provide an additional option to save file names in some predefined formats, such as a combination of Subject, Date, From, etc., making it easier to report.

Batch Convert Multiple IncrediMail Files

IncrediMail File Converter software supports batch conversion of multiple IncrediMail clipboard items. Quickly export individual IncrediMail IMM and IML files in the format you want. Alternatively, you can upload multiple IncrediMail mailboxes by clicking Select Folders.

Convert Incredible Emails with Attachments

RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator is one of the top applications that allows users to export emails from IncrediMail along with all embedded attachments (users should have a folder with email attachments).

Protects IncrediMail Email Fidelity

IncrediMail Converter is best known for preserving metadata and properties for exporting IncrediMail messages. When the user selects the option to convert IncrediMail files, the tool will request a destination and then convert directly without displaying an error.

Convert All IncrediMail Mailbox Items

This IncrediMail Migrator provides a separate option to export IncrediMail contacts or calendar entries. When we decide to convert IncrediMail contacts, the tool will ask you to import the IncrediMail directory into a separate file so that they can be used in other applications.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of IncrediMail Migration Tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the instructions to transfer IncrediMail emails:

  • Step 1: Start IncrediMail Converter.
  • Step 2: Add .imm files to the software interface using the Select File or Select Folders button.
  • Step 3: Select the desired save option and also select the destination path.
  • Step 4: Click the Convert button on the toolbar.
  • Step 5: This software starts the conversion and converts e-mails, attachments and e-mail properties from IncrediMail files.

Repeat for all emails you want to export, but if you are considering migrating thousands of emails, I recommend using this IncrediMail Migrator.

Yes, the IncrediMail Converter Software can export IncrediMail Address Book (AddrBook.db3) files.

The default location of the IncrediMail 2.x mailbox is:

  • C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Local \ IM \ Identity \ [Identity-ID] \

Attachments inserted in e-mails are stored in a subfolder in the same place:

  • C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Local \ IM \ Identity \ [Identity-ID] \ Attachments \

But it's best to note that this IncrediMail migration tool will walk you directly to the default storage location where your IncrediMail data is stored.

No, the software is completely separate to perform the migration. Therefore, it does not require the installation of the required IncrediMail mail client on the computer.

Yes, IncrediMail File Converter is fully designed for the Windows platform, so it supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, XP, Vista, etc. 32-bit and 64-bit.

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