RecoveryTools Horde Mail Migrator

#1 Horde Mail Migration Tool to Export Horde On-Premise Server Mailboxes

  • Migrate Horde On-Premise Groupware Mail Server Mailboxes in Batch.
  • Keeps On-Disk Mailbox Folder Hierarchy Intact During Horde Mail Migration Process.
  • Export Horde Server Emails with 25+ Backup / Conversion / Migration Options.
  • Keep Every Email Meta Properties & Associated Details While Migration Process.
  • Export Selective Horde Mail Server Mailbox Emails with Advance Filter Options.
  • Option to Batch Migrate Horde Mail Server Offline data to Cloud Server Directly.
  • Export Single Messages from Horde Server with Desired File Naming Options.
  • Transfer Horde Mail Server Emails to Another Server - Office 365, Exchange Server, etc.
  • Independent Solution to Migrate Horde Mail Server User Data without Any Dependency.
  • Horde Mail Migrator Utility Supports All Microsoft Windows & Server Editions.
  • To Migrate Horde Webmail Emails, please use Email Backup Wizard.

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Horde Mail Migration Tool by RecoveryTools helps users who want to migrate Horde Mail Server data to another platform or another server. The application allows its users to easily transfer large enterprise Horde server data without any complications. It is a powerful utility to easily handle multiple user mailboxes data from Horde Groupware Server and export Horde data to several formats, email clients, webmail accounts, mail servers, etc.

The utility performs in a way that is better than other applications available in the market at a lower cost. One can successfully export unlimited Horde server mailbox data of any size and at the same time, it will save all the resulting items at the user's intended location.

Support Horde On-Premise Server Data

During Email Migration from Horde Mail Server, the significant part is relocating email information with no glitches. RecoveryTools Horde Mail Migrator utility allows you to export Horde On-Premise Server data to several email platforms with 25+ email migration options. By using this utility, one can easily convert Linux Based Horde Server mailboxes data without any complications.

Migrate Selected Horde Mail Server Folders

Our professionals created the program with valuable highlights and set the priority for the performance of the utility to migrate Horde Server data easily. Our application gives the facilities to choose the required mailbox folders before starting the conversion process. You can easily select the require Horde mailbox folder like inbox, sent, draft, etc. for the migration process.

Export Horde Mail Server Data in Batch

The Horde On-Premise Server Migration utility offers several saving modes including file formats, email clients, and webmail formats. By using this application, one can easily migrate their complete user mailboxes from Horde Server to the selected saving option in a single process. To convert Horde Mail user mailboxes correctly, first, choose the Folder option and select "I am converting Multiple Users" option.

Migrate Horde Server Data without Backup

There are many utilities available in the market that promise you to transfer Horde mail server data directly to other platforms. But they fail to deliver on their promises when transferring data from cloud to cloud. RecoveryTools Horde Mail Migration tool can easily load Horde On-Premise Mail Server data in the user application to directly migrate to another online service or email service without taking backup.


Horde Server is a very powerful email & messaging Groupware software available for small and large-sized organizations or businesses. It is a cross-platform email server with supports all protocols such as SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, & List Servers. Horde Groupware On-Premise Server can handle about 300k+ user mailbox data with an average message flow. This mail server can meet all the requirements of almost any business or home user. But there are many situations, when a user wants to migrate emails from Horde Mail Server to another server.

Use this all-in-one Horde Mail Migration tool which will enable the users to migrate Horde On-Premise or Groupware Server mailboxes to several platforms. It is one of the best utilities in the market that offers the solution for migrating selected emails from Horde User mailbox to the desired format. The Horde Mail Converter tool will preserve all email properties such as email with attachments, email addresses (Cc, Bcc, from, to), email subject, email hyperlink, images, etc.

The software retains the original user mailbox folder structure after complete the process. Horde Mail Migrator offers a copy to default folder option to save user mailbox data in the same resultant folders. The software supports all Windows and Windows Server variants. The company offers different types of licenses for both personal and professional users.


Support Wide Range of Saving Options

Horde Mail Server Migrator provides multiple saving options to migrate Horde user mailboxes to several platforms.

