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  • Email Backup Solution to download Data from Cloud to Hard Drive
  • Backup Multiple IMAP Email Accounts to Online or Webmail Services
  • Protect All Metadata & Email Properties like Subject, Date, Properties
  • Maintain 100% Accurate On-disk System Folder Hierarchy of Mailboxes
  • Save Attachments from Webmail, Web Mail Server, to External Drive
  • Export Mails from Cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-local While Arranging Them
  • Migrate Emails from One Email Account to Another Email Account on Cloud
  • Advanced Settings & Troubleshoot tutorial available to assist for any technical query
  • Perform Selective Backup on the Basis of Advanced Filters like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject etc.
  • Easy to Use & Simplified Working Interface of Email Backup tool makes it Perfect for Novice Users

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Email backup software is known as one of the best software when it comes to downloading data from various web emails and online email services, and stores all the information on your hard drive. Increase user productivity by providing a direct method of migrating email from one webmail service to another.

Local Email Backup from Webmail Servers

If you use a cloud-based email service, you may not be able to store emails from your server locally. In contrast, the above e-mail backup program allows you to back up migrated copies of mailbox items from a subscription-based cloud storage service. The reason for choosing an e-mail backup tool is its protection and simplicity of steps, which are also useful for non-technical users. The application supports not only cloud local e-mail backup, but also cloud-to-cloud and cloud-based cloud e-mail clients. It is well known that it is not so easy task for the users to save emails to disk from various cloud-based email services.

Backup Multiple Email Accounts

It turns out to be a better choice for users to download all emails from different web server applications to the local hard drive due to various malicious issues such as hacking to an external server and leaking important information. It's also possible that you're working on a Webmail server and your connection has just ended, so your data won't sync properly with your local mailbox. The utility provides direct option to upload mailbox items from one Webmail Server like Amazon Workmail, AOL Mail, Comcast Mail, Earthlink Mail, GMX Mail, GoDaddy, IMAP Server, MDaemon Cloud, Rackspace or Yandex Mail to another service including Office 365, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo, Rediffmail or other IMAP Accounts.

Easily Backup from Cloud to Desktop

It is necessary to first backup all the mailbox items from the Webmail database to the local account properly and then sync the information. The utility also offers the users a direct option to download the emails from online email services to Desktop based email clients. The users can either choose the Desktop applications supported file formats like EMLX, MSG, PST, MBOX or email clients like Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Windows Live Mail etc. Users can also the emails as useful file formats like PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC, MHT or XPS files. There is no doubt that it proves to be the best cloud to Desktop email backup program in terms of efficiency, speed & accuracy

100% Secured Backup Of Mailboxes

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At RecoveryTools, it is always a priority to provide simple and practical solutions so that users can back up their important information at regular intervals. One such solution is e-mail backup software to download e-mails from web-based e-mail services to other e-mail clients and web-based mail accounts. The tool also allows you to back up IMAP accounts to communicate automatically with the e-mail server, and then download a copy of the mailbox items to your hard disk or another account. The application provides secure direct access to the email service, which allows users to recover, clone or migrate emails from the account.

Before we explain the software for backing up e-mail files, we will first explain what the word Backup refers to. Backup refers to the process of copying physical or virtual files or databases to secondary or local storage to protect against accidental data loss due to device failures or other disasters. This application works for backing up e-mail files from online servers of various e-mail programs. Organizations and businesses keep their e-mails backed up in the event of malicious software, data corruption, hardware failure, or malicious hacking on an e-mail service server. This Online Cloud Email Backup application allows users to download all important or important emails to a local hard drive or copy emails to other desktop email servers or Webmail.

Cloud Backup is of three kinds:


Backup Emails to Standard Formats

The tool offers users a wide range of technical file formats to download. You can save emails as email formats on your hard drive. These popular file formats help users copy emails from Webmail to any supported application.

Migrate Multiple Webmail Services

One of the biggest benefits of using this application is that it provides a wide range of email services for backing up items in their mailboxes stored locally or on another mail server, including a source email service.

Perform Selective Backup of Emails

The tool provides various filters for selective email download based on the Data Range, From, To or Subject filters. The user just needs to check the filter setting options and then insert the items. One of the best things about this application is that any anonymous user can also design the required or necessary features.

Backup Emails from IMAP Account

This software has a separate option to migrate IMAP accounts to various email clients or file formats for download from the server. The user only needs to enter the IMAP details, such as the IMAP host name and the IMAP port number. Also, it automatically detects the default IMAP port number, which users can change as needed.

Download Emails with Embedded Attachments

Email Backup allows the user to download emails with all its components. With the help of this software you can download emails from the cloud with all attached attachments. Backing up emails with attachments in Webmail is proving a good approach for importing emails from one Webmail service to another.

Preserve on-disk System Folder Structure

The software is designed with such advanced algorithms that the user will not face any challenges while using it. The developers believe in providing backup items with an accurate folder hierarchy so that users don't face any problems. The email account backup software maintains the original folder structure of mailbox items.

Integrity of Emails Remain Intact

This cloud-based email backup application best manages all email components from all email services. All metadata (e.g. To, Cc, Bcc, From, Data), email structure, data fidelity, hyperlinks, and all other content are fully protected and integrated during the backup process.

Load Mailboxes with Login Credentials

The tool offers the ability to easily back up multiple web mail services to a local or cloud-based email service. You can log into your online account simply by providing your email account user credentials, including username and password. Enter your user account credentials, then click Log In.

100% Safe & Secure Toolkit

It is 100% guaranteed that working with this software is completely safe. When using this email backup wizard, the user will not face any loss of information or important mailbox items. The software also does not store account credentials in the database due to user privacy concerns.

Download Trash & Spam Folders

Mail Backup also allows you to back up your Trash and Spam folders. It gets an advantage over other email backup services because most of them don't support downloading the Trash and Spam folders to your mailbox. While the application provides a backup of all mailbox items from the server, including these two folders as well.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Email Backup Software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these Easy steps to Learn about Working of Email Backup Tool:

  • Step 1: Install & Run Email Backup Tool.
  • Step 2: Choose Email Source & Provide Login Credentials
  • Step 3: Choose all the Required Webmail Folders .
  • Step 4: Select the Desired Select Saving Option from 20+ list.
  • Step 5: Complete Setup Process & Analyze Email Backup Process.

The Email Backup Wizard allows you to back up an unlimited number of email accounts. Almost any email account can be backed up, regardless of the number of email messages and the size of the email data.

Yes, our email backup tool is designed specifically for Windows OS users and supports all its latest versions including Win 10 (32, 64 bit).

Yes, you can back up your IMAP emails with this software. Select IMAP from the list of source email services, then enter the IMAP details, such as the IMAP host and the IMAP port number. After setup, click the Sign In button to continue backing up your folders and emails.

Yes, our software provides an advanced way to download a selective email folder backup. All you have to do is select the appropriate filters and then set other options. Enter your email ID in the From option, then click the Backup button. You will only receive emails in the requested file format.

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