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How to Fix “Gmail Running Out of Space” Issue? Solved

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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If you are also one of those who are facing errors due to storage space in Gmail and want to fix Gmail running out of space error, then you are on the right page. Here we are going to explain complete information with step by step guide.

As we all know Gmail is a widely used email application across the world. It works as a standard mail app for both personal and professional use. Gmail provides 15 GB of storage to its users for free of cost. That’s why most users prefer to use Gmail. But there are situations when Gmail running out of space. That time they face issues in managing their Gmail account.

What Happens When Gmail Running Out of Space?

If Gmail is running out of space then the user’s data will not be saved in the drive anymore. After this situation, users will face a lot of problems in saving data and receiving emails. This is an error or issue that generally occurs when a user has failed to receive any message.

If the user is trying to send any message through the Gmail application, the user will not be able to do so. It clearly shows that there is not sufficient storage space for the emails to be sent or received within Gmail. In this case, the user cannot run the Gmail application properly as the main functions access is denied.

How to Resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue?

Here we are going to mention the five best methods to resolve your error in Gmail running out of space. All the methods are given below one by one in detail.

Important Note: Here we have mentioned multiple methods to resolve Gmail running out of space errors such as by erasing and saving them. Deleting emails is not an easy task manually, so you should download the professional Email Cleanser Tool to delete emails from Gmail account selectively. And if you don’t want to delete then you can use another tool to download them locally. Now it is totally up to you, which method you wants to select.

Method 1: Delete Unwanted Emails

Here I am going to explain some shortcuts in Gmail to find out the unwanted emails to fix Gmail running out of space issue. All the keys are presented below one by one:

  • Spam Emails: Spam emails are ultimately not important to us, so you can delete all spam emails from the Spam folder or by searching in:spam key.
  • Attachments: Also, you can use has:attachment, and all attachments will appear in Gmail and you delete selected or all attachments for more storage.
  • Remove Large Emails: Type larger:100k in the search box and all emails with attachments will appear which has a 100K size also you can change the size limit such as larger:1M.
  • Delete Old Emails: type older_than:2y in the search box, and remove all older emails which is unwanted to you.

Method 2: Connect & Move Emails into Another Gmail Account

You can migrate emails from Gmail to Gmail to fix the “Gmail running out of space” error, we can move our all important or old emails to another Gmail account and then we can remove them from the old account for more storage space. To know more about the complete method with step by step guide, you can visit the mentioned blog.

Method 3: Fix Gmail is Out of Space Issue by Google Takeout

As we all know Google Takeout is a service to download all Gmail emails and other Google Mail data locally by Google. We suggest this method because it prevents user data from virus attacks, and online hacks and users can easily save their data locally. Also, after downloading the data, users can remove emails from Gmail for more storage space.

You can save Gmail emails to an external Hard Drive for complete information and a step-by-step guide. Also, you will get multiple methods here, so you must visit the mentioned blog because here we are not explaining all the details.

Method 4: Solve Gmail Running Out of Space Issue Professionally

Before deleting emails from Gmail, it’s better to take a backup of Gmail for the user’s safety. For taking backup user can take the help of Gmail Backup Software By doing this user will be able to access those Emails that the user is going to delete with the help of above mentioned email eraser tool. The software will help users in completing this process easily.

The software has been developed with fantastic and advanced algorithms, which makes it the first choice of users and easy to use for all technical and non-technical users.

Quick Steps to Fix Gmail Running Out of Space

  • Step 1: Download the tool, and enter the Gmail details.
  • Step 2: Select the required folders/subfolders.
  • Step 3: Choose a Saving option as per choice.
  • Step 4: Browse the location to save the result.
  • Step 5: Hit on the Backup button to fix Gmail running out of space issue.

How to Resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue?

Important Note: Please enable IMAP access and generate app password to connect Gmail account in any third party tool or email client.

Resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue

  1. Download and install the mentioned software.

    tool to Resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue

  2. Enter the login details of your Gmail account and hit the Login button.

    login details of your Gmail

  3. All the folders of Gmail will appear and select the required data as per your choice.

    All the folders of Gmail

  4. Click on the Select Saving Option and choose the required format from the dropdown.

    Select Saving Option

  5. Click on the Filter Options tab to apply the advanced filter for selective emails.

    Filter Options

  6. Enable the File Naming Option to manage the resultant files and folders.

    File Naming Option

  7. Browse the location using the Browse button to select the path.

    Browse the location

  8. Lastly, hit on the Backup button to resolve the Gmail Running Out of Space issue.

    resolve the Gmail Running Out of Space issue


Here in this blog, we have discussed how to resolve Gmail running out of space error. We have explained here about both manual and professional methods. Investing time in the manual method is a total waste of time. That’s why the professional method is a good option for users. If they still have any doubt, they can use a demo version of the tool as well. For more features, they can purchase the application as well.