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How to Convert PST to MSG Format? Complete Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 7th, 2023
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Overview: In this blog, we are going to discuss two solutions to convert PST to MSG files. There are lots of solutions present on the Internet regarding the same but still, users are facing issues.

So that’s why we have come up with the best ways to carry out the desired results according to the needs and requirements of the users. But before moving to the next section, let us discuss some major points about PST and MSG file format and why users convert PST to MSG.

PST is a format that is supported by Microsoft applications including Exchange Server, and Outlook. It is a personal storage table and stores copies of messages, data, contacts, and other data items.

Additionally, it is better to use this while sharing the data and while doing business communication. When the user is using PST for a much longer time, then he/she might face some limitations that are by default.

On the other hand, the MSG file format is an Outlook email message format that stores the entire email message including all the email elements and data items including the email headers, subject, and entire body message of an email, which compels users to convert PST to MSG. It is saved in the form of a .msg extension.

Why Do Users Export PST to MSG Files?

  • Having a lot of emails stored in the mailbox item and you need to display the message of an email, then what can you do?
  • PST files usually store multiple or even unlimited numbers of items in them. And, it is not possible to share some selected messages using that.
  • It is possible to share a particular message using the Outlook Account but what if you need to share 4-5 messages from the Inbox?

How to Convert PST to MSG Files Manually?

This method is simple and easy to use but you need to understand that using this method, you will not be able to export all the files from PST to MSG file format using Outlook Application. Only some messages will be converted.

  1. Firstly, make a new folder in your system.
  2. Run Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Open the inbox, where all emails are stored.
  4. Choose the required number of emails and drag and drop them into the newly created folder.
  5. To convert PST to MSG in bulk, follow the steps again.

Hence, there is nothing much more difficult in performing this process. But the main problem that arises is that you need to put much of your time and effort and suppose if you want to export thousands of emails then you cannot even count how much time, you need to perform these.

Best and Advanced Automated PST to MSG Converter Tool

Since we had discussed the easiest manual solution, it is possible to use that to convert PST to MSG in bulk. Therefore, we recommend you use Outlook PST Migrator developed by RecoveryTools to carry out the conversion faster.

The tool is specially developed to solve the queries of the users and has been developed with an advanced algorithm. It can convert multiple files within a single attempt with no data loss.

This PST to MSG Converter also supports other multiple file formats and Email Services by building perfect software to solve all PST-related queries.

Various formats such as PST to EML, convert PST to EMLX, convert PST to MBOX, convert PST to Text, convert PST to CSV, convert PST to DOC, import PST to Gmail, PST to Thunderbird, import PST to Yahoo, PST to NSF, and multiple others.

Just Download the PST to MSG Converter for free of cost and start the process.

Quick Steps to Convert PST to MSG

  • Step 1: Run the PST to MSG Converter.
  • Step 2: Upload single/multiple PST files.
  • Step 3: Choose the required folders.
  • Step 4: Choose MSG as the saving type.
  • Step 5: Select the location and apply filters.
  • Step 6: Hit the Convert icon to convert PST to MSG.

How to Convert Multiple PST to MSG Files? Step by Step

  1. Run the given software utility in your existing Windows OS system to initiate the conversion process.

    PST to MSG converter

  2. Choose the multiple options to upload the files in the panel. You can choose to upload the data either by configuring the Outlook Account and otherwise, you can upload the data by choosing files or folders.

    upload the files

  3. After that, you can select needed files or folders and click on Next to export PST to MSG.

    needed files

  4. Then, select “MSG” as the saving option from the lists of 30+ formats. The data will be directly converted into the selected format in the original format.

    saving option

  5. Choose the file naming option to save the resultant data with organized data.

    file naming option

  6. Enter the destination location, you can choose the location according to your convenience using the Browse button.


  7. Then, click on Convert and the convert PST to MSG process will start automatically. You can see the live conversion process running on the screen.

    convert PST to MSG

  8. In the end, go to the destination path and see the converted MSG files from PST.

    destination path

Advanced Features of PST to MSG Converter Tool

  • The utility is completely safe and perfect to use which will give you the desired results without any loss of data.
  • It will convert the entire data in the original format or structure and will not interchange any data.
  • This PST to MSG Converter provides you dual options to load the data either by choosing files/folders or also by configuring the Outlook Account, you can load files in the panel.
  • The software takes care of all the email elements, meta properties, and other attributes and accurately preserves them.
  • Also, PST to MSG conversion includes attachments and will not cause any kind of loss of information. And, is proven to perfect solution for this conversion.
  • The tool can work without the need for any kind of extra installation and can do the process.
  • In addition, it supports PST files from all the versions of Outlook. It also supports UNICODE PST files to carry out the data and convert PST to MSG.
  • However, the utility can export PST file items into other multiple file formats without imposing any kind of limitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ques 1: What is the difference between .pst and .msg files?

    Ans: Both file formats are used by Microsoft Outlook, but the major difference is MSG is used to store single email data, and PST file is used to contain complete data of Outlook profile data.

  • Ques 2: Can I open MSG files without Outlook?

    Ans: There is no method to open MSG files without Outlook except free RecoveryTools MSG Viewer.

  • Ques 3: What is the encoding of MSG files?

    Ans: MSG files are turned into a special code made up of ones and zeros (binary) and letters (ASCII).

  • Ques 4: What is a PST file used for?

    Ans: Outlook is used in PST format to store complete data including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, and other data.

In Conclusion

In the end, just wanted to say that the solutions mentioned above are easy to use and we tried our best to convert PST to MSG without Outlook. Both the manual as well as the professional solutions are easy to use to export PST to MSG. But we suggest you continue with the automated solution and carry out the results faster with 100% accuracy.