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How to Import/Export Apple Mail to Office 365 or Outlook.com?

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In this article we discuss about a perfect way to import Apple Mail to Office 365 mail account on web without IMAP Migration. It will be proved as one of the simplest procedures to migrate Mac Mail to Outlook 365. The utility directly performs Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration directly by asking Account login credentials of resultant Office 365, Outlook.com or Outlook 365 account.

There are various email clients for Mac & Windows to accomplish and manage their Mail data. But, due to universal accessibility and secured grounding, the cloud-based technology is highly attracting the user. A pattern of wide range of migration can be seen from Desktop-based application user to cloud-based services. In the same scenario, a large number of users are looking for a way for the migration of Apple Mail to Office 365 account without facing nay trouble.

Why Do a User Need to Migrate Apple Mail to Office 365?

One of the major reasons for a user to switch from Apple Mail to Office 365 is that Mac Mail offers less intuitive features in comparison of Office 365. Office 365 provides fast connectivity, systematic arrangement of mailbox items, online mailbox access at any time, organize calendar, meetings and invitations etc.

Office 365 never lacks any desktop or hardware limitations. Anyone can access and manage emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from any Web browser, at any corner of the world with any device. This any makes Outlook 365 universally accessible and hence making users to less dependent upon Desktop-based devices.

What Users are Really Looking upon Various Forums Regarding Mac Mail to Office 365 Migration?

Any ideas? Would the best bet be to add the 365 account into Mac mail, then drag the on my mac folders into the office 365 account in mac mail, let it upload then add the account with the uploaded mail into office 365? We are using MigrationWiz which migrates all of the IMAP data but won’t take over any of the local mailboxes. Thanks!

  • Found on Spiceworks: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2011216-best-way-to-migrate-on-my-mac-mail-folders-to-office-365

How do I move, add, Export or transfer and Apple Mac Mail account to my Office365 Account without Migration Wiz….Thanks your help, step-by-step, guide or advice is Highly appreciated!

  • Source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook-mso_other/how-do-i-moveadd-export-or-transfer-and-apple-mac/050658cf-39f0-4bae-bdb6-dc41ebc09d76

My first intuition would be to setup both Apple Mail (IMAP) and Exchange 2013 accounts into Microsoft Office 2011 (no Windows in the office BTW), thereafter Apple Mail account to complete its initial cache sync, to run some kind of “EXPORT TO PST” of the entire mailbox. Thereafter there’s probably some kind of “IMPORT PST” somewhere that can import mails and folder from the PST to the Exchange account?

 I’ll need also to migrate iCAL (CalDAV) users’ calendars to Exchange calendar. Same as Contacts (aka Address Book) into Exchange contact. But I’m not concerned that much with iCal and Contacts right now, I’m pretty sure the export/import is pretty straight forward…

How do you process yourself? Any clues for me?

I have an existing email address that has just been migrated from Melbourne email to Office 365.

I’m running Mac Mail on OS X 10.6.5 and need simple steps on how to modify the existing account (POP3) to send/receive using Office 365 (no idea).

I have a load of email on the old account and don’t want to lose them if at all possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (moving away from Office 365 is not an option sadly)

  • Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4252098

How to Migrate Apple Mail to Office 365 Account?

To do so, the first thing which a user needs to do is export Mailbox items from Apple Mail to Local account. Once you receive Apple Mail Folders and other mailbox items as MBOX file format, you can use RecoveryTools MBOX Migrator software which provides direct option to upload Apple Mail files to Office 365 account. To accomplish this task just follow these given steps:

  1. First learn How to Export Apple Mail Mailbox Items from here.
  2. Download Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool from below button:download
  3. Install & Run Utility in your PC & load Apple Mailbox files in it.choose apple mail files to upload into outlook 365
  4. Select only the required items which you want to export to Office 365.select apple mailbox files
  5. Select Office 365 option from Select Saving options list.mbox to office 365
  6. Enter Office 365 Account Login Credentials & click Convert button.apple mail to office 365
  7. Analyze Live conversion process and confirm the conversion process once finished successfully.

As you can see that just by following the above steps anyone can instantly upload Apple Mail to Office 365 account.

Features of Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool:

This utility offers a large number of advantages to the users specially in terms of its speed and accuracy. When a user decided to migrate using IMAP Migration from Apple Mail to Office 365, he faces large number of challenges. You must have technical knowledge, as well you have a properly configured Office 365 and Gmail account in your PC. But, this application only required Office 365 account login credentials of resultant account and the automotive process will instantly do Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration.

  • One can upload any amount of Apple Mail data large or big to Office 365 account just in few minutes.
  • The software allows the users to manually select Apple Mail files by dual methods. Click on Add Files or Add Folders option to select anyone of them.
  • Users can also upload selective Apple Mail folders or data to Outlook 365 account.
  • A Live Conversion process report is generated in application panel during migration.
  • The software supports conversion of non-English character set and other components.
  • All the internal Folder system and hierarchy is kept preserved while Apple Mail to O365 Migration.

This article majorly solves the following queries of users instantly with highest degree of accuracy.

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