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Fix Gmail Running Out of Storage Issue without Loss of Crucial Data

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As we all know that Gmail is a widely used email application across the world. It works as a standard mail app for both personal and professional use. Gmail provides 15 GB storage to its users for free of cost. That’s why mostly users prefer to use Gmail. But there are situations when their Gmail running out of space. That time they face issues in managing Gmail account.

What happens when Gmail running out of space?

If Gmail is running out of space then user’s data will not be saved in drive any more. After this situation, user will face a lot of problems in saving data and receiving emails. This is an error or issue that generally occurs when a user has failed to receive any message. If user is trying to send any message through the Gmail application, he will not be able to do so. It clearly shows that there is not sufficient storage space for the emails to send or receive within Gmail. In this case the user cannot run the Gmail application properly as the main functions access is denied.

Solution of Gmail running out of space- Different ways

  1. Manual Approach
  2. Professional Approach

Manual method of solving issue of Gmail running out of Space

Step 1: Put all Gmail emails with its attachments  

  • First, log in Gmail account using the credentials and go to search bar.
  • Then, select the drop-down arrow and check the option “Has Attachment”.
  • Click the Search button. Now, all the attachments holding emails are sorted. User just need to select all of them.
  • After that, click the ‘Label icon’ & create new label option
  • Finally, give a name to this label and click the Create button

After creating the label, the new label will keep all the required emails. Now use Google Takeout to archive these emails.

 Step 2: Archive Google Mails using Google Takeout

  • First, sign in Google Takeout by using Gmail credentials & select the Create Archive option.
  • After that, enable Mail option and go to drop-down arrow in the Gmail option and Select label option.
  • Now, all labels that are present in user’s mail account will appear. Then check that Attachment label that you have generated in step 1 & click on OK button.
  • Choose Next button for customizing the archive format. Then, select “Zip files” as an archive file format.
  • From the Into Archive size portion, choose 2 GB size limitations. Now, select the Send download link via email option & click on “Create Archive” button to begin the archive process.
  • When the process is completed successfully, then go and check the mailbox to download the link
  • Now, you have to open the mail by Google Takeout and select ‘Download Archive’ button

After finishing the process of downloading emails with attachments on the system, you can delete it from Gmail account. Follow the next steps to continue the process.

Step 3: Bulk delete archived mail from Gmail to free up space

  1. Firstly, sign in your account and go to the Search bar
  2. Now, choose the “Has Attachment” checkbox and click the Search button
  3. After that, all emails holding attachments will sort in front of the user
  4. Then, select all of them and “choose Delete” option.

This method is very lengthy as well as time-consuming. It is a technical solution; normal users will not be able to solve their space issue of Gmail.

Professional method of solving issue of Gmail running out of space

The above-mentioned methods are not a good option for users as it takes a lot of time. So, investing time in the above method is total wastage of time. By using a professional solution users can easily be able to free up space of Gmail. By using Email Cleaner Tool user will be able to solve the space issue in Gmail. This tool has highly advance filters to delete old emails by Date, Range, Subject, Sender, Attachments, etc. It is an incredible software having simple user interface which makes quick access to the tool.

Save Gmail emails before opting the solution

Before deleting emails from Gmail, it’s better to take a backup of Gmail for user’s safety. For taking backup user can take help of  Gmail Backup Software  By doing this user will be able to access those Emails which user is going to delete with the help of above mentioned email eraser tool. Email backup application will help users in completing this process easily.

How to fix the process of Gmail running out of space?

Follow these simple steps to use the application easily without any hassle:

  1. Launch the Email Cleaner Tool on your windows platform and select Gmail from the email source.
  2. Now, select Gmail email folders from the software interface.
  3. Now, you can use advance settings to clear Gmail emails by date, year, from, to, subject, and attachments.
  4. Therefore, click on the Delete button to continue.
  5. After that, user can read the warning pop-up message and click on the Yes button to continue.
  6. The process to erase Gmail email is running, user has to wait for some time.
  7. Finally, Gmail emails are erased successfully.

Characteristics of suggested application free up Gmail storage space

Data Filters for Selective Email Deletion

Storing massive messages unnecessarily and deleting messages one by one wastes precious time that clutters both personal and professional lives. It allows removing emails only having attachments, delete attachments only, delete old emails within a certain date range, delete messages having a subject, erase emails from respective from address, etc.

Save energy by deleting emails in bulk

It presumably feels like a mail truck keeps backing up to user’s entryway and unloading a heap of envelopes and bundles into his office. In spite of the fact that the popular email service, for example, Gmail may permit user to look through the messages. It actually can be an agony to attempt to discover anything or figure out what to erase. Never dread! The automated tool utility permits user to delete emails fast and to bulk delete emails without opening them in a single mouse click.

Protects your email account privacy

We suggest this tool to those users who are overwhelmed by multiple or bulk of emails and want to automatically delete all emails from any email account. During the entire process to delete email messages from webmail, the end-users will be satisfied with the tool. Reason being it never ever saves the details of user’s account login credentials in the software database.

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Here in this blog, we have discussed about how to clear space in Gmail. We have explained here about both manual and professional methods. Investing time in manual method is total wastage of time. That’s why professional method is a good option for users. If they still have any kind of doubt, they can use demo version of the tool as well. For more features they can purchase the application as well.