Note: All savings options vary by license, so check savings options before purchasing a license.

Two Options to Select Horde Mail Server Data

The program comes with dual options of selection to choose Horde Mail Server single as well as multiple user mailboxes in a single click. Using this folder option, you can easily choose multiple user mailboxes at once.

  • Select Files: - This selection option allows you to choose the single Horde Mail Server user mailbox data.
  • Select Folders: - This selection option gives an advanced option to choose multiple Horde Mail Server user mailboxes at once.

Maintains On-Disk System Folder Hierarchy

Horde Mail Migration utility will maintain the on-disk folder hierarchy structure of the user mailboxes while migration of Horde Server data. All original content on folders is preserved such as inbox email, sent email, draft email, spam email, garbage email, etc. will change to your selected format without changing the metadata properties.

Best Horde to Exchange or Office 365 Program

This program is highlighted in the online market as the best Horde Server to Exchange Server and Horde Server to Microsoft Office 365 program. One can easily use this application to directly migrate emails from Horde Server to a selected platform. There is no need to use the manual export or import process to migrate data from Horde Server to these platforms.

Integrity of Horde Mailbox Emails Will Remain Intact

The software makes sure to preserve all metadata and properties of the Horde Mailbox email during its migration process. Horde Mail Server Migrator keeps all metadata properties and Associated Details during the migration process such as Email with attachments, Email Headers (To, From, Cc, Bcc), email subject, email formatting (font colors, font face, bold, italic, underline), signature, etc.

Perform Selective Horde Server Migration with Filters

Horde Groupware Server Migration tool is capable to perform the selective mailbox migration with filter options. It will ask users to browse for the location of the Horde mailbox. Users can then easily select the folders they want to migrate from the Horde server to the selected format. If they want to move selected emails from folders, they need to select advance filter options that can easily export emails by date range, subject, email address, and more.

Copy to Default Folder Features

The application will enable the users to secure their system folder hierarchy structure of the resultant mailbox data while transferring Horde Mail to another platform or save into the different format. During the migration of Horde Server data to any other hosted server or online account, you can choose the copy to default folder option. This option will allow you to migrate Horde mailbox data from the same folder to the same resultant folder such as inbox to inbox, sent to sent, draft to draft, etc.

Application Customization Facility

Many users who want to create their own way to transfer their Horde Mailbox data to the resulting platform. Or many users want to arrange some other filters or functions to manage their Horde server data during the migration process. If you want an additional customization feature then you can contact us via email or live chat. The additional option or feature may cost according to the user requirement.

Windows & Server Supportable Program

RecoveryTools Horde Mail Migration tool supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems including Server editions. So, one can easily install this application on Windows 10 (x64 & x86), Windows 8.1 (x64 & x86), Windows 8 (x64 & x86), Windows 7 (x64 & x86), Windows Server 2019 (x64 & x86), Windows Server 2016 (x64 & x86), Windows Server 2012 (x64 & x86), etc.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools Horde Mail Migration Tool.

Horde Mail Migrator Video Tutorial to Know How to Migrate Horde Mail Server Emails
Frequently Asked Questions

Go through these steps to migrate Horde Server mailbox data: -

  • Run the Horde Mail migrator on Windows Computer.
  • Select Horde Server mailboxes with Dual Selection options.
  • Choose the Required Mailbox folders which you want to Export.
  • Select the required Saving Option from the list to migrate data.
  • Hit on the Next tab to migrate Horde Mail Server mailbox data.

Yes, after selected Horde user data with dual options. It gives the facilities to choose the required email folders from the list.

No, right now it only supports Windows OS.

Yes, the program offers the option to migrate the Horde server data in batch mode. In the Horde Mailbox Selection screen, choose the Select Folder option to load multiple user mailboxes simultaneously.

Yes, the Horde Mail Migrator tool supports all versions of Windows OS including the Windows Server 2019.

Yes, the software gives the facilities to export emails to multiple document formats such as PDF, HTML, MHT, DOC, etc.

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RecoveryTools Horde Mail Migrator Tool Verified Purchase Reviews