RecoveryTools Kerio Migrator

#1 Kerio Mail Server Migration Tool to Convert Kerio Emails, Contacts, Calendars

  • Batch migration of Kerio mailboxes
  • Migrates all your Kerio Mail Server data including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes etc.
  • Keeps the mailbox folder hierarchy intact with Kerio Connect Migration Tool.
  • Export mail from Kerio Connect with 25+ conversion, migration & backup options.
  • Options to convert to various offline files & migrate to email cloud servers
  • The program supports migration of Public folders
  • Advanced Filter options to migrate selective Kerio Mailbox data with various criteria like Date, From, Subject etc.
  • Option to extract calendars & contacts separately to standard formats ICS (iCalendar), CSV, VCF (vCard)
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows Desktop & Windows Server Operating Systems.
  • To migrate Hosted Kerio Cloud emails, please use Email Backup Wizard tool.

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RecoveryTools Kerio Migrator help you to easily migrate or backup all your mailboxes to various platforms. The program costs lesser and performs better compared to other solutions available in the market. The program is well built to handle large amount of data and meets enterprise migration needs.


The Kerio Converter Toolkit does not require any special technical skill to run the program. The program is built with simple and user-friendly user interface which any one can run. User can start the migration process in 3 simple steps. The program gives 25+ Kerio mailboxes migration/backup options with no restriction with the appropriate program license means you can migrate mailboxes to any of the options available with the program. The program keeps the emails, attachments, email metadata, contacts, calendars, folder hierarchy intact while migrating or backing up to all the available options.


The Kerio Migration tool let you export Kerio contacts to standard contacts format like CSV and vCard. This will help you to import Kerio contacts to smartphones, tablets, Gmail, iCloud and many other platforms. CSV format can be opened and managed using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or notepad. vCard or VCF file format is electronic contact format supported by many platforms and user can share or backup contacts in VCF format.


This market leading Kerio Converter Tool help users to export Kerio Calendars to ICS format. ICS or iCalendar files are supported in all email clients and various applications supporting email formats. ICS is a standard calendar format and with the converted Kerio calendars can be imported to many email platforms.


The Kerio Cloud Mail Migration utility will easily convert all the Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Journals etc. It becomes easier for the users to manage the Kerio accounts. All the items from Kerio Mailbox are transferred easily into various file format.


The Kerio Migration Tool by RecoveryTools is rated as one of the best utilities for the migration of Kerio mailboxes with email messages and folders from your Kerio Server to another server or file formats. The program can be installed and operated from the Windows Server where the Kerio is hosted and using one installation the user can batch migrate Kerio Mailboxes to desired destination email server. In case of Kerio set up on other OS servers, the user can create a network drive to access the Kerio Mailboxes from Windows machine and perform a successful migration. Flexibility in usage, 25+ migration options, easy to use fast and accurate migration of the Kerio mailboxes makes the Kerio Migrator the most trusted software program.

The program got evolved to the finest program by adding all the feature request from our valued customers across the globe and we thank our users in participating in development of the kerio connect migration tool. The program also supports multiple languages in case of default folder migration.

Our technicians gave special attention to the conversion speed while making the program to handle large amount of data. In case of Kerio to offline file formats, the program does not have dependency on internet speed and the user will get the faster conversion speed depending upon the system configuration. In case of Kerio to other email server migration, the program has dependency on both Internet speed and system configuration, hence the speed may vary accordingly.


Best Kerio to Office 365 and Kerio to Exchange Server Program

Even though the Kerio Mail Server Migrator helps the users to various email servers and file formats, the program is highlighted as the best Kerio to Office 365 and Kerio to Exchange Server Program in the market. The program directly migrate the user mailboxes to the destination servers with all its contents like email with attachments, folder hierarchy, calendars, contacts etc moreover you can batch migrate user mailboxes with the exclusive automapping of accounts in the destination server! Means no manual export or import required. Watch the demonstration video here:

Keeps Data Intact & Maintain Kerio Folder Hierarchy

Kerio Connect Migration gives you a hassle free experience to export mail from Kerio connect, you don’t need to worry about data loss, folder structures, attachments, email metadata or other data properties as Kerio Converter Toolkit does ensure that all the data get migrated and well placed. The program gives you option to migrate default folders to the destination default folders and supports many foreign languages. This feature will make your migration easier! also the Kerio Mail Server Migration allows the users to export mail from Kerio Connect to 25+ formats.

