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Outlook to Apple Mail Migration Tool Export Outlook into Apple Mail by Converting PST Files as EMLX Folders

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  • Batch Convert Outlook PST Files into EMLX Format to Export Multiple Outlook Emails
  • Performe Unlimited numbers of Emails conversion of PST to Apple Mail Email Client
  • Comes with Multiple File Naming options to manage and sort emails before migration
  • Save All converted data at users desired and users selected destination location on PC
  • Easy to Understand GUI to Migrate PST files into EMLX Messages Without any error.
  • Creates separate EMLX email for each Outlook PST message to import into Apple Mail
  • Comes with simple and consistent graphical users interface to export PST to EMLX.
  • Support All Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows 10 x32 & x64 Bits.

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Features & Benefits


Batch Convert PST File to EMLX File Format

This software provides the functionality to batch export multiple Outlook PST files to EMLX format. It helps to migrate or move large number of Outlook emails or Data Files to Apple Mail single message files. The utility does not offer any file size limitation while doing so. Just select all the source or required Outlook PST files by click on Select Files or Select Folder option of this tool.


Setup and Maintain System Folder Hierarchy

The tool asks the users to keep or ignore the Internal System Folder Hierarchy while performing the migration of Outlook PST emails as EMLX files. Just enable/disable the checkbox of Ignore Folder Hierarchy feature in the toolkit panel. Removing the System Folder Hierarchy helps the users to access all the Outlook Emails as EMLX files without any Folder embedding.


Save EMLX at Same Source Path Location on System

This tool also provides the option for the users to save the resultant EMLX files at the same source location where Outlook PST files are stored. It helps to analyze the working of the utility. One can also change or alter the default destination location or path from Desktop to its required destination location. Just click on Folder Icon and choose or Create New Folder to save files.


Comes with Multiple File-Naming Options

As a PST file may contain thousands of Outlook emails and hence when a user chooses the option to convert PST file to EMLX format, then it will extract a large number of EMLX files from Outlook file. It becomes a crucial or difficult task to manage or access only required emails from such database. So, this utility provides option to save EMLX files with predefined naming format to easily sort data.


Export PST Emails to EMLX with Attachments

One of the major challenge that a user faces while export Outlook emails into Apple Mail is the conversion of the embedded attachment files. In most cases, the attachment files are non-transferrable but this PST Converter to EMLX allows to convert or transfer PST emails to Apple Mail emails along with all the attachment files. For this, there is no need to have Outlook installed in the System.


Save Every PST Email as EMLX File Format

The PST to EMLX Converter is designed in such a way that it converts all the PST file emails to EMLX format with 100% accuracy. All the component of Outlook PST email is transferred to the EMLX format by using this software. The software ensures to convert every selected Outlook email to EMLX format. It will create individual or separate EMLX file for every Outlook Email with all properties.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition of Outlook to Apple Mail Software will allows you to Convert PST to EMLX files only 25 items per folder limitations.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Outlook to Apple Mail Migration software.  

  • Program Name: Outlook to Apple Mail Migration Tool
  • Version: 7.0
  • System Requirement: 1.1 GHZ Processor, 128 GB RAM, Minimum 100 MB Space
  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000 etc

Screenshots of Converting PST file into EMLX Format

Run PST to EMLX app

Step 1 : Run Software & Load single as well as multiple PST file help with Dual options.

Select Outlook to Apple Mail

Step 2 : Choose EMLX file format to convert Outlook to Apple Mail file format.

start PST to EMLX Saving process

Step 3 : Software Start the migration process of PST to EMLX file formats.

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Dozy Clark
This Software Proves to be the best software to convert PST to EMLX format.
Robin Roges
ncredible utility that helps me convert multiple PST emails to multiple EMLX files easily.
Morris Chris
Best software for non-technical persons can easily convert PST to EMLX without any help.

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