How to Convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra TGZ File in 10 Steps?

Karen Chard | August 31st, 2019 | Winmail.dat


In this article we get to know about how can a user export Winmail.dat to Zimbra email client. One can easily convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra TGZ files format in easy & simplified manner. It provides users a direct option to create TGZ files which can be imported easily into Zimbra Desktop. Users wants to open Winmail.dat TNEF files into Zimbra Mail client.

Free Download Tool to Convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra TGZ Files:


The trial version of Winmail.dat to Zimbra Export tool will provide users a direct option to create TGZ files. Outlook uses a propriety email which only needed to connectivity between Outlook & Exchange Server. Whenever a user does not choose Outlook as an email client to send plain text messages as Attachment files. These attachment files obtained messages & emails as Winmail.dat files.

The problem is mainly caused due to the formatting options. Whenever a user composes message with Rich Text Format or HTML files. Outlook will generate a file automatically particularly as Winmail.dat file. Winmail.dat files are not supportable in Zimbra email client. Zimbra only supports to import or open files as Tar.gz or TGZ format. Winmail.dat attachment file will contain all the formatting information of emails & messages while having Outlook configuration badly.

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The prime solution to whole of this problem is by converting Winmail.dat Attachment to Zimbra TGZ format. Use Winmail.dat to Zimbra Converter software which will be very helpful to create TGZ file. There are many applications available in present time to decode Winmail.dat TNEF attachments. But one of the best application available in present time is RecoveryTools Winmail.dat Converter Tool.

How to Convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra Desktop?

In the above given video, you will get to know about how can a user import Winmail.dat to Zimbra Desktop. The software is capable to convert Winmail.dat files to Zimbra email client supported TGZ format. The main solution to the above problem can be easily understandable with the help of this amazing state-of-the-art application. Get to know about the working of this tool from below working screenshots.

  1. Install & Run Winmail.dat to Zimbra Wizard & Read all Important Instructions.
  2. Load Winmail.dat TNEF files by using dual ways i.e. Select Files or Select Folders
  3. The software will list all the Winmail.dat attachment files in software panel. Choose all required Winmail TNEF files from here.
  4. Choose Zimbra option from the list of 30+ Select Saving options.winmail.dat to zimbra
  5. Setup screen of Winmail.dat to Zimbra Conversion options will be displayed.dat to zimbra
  6. Click on Folder icon to change the destination path of resultant TGZ files.tnef to zimbra
  7. Analyze Winmail.dat to Zimbra Conversion process directly in software panel.convert winmail.dat to zimbra
  8. Click on OK button in the confirmation message box to confirm & exit from here.winmail.dat to tgz file
  9. Obtain the resultant TGZ files directly from default destination folder.dat to tgz file
  10. The Winmail.dat to Zimbra Export software will generate a SavingLog report which will include all the important information.Convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra TGZ File

As from above, we can easily conclude that it is the best Winmail.dat to Zimbra Converter tool. I will be very helpful for the users to create TGZ files which can be easily imported into Zimbra Desktop. The developers of Winmail.dat to Zimbra export software understands that it is not much easier for the users. Hence it will help the users to decode all the information of Winmail.dat attachments & open them easily into Zimbra mail client.

Highlighted Features of Winmail.dat to Zimbra Software:

Winmail.dat to Zimba Export tool will provide users some of the magnificent advantages to its users. The software is designed with advanced algorithms to perform the whole conversion process. One only needed to choose source Winmail.dat files by dual ways i.e. single Winmail.dat file or the whole folder containing Winmail.dat attachment files. Users can easily enjoy the benefits of Winmail.dat to Zimbra Conversion toolkit as some of them are listed below:

  • dat to Zimbra Converter software will provide users a direct option to do so.
  • dat to TGZ tool will support the users to batch convert multiple Winmail.dat files.
  • The software comes up with easy to use & simple working interface.
  • It will ask the users to load single or multiple Winmail.dat TNEF file by dual way i.e. Select Winmail.dat Files or Select Winmail.dat Folders.
  • It will ask the users to save resultant Zimbra TGZ files at the users desired location. Change the destination location accordingly by clicking on Folder Icons. Users can also Create a New Folder directly through application panel.
  • One can convert unlimited Winmail.dat files to Zimbra TGZ format. The trial limitation of the software will support to convert first 5 items.
  • The Winmail.dat to Zimbra Software will keep the integrity of emails completely preserved & managed.
  • Users can convert Winmail.dat attachment files to Zimbra email client along with all inserted attachments within it.
  • It is a completely standalone application which does not requires any Zimbra Desktop email client installation in your PC.
  • The software is compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

The Verge: In the above article we get to know about how to convert Winmail.dat files to Zimbra format. It will provide large number of advantages to its users like in terms of its speed & accuracy. There are large number of users who wants to know about Winmail.dat to Zimbra Export tool providing unlimited benefits like batch conversion, single panel mode, easy & simplified graphical interface, as well as conversion of Winmail.dat files along with embedded attachments.