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How to Export Outlook Emails to EML Format? Complete Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 8th, 2023
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In this write-up, you will get one of the best and most direct methods to export Outlook emails to EML format in bulk. Here we have discussed both manual and professional methods to accomplish this task. Read the complete blog, to know complete information and step-by-step guide to convert Outlook email to EML format.

PST and EML both are well-known formats used by users. PST files are supported by the Outlook Application. On the other hand, EML files are single email message file that has been supported by 25+ Email Clients and Email Applications such as Gmail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc. There are lots of users finding a way to export Outlook emails to EML so that they can store the data according to their needs and requirements.

Users usually convert Outlook emails to EML because EML is been supported by multiple applications, it is easy to open it in multiple browsers and supported by all Windows OS systems.

Also, there are various reasons to export emails from Outlook to EML format, some of the user queries are mentioned below for more details.

Why Users Should Convert Outlook to EML Format?

Hello there, I am looking method to export Outlook emails to EML format, because a few days back I tried to save Outlook emails to Hard Drive in PST format, but my file got corrupted and inaccessible. Thank god I didn’t delete any data from the account. But I don’t know any direct method to accomplish this task. Please help.– Lara from Florida

Hello, my Outlook isn’t working because of a virus, and all my important emails are in it. I need to export all my data at once in EML format because PST is not safe, and it only works with Outlook. I won’t be using Outlook anymore and want to switch to Thunderbird. Can someone suggest the right way to do this?” – Ruby from Russia

How to Export Outlook Emails to EML Files Manually?

Here we are going to explain two manual steps to convert Outlook email to EML format using Thunderbird. Firstly, we will connect both accounts and then convert it into EML format. All the details and steps are given below:

Step 1: Connect Outlook to Thunderbird

  1. Open your Thunderbird account.
  2. Choose Tools >> Import option.


  3. Choose Import from Outlook >> Next icon.

    Import from Outlook

  4. Select Mail Messages from the list and hit Continue.

    Mail Messages

  5. Hit on the Start Import button.

    Start Import

  6. Wait for a while and hit the Finish icon to export Outlook emails to EML.

    export Outlook emails to EML

Step 2: Convert PST to EML Format

  1. Restart your Thunderbird.
  2. Go to the uploaded folder and right-click.
  3. Choose ImportExportToolsNG >> Export All Messages in Folder option.
  4. Then choose the EML Message Format option.

    Export All Messages

  5. Browse the location to save all messages.


  6. Hit the Save button to export Outlook emails to EML format.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • Users will face numerous errors while connecting the accounts.
  • Outlook and Thunderbird must be installed in working condition.
  • The folder hierarchy will not be retained.

Automated Method to Export Outlook Emails to EML Files in Bulk

If you want a direct process and don’t want to take the help of any kind of other Email Client and Application, then I must recommend you to continue with this software. Here, we will discuss one of the perfect tools, RecoveryTools Outlook Converter to export Outlook emails to EML in bulk with attachments directly.

The tool is designed in such as way that all professionals, as well as beginners, use it without facing any trouble and with no loss of data. It is user-friendly and provides a descriptive user interface.

It can export all items from Outlook Data files including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. instantly without imposing any kind of size limitations. This tool has come with a demo version that helps to export 25 emails from each folder at once. It can easily run on both Windows as well as Mac OS systems.

Just Download the Outlook to EML Converter for free and start the conversion.

Quick Steps to Convert Outlook to EML

  • Step 1: Run the mentioned converter.
  • Step 2: Load the Outlook data files.
  • Step 3: Choose the required Outlook data.
  • Step 4: Select the EML as the file-saving option.
  • Step 5: Browse the path to save results.
  • Step 6: Hit the Convert to export Outlook emails to EML.

How to Export Multiple Outlook Emails to EML? Detailed Guide

  1. Run the given Converter in your existing system.

    Outlook to EML converter

  2. Upload the Outlook data files either by configuring email accounts or by choosing files and folders directly from the system.

    Upload the Outlook data files

  3. All the data will be previewed in the panel. Select the required Outlook Mailbox folders from there that you want to convert and Next.

    required Outlook Mailbox

  4. Select the saving option in EML format from Select Saving Option.

    saving option

  5. Choose the advanced filter option for selective Outlook email to EML conversion from the Filter Options tab.

    advanced filter option

  6. And enter the destination path where you want to store your data using the Browse button.


  7. Click on Convert to export Outlook emails to EML and the process will start running automatically.

    export Outlook emails to EML

  8. You can see the resultant displayed message on the software screen.


Features of the Outlook to EML Converter

  • Dual Options to Load Outlook Emails: This utility provides different options to load the data directly into the software panel. Users can choose to configure the account to upload Outlook data files and also choose files/folders according to requirements. Choosing files allows you to upload specific files and choosing folders allows you to load multiple files at once.
  • Convert Outlook Emails to EML with Data Items: The software allows users to export Outlook emails to EML including contacts, calendars, to-do lists, journals, and others directly. While converting the data, the original structure of all the files throughout the process is managed and the data will be recovered in the same folder.
  • Export Data to Multiple Formats: Users can easily export Outlook PST files to 30+ platforms that include file formats, Email Clients, and Cloud Services. Different File Formats such as MSG, Text, MBOX, DOC, CSV, PDF, Zimbra, Thunderbird, Office 365, Google Mail, Kerio Mail Server, etc.
  • File Naming Options: This tool provides a file naming option, while you choose a single email format like PDF, EML, EMLX, DOC, TXT, MSG, etc. This filter allows users to manage and organize their data after the export Outlook emails to EML process.
  • No Extra Installation: It is possible to convert Outlook emails to EML format without using Outlook. Additionally, while uploading the account, users can easily upload it by just entering login credentials. The software does not require any kind of extra installation to continue the conversion process and can easily work on both Windows as well as Mac OS systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ques 1: Is .MSG and .EML the same?

    Ans: MSG and EML files are used to save and move individual mailbox items. Microsoft Outlook uses MSG, while most other email clients use EML. Another big difference is that EML files only store messages, while MSG files can hold various mailbox items.

  • Ques 2: Can Outlook save it as EML?

    Ans: No, Outlook Windows does not save emails as EML, but Mac Outlook can save emails as EML format by drag and drop process.

  • Ques 3: What are the disadvantages of EML?

    Ans: EML works by sensing magnetic fields. When multiple metal surfaces are close together, these fields can get messed up.

Final Words

Since PST files are used by most applications and hence the demand to export Outlook emails to EML format without using Outlook is always high. Hence, in the above section, we discussed two solutions in detail to carry out the data.

In closing words, we recommend you give priority to the Outlook to EML Converter utility as it will make the task easier and will give the desired results with 100% accuracy.