Batch Migration of Kerio Mailboxes

The exclusive feature of this program is that you can batch migrate Kerio Mailboxes to offline file formats, Office 365 and Exchange Server. The batch migration of any number of mailboxes can be done using one installation. The program’s intelligence will match all the Kerio usernames and destination server mailbox usernames and auto map the accounts for batch migration. Users can also upload the destination user details using CSV upload method which gives the users more control on the migration and migrate accounts in a structured way.

On-Premise Kerio Mail Server Migration

Kerio Migrator can be installed and activated on Kerio Mail Server (Windows OS). User can run the migration from server to server without any glitches. In case of other OS servers user can create network drive to access mailbox folders from the Windows PC or Server where the program is installed. Users do not need to do any manual work during or after completion of the migration. The program gives you Saving Log report which shows the status of folders and data migrated.

Advanced Filters for Selective Kerio Data Cloud Migration

In case of multiple migration or selective migration of the Kerio accounts, user can make use of the Advance Filter option which gives various criteria options like date range, to, from, subject etc. The filter settings can be exported and saved for future migrations.

Copy to Default Folders

While migrating from Kerio to any cloud server, you can use this feature to keep all Kerio default folders migrated to the destination default folders. Means once the option is selected, the program will migrate Kerio Inbox folder to destination Inbox, Sent Items to destination Sent Items folder etc. The program also takes care of folder languages in case the source Kerio folders and destination folders differ in language.

Trial Kerio Migration Version for Testing

Users can test the program before buying the license of Kerio Mail Server Migration Tool. The trial version of the program gives all the features of Migration License with limited number of data conversion. Demo will migrate 25 items per folder and show case all the features of the program. You click on the Download button to download the trial version and try the program. The program size is below 25 MB which does not require high machine configuration to install/run.

Kerio Migration Speed & Its Accuracy

Download Kerio Migrator comes with speed and accuracy in migration. All offline file conversion has dependency on system configuration, testing on an i5 machine with 8 GB RAM the program converted 1 GB Kerio data within 10 minutes approximately. Cloud Server migration has dependency on the internet speed as well. 1GB data with the same system configuration and 10 Mbps internet speed migrated 1 GB data within 45 minutes.

Public Folders, Tasks, Notes & More

Apart export mail from Kerio Connect & webmail with attachments, contacts and calendars the program supports other data types of Kerio mailboxes like Public Folders, Tasks, Notes etc. All these features together make the Kerio Converter Tool a perfect mail migration tool made for you. Order Kerio Cloud Migration tool and get the license within 20 minutes to your email address.

Software Customization Facility

If you think the Kerio Mail Migration requires more features or missing some important features that you need to implement on the tool, please reach us via live chat or email. The addition of features may cost according to the uniqueness and implementation difficulty of the feature suggested.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Kerio Mail Server Migration.

Watch How to Migrate Kerio Mail Server - Kerio Cloud & Kerio Connect Migration Tool
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the steps to understand the Kerio connect migration tool

  • Step 1: Run the Kerio Migrator, choose Kerio folders / files.
  • Step 2: Select desired user mailbox or folders to migrate Kerio mailbox.
  • Step 3: Now, select the required file saving option from the list.
  • Step 4: Click on next button to start Kerio Mail Migration process.

No, the trial version of the program will migrate only 25 messages per folder and show case all the features of the program.

Kerio Mail migration tool supports offline Kerio mailbox files and you can migrate if you have the files copied in your computer. If you do not have the server or offline file access, you can use our signature tool Email Backup Wizard to migrate the Kerio Cloud emails.

The program is a Windows based program and cannot be installed on Mac OS computers. If the Kerio is hosted on a Mac OS server, user can use network drive to access the mailbox folders from a Windows computer.

Yes, the program can be installed on Windows Server where the Kerio is hosted and perform Kerio Mail Server migration.

You can easily export the contacts from Kerio connect to CSV or vCard format using the program, you can check the demonstration steps shown in this page to understand the working of the program.

While you make the purchase, the screen will ask the email address and after successful purchase you will receive the license key information within 20 minutes of the purchase. In case you do not receive the information within the time, you can check the spam/junk folders or you can get in touch with us through live chat/email.

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