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How to Fix ‘Gmail Storage Full’ Issue by Deleting Old Gmail Emails in Bulk ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 19-05-2022 ~ How To ~ 5 Minutes Reading


In this article you will learn about how to fix Gmail Storage Full issue faced by a large number of users. You will know here how to delete old Gmail emails in bulk mode from your Mailboxes. You can easily delete thousands of emails from Gmail in large amount to free space in your Gmail mailbox storage.

Many of us have storage issues in our Gmail account. There were times when we were told that storage space on our Gmail account was full and that emails needed to be deleted in order to receive a new one. Google offers users 15 GB of storage space, including WhatsApp files, email, and backups. If you have an Android phone, downloading 15GB is easy. The reason is very simple: most email services have limited disk space. However, the number of emails continues to grow over time, forcing most users to exceed the standard Gmail storage quota.

How to Resolve ‘Gmail Storage Full’ Problem?

There are two ways to resolve the Gmail Storage full problem.

  1. Rent More Space to Your Mailboxes (2$ per month for 100GB)
  2. Deleted Old Emails or Messages Received from Unwanted Users

The first option may not be viable for most of the users because that will only increase your expenditure. If you really want to keep all your emails at any cost, you should buy the additional cloud storage on Google. But first you should try the second option because in a mailbox there are thousand of emails that are no use of anybody. These emails only occupy the space of your Google drive even if you mark them as Archive.

The best thing at this stage you can do it just delete all the unwanted or old emails that you received from any particular year. Most probably, users try to keep only last two-year emails in their current mailbox. The problem here is that filtering & sorting out all such emails proves to be a very time consuming & tedious task.

How to Delete Old Emails from Your Gmail Account?

There are three different way available to delete large number of emails in your Gmail account. All of them are explained in brief below:

A). Using BatchDelete Gmail API

Use Google API Script to Delete Many Emails by Providing Message Id.

POST https://gmail.googleapis.com/gmail/v1/users/{userId}/messages/batchDelete

Enter Your Gmail Account Email Address in UserId Parameter.

Limitation of Using BatchDelete Gmail API:

The BatchDelete Gmail API provides no guarantee of the messages that were not already deleted or even existed in your mailbox anymore.

B). Using Gmail Searchbox

You can also use the various commands in the Gmail search box to sort and filter all of our email addresses so that we can remove them immediately. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window and select Options from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 2: Click the Filters tab and then click Create New Filter.

Step 3: In the text box presented by Word, enter: date_parent: x

The “X” indicates the period during which you want to delete old messages. You can use “D” for days, “w” for weeks, “m” for months, and “y” for years. For example, to delete messages that are more than a month old, enter “more than: 1 month.” No quotes.

Step 4: Click “Create filter using this search”.

Step 5: Also check the boxes “Delete” and “Apply to”. The second option also shows the total number of connections based on criteria.

Step 6: Click “Create Filter”. All email addresses older than the specified date will be deleted.

Step 7: Click “Edit” next to the filter you created to delete old messages. You can easily find the exact filter as it shows the criteria you entered.

Step 8: Click Next in the Search Criteria section. This screen checks the portion shown when you first set up the filter.

Step 9: Check the “Apply and Filter” box.

Step 10: Click Update Filter. This will delete all messages up to the specified period.

Limitation: The whole process requires a high technical knowledge to sort & filter emails.

C). Start Using a Gmail Cleaner Software:

If you try to manually empty your Gmail inbox, it will consume a lot of time. Hence, there must be a better alternative to do so. The powerful Email Cleaner app is the best way to keep your inboxes clean. Many of us regularly receive a large number of new emails, and it is very frustrating to realize that we may be missing important pieces of less important information. The best Gmail apps will help you manage your email and make your digital life easier. Some apps turn your inbox into a to-do list, others have smart filters and automatic cleaning.

Here I will like to recommend you a powerful Email Cleaner Tool, that automatically sort & filter out emails according to your requirements. The best thing about this Gmail Inbox cleaner tool is that you can delete emails from multiple accounts using its batch mode. One can load details of all these accounts by creating a CSV file. Select all the required emails which you want to delete from the server. One can also apply the filters settings to delete only specific emails from your mailbox. User can also separately delete all the attachment files from the mailbox.

Final Words:

The above article gives you a detailed explanation of how to delete thousands of emails from Gmail account in batch mode. Many users are facing a Gmail Storage Full problem as Gmail only provide storage of 15 GB for each user. To resolve this issue, you can try RecoveryTools Gmail Inbox Cleaner software that will allow the users to delete all the specific emails within few seconds.